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  1. ask678

    What if KCR loses ?

  2. ask678

    Mabbulu veedutunnayi ga

    CCTV off chesi chesaremo?
  3. ask678

    Mabbulu veedutunnayi ga

    Anni parties ki agents untaru ga till final seal?
  4. ask678

    What if KCR loses ?

    Broker....but compare to Dramoji and other media, ee broker some what better
  5. ask678

    What if KCR loses ?

    Exatly.....Modi wonders
  6. ask678


    Bet kaasava enti KA meedha?
  7. ask678

    TG Voting %

    Got it....I think just self analysis anukunta...
  8. Intha work chesthunna CBN ki anti undhi antaru surveys lo all national channels... Paisa work cheyyakunda thaagi padukunte kachara ki no anti antaru ulfa batch... pavala work cheyyakunda Modi Crazy democracy
  9. ask678

    TDP to contest elections from Odisha

    Avanni maaku thelvadh.....kachara and Modi main..rest ami ayithe lite. Anyway true TDP abhinanulu already understood and accepted alliance...ignore others comments, TDP fans e oppukunnaru, rest lite
  10. ask678

    TG Voting %

    Gorrellu...barrelu Ke pothayi anukuntara? Raithu rabandhu scheme MK said will increase to 10K...may be adhe reason ayi undachemo ga? Kadupu nindina batch general ga vote ki raaru...kadupu mandina batch vastharu ani anukontunna