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  1. nbk@myHeart

    Puram aunt ki promotion

    Eesaari congress lo ki vasthaa ante Sonia madam appointment ichi chepputho kotti pampuddi...
  2. nbk@myHeart

    Modi backstabbing Kcr?

    Mukkodu modi ki m choopichakundaa chooskomanandi first...
  3. nbk@myHeart


    Aa pilla mogudini champinanduku nasta parihaaramgaa ippisthe what's wrong? Aina thandri asthi lo equal share ammaayiki koodaa ivvaali ani cheppina NTR party lo unna manam why arguing on this ?
  4. nbk@myHeart

    ap lo adugu pettanu

    Bjp openly supported the bill from day1... in fact they only provoked congress to issue the bill by assuring we will support.... congress didn't has any option other than to proceed with bifurcation .... the way bill is passed and the issues in the bill etc could have been done better had our ap leaders compromised on the bill and asked for yhe changes well begore it is passed in the house
  5. nbk@myHeart

    ap lo adugu pettanu

    Decision theeskunnaaaka and govt lo unnaa party and main opposition party support chesetapudu bill ni addukovaalanukotam moorkhathvam... we were misled by the then cm and other congress leaders.....
  6. nbk@myHeart

    ap lo adugu pettanu

    All done.... pakkana bjp di kooda eyyandi mind block avuddi 😀
  7. nbk@myHeart

    ap lo adugu pettanu

    Annee chesaarugaa... what left? Compare 2014 bjp manifesto and 2004 congress manifesto once plz.... Loan waiver - Not in manifesto but done Bifurcation promise fulfilled :d congress miss chesinavi endi asalu? bade Saab promises fulfill cheyyanivi kokallalu... apart from bifurcation promises includung 10 years ss, 15l deposit ..fuel prices ... rupee rate... vaadi paade... vaadi pindaa koodu
  8. nbk@myHeart

    National Herald case update

    Picha lite 5k koka etc.... prove ayinaa peekedi emundadu.... sympathy votes peruguthaay :d
  9. nbk@myHeart

    ap lo adugu pettanu

    Blame AP public and leaders and the then congress leaders for that.... what the fcuk these guys are doing when that bill is implemented ..... samaikyandhra ani naana sankkalu naakichaaru ap ni.... cbn first day cheppinattu bill ki oppukuni manaki kaavaalsinavi adagakundaa samaikyandhra ane panikimaalina slogan tho bokka pettindi manolle.....
  10. nbk@myHeart

    National Herald case update

    421c 250c... idoka case mallee deeniki aa sadist lawyer... Modi gaadi suit kharchulu kannaa thakkuva.... pushpaalaki inthakanna manchi case lu em dorakaledaa ?
  11. nbk@myHeart

    ap lo adugu pettanu

    Bifurcation issue lo congress is scapegoat..... All parties including tdp has to take the blame for bifurcation..... congress was punished more than they are deserved .... now bjps turn
  12. nbk@myHeart

    ap lo adugu pettanu

    Ipudu bjp/Modi aa issues resolve cheyyakapotaaniki reason kooda tfp/cbn ni debbakottadaanike ga.. congress was cheated by trs and ysp.. they realized it and now trying to join with tdp for makeover.... what bastard modi is doing now?
  13. nbk@myHeart

    ap lo adugu pettanu

    Modi gadini vodichi India ki inkosaari independence theeskuni raara rahul ga... neeku paalaabhishekam chepisthaa
  14. Do you know that balayya is going to lose in hindupuram as lot of dust in hindupuram municipality... plz don't ask about search bharat ... balayya is only responsible for all dust