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  1. Modi ki thalli gurthukochedi publicity avasaram ayinapudu maathrame.... vellaama, photographer ki fosulu isthoo kaallaki mokkaama vachaama.... fasak
  2. Why are they not giving district wise numbers now?
  3. AP lo last month varaku district wise numbers ichevaallu... now only state wide numbers daily? Something is wrong?
  4. Denkandi jail lo lokesh ni oka 3 years ... adega qualification to become big leader in AP
  5. Lockdown ayyaaka modi saar world tour planning emo... chaala gap ochinattundi flight ekki
  6. Picha lite 5k koka etc.... prove ayinaa peekedi emundadu.... sympathy votes peruguthaay :d
  7. 421c 250c... idoka case mallee deeniki aa sadist lawyer... Modi gaadi suit kharchulu kannaa thakkuva.... pushpaalaki inthakanna manchi case lu em dorakaledaa ?
  8. Aa scams annee mee party vaalla fake allegations ani proved na.... e.g. the biggest scam in Indian history 2g got cleared with the blessings of your modi Saab... You have to appreciate the guts of MMS to introduce information act.... which helped the nation but spoiled congress.... alaanti scheme mee party vaallu life time lo okkati introduce cheyyamanandi....