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  1. Pakkana evadooo 2rs artist laaga unnadu😂
  2. How did I miss thisssss??? What a command on the language.... Wow...
  3. TDP should bring a new face.. Bjp click ayyindhi new faces valle.. Arvind and few others.. vaalu eppatinuncho undochu but people started recognizing them..
  4. Evm ayithe Bjp 80+ Ballot ayithe Bjp 10-20..
  5. SM lo BJP valla hadavidiki TRS ki shock laaga undhi.. Jai prasanth kishore..
  6. Easy win ayithe undadhanukuntunna pinkies ki..Till now they manipulated with money.. ippudu ala ledhu..
  7. Last ki Bjp and Mim form chesthayemoo..
  8. Peaks.. any day telangana leaders have very good oratory skills..
  9. TDP oka 20 gelichina chalu.. king maker ayye chances unnayi
  10. Expected ee gaaa.. siggu leni fellows andhrau tweet chesaru😀.. missing Manchu family..
  11. Vishnuvardhan reddy face maathram reddies ni kalisthe aa glow evadi face lo kuda chudalemu..
  12. Anchor knowledgeless 7th failed sakshi reporter la unnadenti???