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  1. May be electiin effect.... distribute cheyyaaligaa all parties....
  2. Modi jeevitham mottam fake ....arnab , prashant kishore laanti neethi jaathi leni dogs ni addam pettukuni desaanni, public minds ni gabbu chesaadu gabbu naayaalu
  3. Andaroo velli same machine meeda nokkatam better aa or evari balat paper meeda vaallu guddatam better aa ? Instead of ink stamp on ballot paper .. ec can suggest to bring their own pen to tick against the symbol
  4. They know that EVMs can be tampered if central govt supports... opudu both are fighting each other so trs doesn't want EVMs
  5. Yes... Rahul is 2rs artist... highly paid and respected actor in India is MODI
  6. Sanyaasodiki em thelusu aadadaani seelam value
  7. Emundi.... vaallu gelavaali ani fix aithe akkada EVMs kaavaali
  8. Dondoo donde.... double game by both as per modi-shah instructions
  9. Its a clear cut game plan by bjp and ycp... they want to highlight communal issues and make it like a fight between ycp and bjp... Devudi ne helana chesthoo politics chesthunnaaru both bjp and ycp ... they will pay the price... just wait for that
  10. Bjp tho kalisi vellinapudu 1% votes add ayithe 5% dent kooda padindi each time ...
  11. TFI and other celebrities should learn a lesson ... ycp or trs never help them in their personal matters without conditions.... tdp normally help these guys unconditionally..... manchi thanaanni chethaagani thanam ga choosina prathi okkadiki thagina saasthi jaruguddi
  12. TDP power lo unte ilaanti news lu bayataki raakunda help chesevaallu unconditional ga.... chiru family ki ilaane help chesaaru 2000 time lo.... MB and other worst TFI ki tdp value thelisi vasthadi ipudu.... egeskuntoo tdp ni blame chesi chaala mandi ycp and trs ki bhajana chesaaru .... they all deserved much more like this....
  13. Oka peddaayana ilaane 58 ki retirement ani cheppi avvakundaa addam thirigaadu.... Augusta fasak chesindi
  14. Sanyasi and playboy raaskunte fire vachuddi
  15. 21 days lo champeddaam annaadu... kauravulatho yudham tho polchaadu..... 210 days ayindi... dikku ledu..... kaneesam ventilators and other basic medical infrastructure koodaa penchukoledu
  16. baffas agenda ade ga... covid19 disaster ni media lo divert cheyyadaaniki sushant murder case ni vaadukuni kangana laantollani leputhunnaaru... murder case now turned into drug mafia.... diversion kigs ee baffas
  17. Mee leader and mee leader support chese leaders (jaffa and kcr) power lo unnaaru... maa leader tho em pani ipudu... we agree that our leader failed so he was defeated... now the question in this thed is how your leaders performed on this pandemic ...
  18. Ipudu congress ni support cheathunnaaaranukuntunna batch okapudu modi ni lepina vaalle.... apudu congress worst anukunnaam.... modi vachaaka congress vaallu devullu ani proved
  19. he reacted very late in initial days ... europe broke out ayyedaaka he took it lite... suddenly announced lockdown followed by one day bandh drama.... Pvt hospitals ni proper ga use cheskoledu medical emergency time lo kooda.... ventilators etc infrastructure kooda ready cheskoledu inni months ayina..... All his actions took 80k lives directly so far... indirect ga jobs, businesses, works leka entha mandi poyaaro and entha mandi Road meeda paddaaro