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  1. Most of the people dont see how intellegent a person is, how depth of knowledge he has and all..they are just added advantages..How does he look and how does he talk..It was easy for them to make him pappu because of his physical appearance..Politics and physical appearance, do not seem to be dependent on another..But it matters a lot..specially for the people at the top..Same time issues with Tarak..So it was obvious for Tarak fans to belittle him as much as possible as he came in as the heir..Most of the TG youth hated CBN to the core..and 2 PKs batches..It was like entire youth was opposite..They all did a bit..and Lokesh gave them the chances with both his appearance and talking(Most of the peope dont have the patience to go through the entire videos to assess a person, they form their opinions based on 10-20 sec WA videos).. The same goes for Rahul as well..Appearance..They killed Rahul before 2014 itself..But somehow CBN and lokesh didn't learn anything from that..he may cover the image over the period of time..But he has to work a lot more than he would have if he worked a little better earlier..
  2. Basic principle of communism is against the basic principle of humans..selfishness..Society is evolving more towards self centric..The disparity between the very poor and rich used to be so huge that it created the concept of communism and capitalism was termed as anti poor..Most of the people didnt use to have enough money for their basic needs...It created dissent, anger on the system, communism seemed to be answer to their problems..But as the capitalism developed, it created lot of jobs and significant portion of the poor have been lifted up and started receiving decent wages..People's lifestyles improved, When u start living decent lives, the dissent and anger goes away and subsequently communism lost its way because the core principle itself seems to have lost its value in the capitalistic society.. Though the capitalism may seem to be the best possible way, how can we defend the fact that one person having 10L crore and another who is willing to work to struggle for dialy needs..people can argue that they get what they deserve to..But do they have that much huge difference in their personalities, intellect levels..?
  3. He used to make more sense ..If he is really him, I am just wondering if his 'admin tag' made me feel like that in those days..
  4. BJP media(Arnab batch) has been trying to brand Rahul and Sonia as Chinese agents..Just remember they were Pakistan agents not so long ago..Soon they can be Nepali agents too..Branding everyone who questions BJP as some country agents is disguisting.. Anyone with minimum political knowledge will know that this is a diversonary step from Chinese aggression and kiling of soldiers as majority of the people feel that India could have done better, though they wont start thinking Modi is weak, yet..just to make sure that congress doesnt get any mileage out of it..It lasts in BJP media as long as this chinese thing lasts.. Instead of showing some silly articles as proofs in a discussion board, If you have the proofs, whats stopping u from taking the action on them..If u go to scroll or wire, they will show u 100s of articles as proofs for BJP scams.
  5. Brother..Are u really admin Kiran..?
  6. He corrupted the already corrupted people's brains, more..filled them with more hatred..started the monarchism..Once u start it, it wont end easily...KCR followed it..Now Jagan is taking it to another level..They got it from their master..Its easy to enjoy when u r at that end but its not easy to take it when u r at the receiving end..All of them will get their share (may be even more) back in the future..Because vengeance is the most powerful human emotion..Its just a matter of when.
  7. He taught me not to believe the history blindly..Because He may win again will probably be remembered future generations as one of the(or THE) strongest, greatest prime ministers/ leaders of India, who never lost an election but in reality he is an actor, who doesn't have substantial knowledge on anything, who plays the people one against another and thrive on their hatred..