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  1. Addanki Kandukur SN padu Chirala Markapuram Nellore city Athmakur Chandragiri Nagari Puthalapattu Gudiwada Paderu Sarvepalli Jammalamadugu Vijayawada west
  2. Botsa aligaadanta for not considering for cabinet... 7 MLAs tho kalisi tdp tho discussing
  3. Calm ga unna repu vaadu vasthe chesedi elaagu chesthaadu
  4. Stay tuned .... counting in progress.... updates from 9pm
  5. Terrorists due to the failure of modi govt intelligence... daanni cover cheskotaaniki imran tho drama played
  6. it is clear that both modi and imran khan played games with india and pak public..... aa attacks etc all trash.... ee naa sons vaalla image penchukotam kosam aadina drama....
  7. Darsi seat will be with govt forming party whoever's it is... both kadiri and maddisetty are cousins .... their secret deal is go away from the counting centre if their party is losing.... fasak
  8. Jsp effect bhaareega unte thappithe DJ odipoye chance ledu.... development wise all time best performance by an MlA in ongole.... got very good name...he should win
  9. Ongole damn sure kodathaam.... MLA seats ki kooda advantage because of #SidhaMass Nellore mp - kavali lo MLA ki vache majority kanna beeda ki ekkuva majority raavachu.... remaining all seats neck to neck, evaru gelichinaa 5k lope.... narayana laagaali town lo baaga... narayana ki vache majority decide cheyyachu mp seat ni.... candidate selection wise much better than aadaala.... hope we win
  10. Brexit tho ne pitch penta penta ayindi... inkaa separate Scottish aa?
  11. Ycp and trs will join NDA govt only when there is no choice.... it will be end of their political drama in their states if they join NDA as minorities are their core votebanks
  12. Just got eligibility for red passport... inkaa apply cheyyaledu...? Btw..Scotland ki separate passport em ledu... part of UK ne ga