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  1. nbk@myHeart

    Congress first list of 65 candidates released

    Nagam gaadu congress lo join ayyaada?
  2. nbk@myHeart

    TDP first list antaa

    Can't see videos....can someone post the list here plz ?
  3. nbk@myHeart

    5-state election predictions (part-1)

    Congress - we r no.1
  4. nbk@myHeart

    5-state election predictions (part-2)

    Congress - we r no.1
  5. nbk@myHeart

    Repeat of 1996 in 2019

    1996 is a failure scenario ... better not to compare with that ....
  6. nbk@myHeart

    Revanth Reddy: what is this?

    Better revanth to keep himself away from cast discos.... it won't help him much.... he should make himself acceptable to all sections
  7. nbk@myHeart

    Live updates: CBN crucial Delhi tour

    NTR photo kooda unte baagundedi
  8. nbk@myHeart

    Okati ardam katam ledu

    To split anti govt votes...
  9. nbk@myHeart

    Players against BJP

    Power and few others might be scaring about Modi power now.... elections daggaraki vasthe all q lo vasthaaru
  10. nbk@myHeart

    Players against BJP

    Mamatha madam cpm unte compromise avudda? Maya madam should be okay I guess ... sp tho ne kalisaaka congress tho kalavadam not a big deal for her .... SP+BSP+Congress in UP, TMC+CPM in Bengal will do wonders.... bihar lallu always okay with congress ... south lo DMK, TDP, BJD, JDS, CPI/M Ee combinations work out aithe modi Saab ki chukkale..... mamatha madam may not go with cpm before election but both cpm and mamatha will be happy to support non bjp front after elections ....
  11. nbk@myHeart

    Live updates: CBN crucial Delhi tour

    Vatti gaadiki whatkaayalu adirinattundi cbn esina step ki 😀
  12. nbk@myHeart

    Live updates: CBN crucial Delhi tour

    It's not UPA3 or NF2(national front) ... it's NaiduFront1 😀
  13. British ollaki against ga india ni unite chesina Patel Saab satutue ki statue of unity and Peru pettu British olla English heading pettaada bade saab ? And also Indian languages ni include cheyyakundaa.... Desa drohi modi.....