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  1. What is the use of protests in only amaravathi villages ? Atleast do something to halt govt functioning like blocking sachivalayam, highways, trains etc
  2. Police lu cast adagstam endi ellekka comedy? Ante kammollu aithe kummandi , redlu aithe vadalandi ani highly respected CM orders aa?
  3. Cleaner and prthvi lasnti bitch sons ki correct counter
  4. Manushula valla kaakapothe venkanna chooskuntaadu
  5. Balls fans ekkada?
  6. Can't find the percentages ... Of 653 ZPTCs in 13 districts, TDP bagged 373 ZPTCs and YSRC 275. The Congress cut a sorry figure by bagging a mere two seats. Of the 10,092 mandal parishad territorial constituencies, TDP swept away with 5,216 MPTCs, YSRC 4,99, Congress 172, CPI(M) 24, CPI 14, BJP 13, while Independents won in 428 seats. The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) swept the urban body polls in Seemandhra, winning power in five corporations and 62 municipalities. The YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) bagged two corporations and 19 municipalities. It will be hung civic Modies in 11 towns. Overall, the TDP has bagged 1,436 seats (divisions or wards) and the YSR Congress 853 in Seemandhra. Others, majority of them Independents, have won 120 seats. The Congress finished a poor third with 53 seats.
  7. Kcr ni vidigaa pogudukivachugaa sir... ntr tho equal chesi maree polchaala ....
  8. 2014 local elections lo ycp performance ki reason jagan vs CBN scenario kaadu.... appati govt party congress had some existance due to power .... check the percentage of votes they got in local Modies and general elections in 2014..... local Modies lo power lo unna congress ki vachina votebank ycp ki shift ayindi for general elections as congress is not in race ...
  9. That's not easy practically brother.... neatrals kooda govt unna party ke vesthaaru by assuming that their local issues can be solved with govt party rather than opposition
  10. Normal ga local body elections ki evari dabbulu vaalle pettukuntaaru with little support from mla/mp candidates.... last 2 times general elections mundu jarigaay kaabatti both sides baaga spend chesaaru local ga as they expect their respective govt in coming general elections ..... but now general elections are done and next 4.5 years govt is ycp so tdp candidates money spending ki enduku vasthaaru local ga ? 4 years tharuvaatha E party lo untaamo theliyani mla/mp candidates kooda em support cheyyaru financial ga
  11. Capital villages lo elections boycott chesthe better emo.... tdp gelisthe aa sadist gaadu inkaa rechipothaadu
  12. Balls CM ki aamaathram security undaaliga else balls paguluthaay