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  1. NTR2727

    Positive talk started

  2. NTR2727

    Show Started

    Super bro , going Cerritos at 7:10
  3. NTR2727

    Twaralo dubai ki services

    Dubai set aithe inka Hyderabad airport vellalsina pani ledu for people travelling to USA and other destinations
  4. NTR2727

    kammolla ke kula pichi

    30/40 years back nunchi beaurecauts , doctors , engineers , business people , lawyers , etc all high level positions , and all fields were dominated 80% by them , trickle down affect idhi as they earned for all the next gens and their r seen everywhere in every field. Others started hating them
  5. NTR2727

    TDP Greater than BJP in Telangana?

    Talasani won by how many votes ?
  6. With this result I lost complete hope of TDP revival in TG , all TDP cadre strongly moved to TRS
  7. NTR2727

    Final Count

    MK- 65 TRS- 34 MIM - 7 BJP -6 IND - 7
  8. Talasani should be the first one lo lose bro, DLK gadu
  9. Hoping to be same as last time percentage
  10. NTR2727

    56.17 by 3PM

    I doubt 70%, May be same as last time or close to it , how are the lines near booths ?
  11. Bro , 75% untada over all ending ki , as per laggu > 68.5% kootami cakewalk win
  12. 2014 second half slow I think , this time it will be high till the end