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  1. Hardcore fans ani cheppukune vaale , migatha vaala laga comments chesthe inkem chestham, nbk is what he is , why should he change for anyone ? He was always like this , media popular aindhi ani why shouldnhe change ? His intentions are good and that will do good to him , anduke andari norlu moosesattu malli gelichadu , gelusthune untadu , his service is like that to the party and cancer hospital
  2. I love NBK and I am his hardcore fan He cannot lead the entire party , we need to revive our party in both states , NBK as a MLA and as a minister in future 👍 but definitely not a CM material. We need someone with CBN skills and ntr oratory skills to revive the party
  3. We should be worried about two ids One is akuna who will love this post with his smiley and the other one will soon reply here covering up for akuna matata Iddaru okate na ? Okallee iddara? 🤤
  4. LOL ... did I ever say you know him ? Manipulate nuvve chesesi , likes evadu kodthunaado nene chuskoledu , nuvve chusesii script raasesthe ela bro ?
  5. What did I assume dude ? I repeated what you said above , it’s interesting for you and I was looking forward to see akuna matata take on this , rendu vere vere lines ga chaduvuko , ibbandhi undadhu miku
  6. 5 deputy CMs miku interesting ga undha chaitu_ntr ..... lets see what akuna matata thinks about jagan cabinet , ento babu Silent ayadu
  7. Akuna matata Silent ayyadu 🤣 .... e post tarvatha malli log out ayyi , tirigi login ayyi osthadu emo
  8. Chaitu_ntr and akuna matata iddaru coincidental ga Jan 17 2014 lo dB join ayyaru , what a wonder look at all their recent posts. logout and login ....back to back ayyi ...posts veyyatam kasthanga ledha , what are you trying to prove ?
  9. 2014 lo join ayyav , TDP gelupu in 2014 midha enni posts esav? 2019 lo ysrcp gelichaka thega active ayyav... your days in db are numbered
  10. Osthadi enduku radu niku e thread lo first post lo ministers list chusthee virakthi radu , second post matram osthadi , ni musugu lo na bombai
  11. Ni posts konni days ga observe chesakane ninna comment chesindhi , Burst ayyi open aipoyavu , Jr musugu esav ippudu for only fans support , enni kasthallu ra, poi jagga gadi social media group lo join avvu full work niku akkada, memu failures kada mammalni odileyi 🙏
  12. No wonder everyone thinks your a ysrcp covert
  13. Last time we got 40.8% votes , this time 39.2% , we will bounce back if we get our strategies right
  14. List undha ? I hope it’s not a large number