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  1. Ade abtunnaru Nepal vaallu
  2. Undoubtedly worst pm after independence
  3. Timing is wrong and do it to all
  4. We cannot import GM corn as per rules, which is major cultivation across th world. We can only import non GM corn from Ukraine and some Europe countries
  5. Ivi evadiki kavali...opposition weak gaa vundettu chusukunte chalu Desam gdp growth adantha sollu. Look at modi ,notice given to priyanka to vacate house. Look at Jagga taken back amar raja lands and how he dealt with atcham.naidu
  6. Import of corn is of dufferent veriety used for pop corn which is not cultivated in india. Normal corn import price is more than domestic price now, so corn imports may not happen now
  7. Jagan gadu courts tho adukuntunnadu....refer cheste nashtam emundi...cheyyalsindi
  8. CRDA existance vundadani kadaa govt plan
  9. Second time kuda select committee ki refer cheyyalsindi
  10. Oka pakka ...dabbulu panchutu...Rendo pakka harass chestunnadu.
  11. Buildings annee auction petti vizag complete shift ki ready avutunnadu
  12. Kula pi chi patti sacharu janam tadepalli area lo ..lekapothe gelavalsindi Lokesh....chala develop ayyindi mangalagiri
  13. China made themselves world to dependent on them with competetive price. You also do the same ,oorike sollu cheppukunta tirigthe
  14. Think about how to copmpete rather than trade restrictions.
  15. Not sure any print media is covering...SM reach takkuva
  16. Greatest threat from Nepal...why no mention in survey
  17. Make in India ani gola tappithe....emi steps teeusukola China meeda dependency taggichataniki... IT lo kuda services tappithe popular productse levu india vi
  18. He knew how to provoke people and emotions,...and win elections
  19. Don't be surprised if samething happen to Ramoji,rk
  20. Veedu pedda comedy artist paa vunnadu
  21. Raddu bill mallee pettadu...Edo plan vesadu mandali....voting ki ranivva kudadu