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  1. I am not sure why did u arrive at this conclusion brother..if we are even comparing osho with nityananda(forget abt putting him ahead of Osho), it is not just bizarre, it shows that how we come to premature conclusions without assessing the full personalities and we are not ready to accept the people just because they are conflicting with our idealogy/ thought process.
  2. people are discussing about some villages and 1-2 mandals where TDP got majority in the capital area when it was the sole capital..not the surrounding areas or distrcits where everyone benifitted either directly or indirectly..and this was especially when there was a lot of hope on CBN and fear about Jagan about the future of the capital..And you are talking about 5 districts when its made a partial capital without any noticeable change..
  3. I thought Jagan is the most psychotic person..no wonder you like jagan..