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  1. nbk@myHeart

    Rama Subba Reddy,Adinarayana Reddy

    Minister ga career peak lo unna time lo kadapa MP seat ki oppukunnaadante aadu magaadra bujja..... thana Vargam ki annee kaavaali avathali vaadi vargam ni thokkaali ani choodakundaa party lo first nundi loyal ga unna thana prathyardhiki thana seat ivvadam ante much appreciated... other new leaders should learnt a lot from him...
  2. nbk@myHeart

    Rama Subba Reddy,Adinarayana Reddy

    The best thing in AP politics.... kudos CBN... okarinokaru murders cheskukunna rendu families ni kalapatam.... not an easy thing..... wish both wins .... Direct ga em godavalu lekapoyina paritala sunita JC gaadu protem speaker ga unnapudu oath ki kooda poledu until main speaker is elected..... tdp lo cheri 5 years ayinaa they have never gone well at each other ... ofcourse they have never commented each other after JC joined tdp.... But aadi and RS lu kalavadam maathram super... hope their cadre also welcomes this move and cooperate each other ....
  3. nbk@myHeart


    Most of the balijas are BCs in prakasam dist
  4. nbk@myHeart

    shame on bhajragdal n hindu activits

    Kukkalni kaalchinattu kaalchaali ee rss and co batch ni
  5. nbk@myHeart

    Aziz nellore

    Ayannee jarigithe idi default option e ga ani jamindar kavi bhaavam
  6. nbk@myHeart

    Aziz nellore

  7. Gannavaram candidate.... vamsi vachaaka eedi power gone.... some relation with NHK I think
  8. If news is not true, magunta should come out and clarify immediately
  9. nbk@myHeart

    Nellore Politics

    Haa vanteru waste... should not give any posts to him.... labbe naayaalu 2012 bi election lo tdp ticket theeskuni ycp ki longipoyaadu elections munde
  10. So vishnu ki mlc.... beeda for kaavali MLA? Mekapati ki nellore MP?
  11. nbk@myHeart

    Nellore Politics

    So vishnu ki mlc isthaara?
  12. nbk@myHeart

    Karanam to Chirala

    Karanam best choice for Chirala.... pothula is not enough against amanchi... karanam aithe vlcadre lo confidence untadi..... And it will help in other constituencies as well.... no ticket to karanam family means he won't be silent l, he will either join ycp or contest as independent.... he can influence some votes in many constituencies in prakasam.... so chirala ticket isthe all problems solved in prakasam
  13. nbk@myHeart

    Nellore Politics

    Pedda thopu Kaadu but will split some ycp votes
  14. nbk@myHeart

    Nellore Politics

    Fb air news 😀 Bommireddy ni tdp loki pampindi kooda mekapati ne ani talk... mp + athmakur mla asking Anta mekapati