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  1. Just some one to ignite who is good orator...bjp will get below 100
  2. Chiru likes some penta ..directly or indirectly
  3. It is another failure like demonitization ,but this time he is not adamant and they ng to manage by talking to press,media,film ,opposiotion etc...
  4. Antha varake limit ayite parle ,vedhava politics cheyyakunda
  5. Cases perigithe india lo oohinchalem....doctors kuda attend avvaru
  6. Cases us lo Laaga lakhs loki velte modi failures annee kanapadatayi...leka pothe antha manche kanapadutadi
  7. Industry lo peddarikam modalettaru...antha planned gaane vunnaru
  8. Modi is non ethical he will marry one and do family with others.
  9. Because RG warned govt in Feb itself about caronna, he is pappu
  10. Anyone is better than modi..infact modi is ganneru pappu
  11. Nowadays one needs to have provocation skills and emotional speeches. Look at trump even he fails during caronna, he will blame China and emotonalise nationalism, and win election.
  12. If it religious activity that requires different visa
  13. Just visiting is different religious activity is different
  14. That means ib is not tracking any foreign nationals...what a pity vedhava
  15. Delhi lo control cheyyaledu kani desamantha lock down vedhava... One more demonitization
  16. Any terror angle ...since many who attended jamat delhi meeting got infected
  17. Looks like it is mid to high class people virus
  18. He is actually spreading caronna with his immature decisions..this is another demonitization