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  1. I just studied the chart... Not sure why venus,ketu shd hit hard...mer n ven r together in 3rd house.. May be coz navamsa lo ketu in 9th asp mer... Venus aspet on his own house, kuja n venus parivartana yoga.. Rajyam 10th occupied by ketu but Jupiter aspect is there...current dasha 10th lord dasha... Gocharam: midhuna rassi.. ashtama Shani now n Eli bari Sani far away.. Jupiter moves away fm Saturn in april.. Rahu next March wl be in his 11th.which is very good... Only aug 21 to feb 22 cud be little bad.....
  2. Kanya lord mercury...ippudu budhamahadasha.. re dasha starting lo CM ayyadu ante even bad subperiods wl not harm him so much till end of dasha 2036... Langadhipathi aa dasha lo bad cheyyadu..
  3. I studied in TN n WB...Both are diff in nature...wait for results...
  4. Didi sentiment veshalaku bongs padaru.. BJP WINS A BIG KEY STATE💃