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  1. Emanna vastaya...nijampet lanti chotla
  2. Take clues from tg movement ,how did they dare to do so
  3. Inka brashtu padatadu bjp ni support cheste
  4. It is really international project, if cbn is re elected it should have pride to india
  5. Vaadi first taget tdp ni weak cheyyatam tdp place lo ycp ki alternate avvatam adi cheppe bjp vaalu recha kodutunnaru
  6. Is that kapu votes belongs to tdp earlier?
  7. May be police realised movement is run by social media as they are unable to stop woman rallies
  8. If Bjp is not going to help ap for polavaram,division issues naturally hater on bjp will make pk as not alternative. It is useful for bjp upto some extent like his caste and youth ,strong voice support for CAA etc.. If they really aggressive on Jagan cases then alliance may work
  9. Crda ante krishna,guntur dadapu motham
  10. As long as local incharges of tdp are intact nothing is going to happen immedietely.