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  1. sivaji

    Whole issue is not SS here the promise made in the parliament. It is backstabbing by the govt. Not an individual.
  2. sivaji

    It is not like supporting sivaji .it is like questioning parliament for their promise. Special status may not be that much Helpful but bundelkhand type package announced along with as is much heLpfUl. They told there will not be SS to any state but they renwed this kind of ditch cannot be accepted.
  3. sivaji

    Any govt will have to respect the promise made in the parliament.
  4. Korea consulate in GUNTUR!

    Korean looks much faster decision making
  5. Not only Congress .without discussion closing doors passed bill.
  6. This is the time we are promoting tourism .these things should not happen
  7. Too much ..without permission how Come Boat is in river.
  8. Some one will have to take responsibility
  9. operation sasikala

    Modi unmadham Ade speed anni chotla vundaliga
  10. Modi gadu south lo pullalu pedutunnadu tg ki annee clear Chestunnadu fast gaa.ikkada matram cheyyatlA.
  11. Revanth gambled a lot

    Konda surekha joining congress