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  1. Hero123

    owaisi statement about T elections

    Veedu CM avvali variety gaaa
  2. Hero123

    TG Voting %

    Overall ga chuddodhu.. look district wise.. rural baaga perigindhi
  3. Hero123

    TG Voting %

    But Lagadapati dhi correct ayithe.. super hero ga migilipothadu
  4. Hero123

    TG Voting %

    Adhe doubt koduthundhi, by seeing the vote percentages..
  5. Hero123

    TG Voting %

    At least he should’ve avoided talking about gaiwel..
  6. Hero123

    TG Voting %

    I think Lagadapati 2days before polling vachi thappu chesadaa ani doubt kuda undhi... TRS pothadhemo ani ekkuva janam vachi for ga vesara ani??
  7. Hero123

    Personal Opinions on Telangana Results

    To be frank.. it’s 2004 situation.. nobody wants to say TDP will loose at that time.. now TRS position is same..
  8. Hero123

    Gonee Prakash rao

    But TS M ayyipothadhi.. owasi CM avuthadhi..
  9. Hero123

    Gonee Prakash rao

    Mim Congress ke support chesthadhi
  10. Hero123

    Gonee Prakash rao

    Inka INC + TDP 55+
  11. Hero123

    Gonee Prakash rao

    TRS below 45 antunnadu
  12. Hero123

    Gonee Prakash rao

    I think ithanu track record bane undhi regarding surveys.. He’s predicting hung.. TRS ayithe form cheyyadhu antunnadu.. so Lagada , Gonee , NV krishna garu and btdb Penugonda tiger eee hope ippudu
  13. Hero123

    Eastgodavari 2019

    Peddapuram Chinnarajappa again MLA ga.. no doubt about it
  14. Hero123

    PMJAY- Ayushman Bharat

    Enti CBN vodipothe.. exit from state politics aa?? Ee ooru manadhi...