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  1. Kaushik, meeru below 20 years aa..??? If you exclude minor things, he faced first big challenge in 1978 Assembly polls (exactly 40 years back) - not a routine MLA election.
  2. nvkrishna


    Few months back, TDP-TRS alliance rumours......Revanth gone 1 month back, cbn statement - just strenthen party, then, someone will come for alliance. Yesterday, congress leader statement - alliance discussions with TDP are going on Porapaatuna....TDP-congress alliance ayithe..mana Koushik & kcr paristhithi..
  3. During 1987 ZP chairman elections (direct polls), reddys wanted the post as they are very powerful in the district. nTR: I want a young, educated BC - that changed Devender goud life. He did not look back from then.
  4. one of the best i ever saw. deserves everything
  5. nvkrishna

    ABP news mood of the nation

    negative: They are picking 8-10 swing seats (Ex. Darsi in prakasam) in each state & interviewed 80-100 people belonging to different sections. chance of error is high. Positive: even in that random survey, TDP made massive gains after coming out of nda.
  6. nvkrishna

    ABP news mood of the nation

    Laughable sample size
  7. nvkrishna

    ABP news mood of the nation

    But, there are some serious data errors in this survey. Of course, purpose of any survey is not exact numbers - just to understand the situation
  8. nvkrishna

    ABP news mood of the nation

    Attack on Modi seems to be working very well for TDP
  9. nvkrishna

    ABP news mood of the nation

    The survey in fact found the TDP to be doing far better in Andhra Pradesh than it was in January, 2018. Other parties in the region such as the TRS (Telangana), DMK (Tamil Nadu), JDS (Karnataka) and the Left (Kerala) have also seen their support levels rise in the last five months.