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  1. The first priority is to beat TRS and come to power..and then party will exist in Telangana which was a doubtful case few months ago..It gives a relief to TDP cadre who have long been waiting for this..It should be CBN's strategy to contest in less no of seats rather than the inefficiency of TG local leaders and president..could be to nullify the TRS narratives..Amaravathi administration, Chandra babu steering..the more seats TDP contests..he more chance for TRS to raise the voice..At some point CBN even thought of a very limited campaign..but extended it when he realized that anti TG factor was not working..We might feel happy when he strongly criticizes KCR..but he has to balance the opposition that gets from core TG people..just like what KCR got when he abused CBN.
  2. raaz

    Why would KCR lose

    KCR enjoyed the respect of core Telangana people..and most of the other sections of the people acted as if they respected him as they feared him and the anti TG tag..never raised their voice..they were forced to respect him..But when some of the core TG people raising their voice..it started blasting..it doesn't take much time for the forced respect to turn into hatred..that is whats happening now..It all started in villages, spread to towns..slowly spreading in Hyderabad now.
  3. Just been to Balayya's road show..it gives a pleasure to see his smile..you hardly find any paid volunteers in here..because they know why they are where they are now..they believe its the least that they can do to the man and the party that really changed their lives. Balayya: Manam unnadi andhrana, telangana na, america na manki anavasaram..mana desam Telugu Desam..mana jenda Pasupu jenda..:)
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    Dont get frustrated brother..enjoy some things and ignore other things..All the people are not the same..different people different opinions..different fears..different levels of analytical skills..thats not how just this db is..that's how the entire world is..we just have to acknowledge it and change ourselves accordingly to be peaceful and happy..
  5. It gives you an enormous pleasure to see an arrogant person is taught a lesson..would love to see 2 such things 1. KCR is being dragged to jail(never thought that I could see it this early, at least m hoping now) 2. Modi being embarrassed by his own party members on the stage infront of the whole media and public.