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  1. NTR2727


    Bro , 14 lo TDP enni gelusthadi ani expecting this time ?
  2. NTR2727

    AP ki Inkemi Ivvam-BJP

    Picture post cheyandi bro
  3. NTR2727

    AP ki Inkemi Ivvam-BJP

    Image not visible
  4. NTR2727

    Karnataka By-election Results 2018 LIVE

    Annai , center lo BJp and state lo TDP statement is very contradicting , with current scenario that will not help AP in anyway , BJP should be out of power in central for AP to develop , reason is the issues between AP and center have gone above and beyond , nothing can patch that up now
  5. NTR2727

    Saubhagya - 100% electrification

    Annai BJP malli osthe AP ki anyayame ga , alane maree digajaari target chesthunnaru personal agenda tho , TDP ni wash out cheddam anukune party ki ela support esthunnaru annagari abhimani ayyundi ? Just curious 2014 lo I was a huge fan of modi , now totally opposite for the above reasons, congress worst I agree but it never stopped down so much and targeted one state and party
  6. NTR2727

    Sandra Venkata Veeraiah

    Sandra history enti ? From when was he with TDP?
  7. Sunday daaka elane unte 100 confirm
  8. NTR2727

    #AravindhaSametha Day 7 AP/TG 2.92 cr First week WW 82.13 cr

    Atu vaalaki rangasthalam lanti movie padindhi kabatti manollu koncham dull unnaru , lekapothe e collections are excellent especially be happy for nizam collections , N ki a range in nizam is like a blessing for us
  9. NTR2727

    #AravindhaSametha Day 7 AP/TG 2.92 cr First week WW 82.13 cr

    Super , RS was 6.06*
  10. NTR2727

    #AravindhaSametha Day 4 AP/TG 7.50 cr

    Day 3 entha total and day 4 expecting 9 Cr?
  11. NTR2727

    #AravindhaSametha Day 4 AP/TG 7.50 cr

  12. NTR2727

    #AravindhaSametha Day 4 AP/TG 7.50 cr

    Ninna entha
  13. Kiran annai , demonetization matram big failure BJP ki