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  1. Assembly lo opposition leader post payyavula/achemanaidu/lemmon/ghanta ki ivvaali.... CBN should stay away from assembly ..... Parliament lo Rammohan as floor leader of TDP..... Active Non-kamma leadership is the need of hour for the party now.... no more CBN one man show works out..... State president post kooda some bc youth leader ki ivvaali ..... best choice for now is Rammohan..... edo post ichi kala venkatarao lekka party office lo staff work ki restrict cheyyakundaa free hand ichi state mottam frequent ga thirigela cheyyaali..... it's not easy as he has to face many difficulties from ycp ..... Else, regional party kaabatti bayativaallaki isthe kastam anukunte let CBN resign from kuppam and any of lokesh/brhamani/balayya/Jr (full time, no two legs on business/movies with politics) to take over the party with CBN backend support (no more active role for CBN and better he stays away from media) .... whoever takes over the main role will have to face many difficulties, ready to spend time in jail, ready to face manhandlings and attacks by ycp goons and work sincerely for the party irrespective of failures ..... result will come in 2029 if not 2024.... Evaru active role theeskunnaa either rammohan, lokesh or brahmini - they should be the cm candidate for next election and it should be announced to the public well before the elections ....
  2. Prakasam lo 4 ante super asalu ee wave lo.... krisha+guntur=prakasam 🤣
  3. Unfortunately CBN born in kamma caste.... The main reason for this debacle is casts polarisation against kamma.... PK team is successful in polarizing all casts against kammas and tdp as kamma party rather than BCs party (thanks to our batch athi as well).... we didn't realise but we got this indication when people were not shown any interest on NTR biopic ..... Lokesh, brahmini, Jr or any other kamma leader can't save tdp anymore ..... Jagan blunders chesi jeethaalu/pensions ivvaleni situation ki thesthe thappithe selfish people wont look for CBN anymore ....
  4. Devudaa okka chance ivvu saami.... ee drama artist ni intlo annaa koorchopettu or Augusta helicopter or Raffel vimaanam ekkichi theeskupo
  5. Irrespective of lagadapati survey I believe tdp will win for sure.... I am slightly disappointed with surveys on central elections....i am still hoping BJP less than 200.... Anyway It's not about not believing him.... over ga Hope's pettukuni gelisthe pedda kick undadu. .. and we will be disappointed badly if lose..... Hope's vadileskuni koorchunnaaka win aithe aa kicku maamoolugaa undadu....
  6. Prepare for the worst - if wins, it will be like Ind won against Bangladesh in last over after we almost lost the match and with bangla batch overreaction..... If lose - take it easy as we have already prepared for it Aa vidhamgaa munduku podaam Bifurcation jarigithe edo avuddi ani bhayapaddaam (or bhayapettaaru so called samaikyandra leaders) ... I dont think common public faced any issue (thanks to CBN).... ipudu kooda jaggad vasthe capital povachu, polavaram late avvachu erc lite theeskondi, elaa jaragaali ani raasipetti unte alaa jaruguddi but it's not end of our lives
  7. Gd nellore impossible seat emoga manaki, aa list lo manaki vesaaru.... final number might be close to lagadapati prediction but that list is not from lagadapati I guess
  8. Indirect emundi.... tg people chosen car and AP people chose cycle as per their budget constraints ani cheppaadugaa.... direct gaane cheppaaduga
  9. that was half of his answer... he clearly said i won't give up, no doubt we will form govt in both state and at national level
  10. 🙏 2nd question ki cbn ichina full answer vadilesi meeku kaavaalsinantha varake eskunnaara
  11. Didi should distribute condom packets with modi and Shah address ..... godra apudu entha mandi amaayakulaki Kaduna chesaaro vedhavalu