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  1. Oh.k... and also it looks like they are testing more people on daily basis compared to other countries
  2. Yeah monna announce chesaaru.... wfh option leni non-essential office la ni kooda aapamante better... people are still going to offices because of that
  3. Hmm.. todays numbers close to 3k new cases and 181 deaths ... ee lock down effect valla next 2 weeks ki slow down avvaali cases ... let's see
  4. Close to 3k new cases and 181 deaths in one day
  5. Germany numbers are interesting..40k+ cases so far and deaths are less than 250....
  6. Ikkada better compare to england... main london ... but numbers are increasing day by day everywhere.... ee 2 weeks crucial...
  7. most of the MPs and secretaries might have been infected too... as the parliament was active until yesterday .... looks like UK is gearing up for big numbers... ika devude kaapaadaali
  8. food essentials kosam time restrictions endi veella bonda.... becoz of that limited timings, everyone is coming out at the same time.. people should be allowed for essentials throughout the day and police and stores staff should make sure only limited people should be allowed into the stores/markets and keep everyone outside in queue with 2 metre distance
  9. that's why contain phase is more important.. if any country fails in contain phase then it will be disaster .. it's just matter of time how fast/slow it spreads... USA and UK will be in Q in these numbers and then followed by other countries.... I hope india will be successful in this contain phase... konchem late ga realize aina govt is now understood the seriousness and taking very good actions from the past one month compared to other countries. india lo contain phase lo fail ayyi spread avvadam increase aithe it will become the most affected country in the world... inko 3 months lock down continue chesi ayina virus spread ni aapaali....
  10. expectation here is the virus spread will be in peak in next 2-4 weeks and should come down after that... schools aithe ee year ki close ayinatte ika (normal year end of schools is end of Jun in Scotland and end of July in England)..... as of now it is not as tricky as in india in terms of normal life during lock down.... people are still allowed to go out for food essentials (no specific timings) ... and are allowed to go out once in a day for exercise (only with family members not to meet others) ... and also can go to work if no wfh option most of the people who lost their jobs due to this corona virus situation will get benefited from the govt packages ..... whether it is called lock down or not.. it will definitely take another 6 months to go back to normal life.... as long as food essentials are available in stores it should be okay to lead the life here.... The main concern is, we will not get any support from Hospitals unless it is critical as the NHS capacity is not good enough to provide healthcare services for more people at the same time.... This govt's intention is also to spread this virus as slow as possible.....
  11. Karanam too much loyal em kaadule .... he joined in Congress in 92 to protect him from a murder case and came back after tdp came to power.... Aina ee jumpings gurinchi pedda surprise em ledule... manam power lo unnapudu cherchukokunda undi unte baagundedi ... atleast ministries ivvakundaa undaalsindi .... kcr ni thitti ikkada manodu ade pani chesaadu ededo think chesi ... ipudu evaru vellinaa anataaniki em ledu.... let the party get more new faces
  12. Vellepani aithe ee nominations last day lope vellaali.... may be a fake news... let's see