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  1. When they dont want u to think abt something, they will give u something else to think about..It has been the succefull ancient strategy..KCR uses it many times, recent example being his Tollywodd drug episode drama..Now they know that they wont have anything to boost in the near future..they dont want people to think about Corona, migrant issues or GDP..BJP is so cruel that its raging people to near madness using some girl as a bait...Can you believe India's 3 most prestigious investigating agencies(ED, CBI, NCB) are investigating a girl so that the people at the top can get away from potential people anger..People became so desperate that they cant even live if they dont have someone to blame to, for SSR death..They are believing not just one ridiculous conspiracy theory but all of them..I am seeing rage in people as if they are drugged for rage..thats what BJP does..driving people towards hatred, once they get used to that raging hatred,,they always want some more..BJP gives them that in intervals..and they know they cant satisfy their urge for hatred with anyone else..ans thats how u become and addict.