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  1. PK: 58-62 If reports of poll management are just hype, can go to 70 Lagadapati even 1 month back: Praja kutami is strong in rural areas & looking some what weak in cities. Suddenly, rural lo polling ekkuva kaagaane, some people started hyping TRS.
  2. Media wants to make things look exciting & tense. Even politicians lost touch with people - Kulaalu, dabbu lekkalu based estimations. That's why even Modi & BJP leaders were shocked when BJP got 320 in UP & AAP got 67 in Delhi.
  3. 8:30 - first trends 9:30: We know who are forming Government 11: Over
  4. Lagadapati Exit Poll: Congress: 50-64 TDP: 5-9 (Kukatpally, Sathupally, Aswaraopeta, Uppal, Khammam, Seri Lingampally, Sanathanagar, Warangal West, Rajendranagar/Mahabubnagar) TJS: 0-1 CPI: 0-1 Total Praja Kutami: 55-75 TRS: 25-45 BJP: 5-9 (Amberpet, Musheerabad, Goshamahal, Jukkal, Suryapet, Karimnagar, Kalwakurthy, nizamaad urban, Dubbaka) MIM: 6-7 (Chandrayanagutta, Yakutpura, Charminar, Bahadurpura, Malakpet, Karwan, nampally/Rajendranagar) Independents & other parties: 5-9 (narayankhed, Makthal, Ibrahimpatnam, Boath, Wyra, Ramagundam, Bellampally, Bhupalapalle, Vicarabad) CPM: 0-1 (Bhadrachalam)
  5. nvkrishna


    several years back Andhrajyothy
  6. possible & simple - takes 1 minute
  7. nvkrishna

    Repu ee time ki

    I don't know Admin brother. Please PM to Admin
  8. nvkrishna


    Interesting bit about Jeevan Reddy. One of the great leaders in current politics.
  9. nvkrishna

    Repu ee time ki

    Simple solution: Making it accessible only to registered members just like chat room
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    Repu ee time ki

    Be realistic brother. Any website owner prepares for occasional spikes (may be up to 50-100 times) Tomorrow, there will be 500-1000 times spike or more....is it possible to stay live? I will be happy if it stays but mentally prepare for worse.
  11. Chandrababu Naidu and Sonia Gandhi to share political space for 1st time.
  12. nvkrishna

    Mabbulu veedutunnayi ga

    You seem to have decided to bring BP to every DB member with your posts. 1-2 posts are fine but repeatedly doing same
  13. nvkrishna

    Mabbulu veedutunnayi ga

    You seem to have decided to give counters to everyone who predict TRS. First, track specific member posts over the weeks/months & decide