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  1. http://www.nandamurifans.com/forum/index.php?/topic/429587-live-updates-tv5-flash-team-survey/&page=5
  2. Former CM Kiran Kumar Reddy experience in his own words "naa constituency lo 2 villages pakka pakkane vuntaayi. one village lo congress ki, inko village lo TDP ki majority vatchedi. elaagaina majority thetchukovaalane pattudalatho, tdp village lo baagaa development works chesaanu. Congress village ni neglect chesaanu. election results. TDP as usual gets majoriuty in that village." Development has limitations. Gajwel lo one government school looks like some big university. no doubt about development.
  3. According to rumour, KCR wants to contest from Medchal Situation in Medchal
  4. no relation. peculiar situation prevailed in the constituency.
  5. Barring a miracle, KCR may lose in Gajwel - according to latest situation in the constituency. As Both TDP & Congress cadres are owning Prataap reddy - this is the constituency where alliance will do wonders. Like Kodangal, this is another constituency where 100% vote transfer occurs. If KCR goes over-confident & do not contest from 2nd constituency, he will be in big trouble. Final call: If not for Harish Rao, it is an easy seat for Mahakutami. But, due to Harish Rao effect, became a tight seat or slight victory for KCR.
  6. nvkrishna

    East Godavari Politics

    Jana sena & YCP - sure gaa 19 gelusthaayi.. TDP okkati kuda gelevadu...
  7. nvkrishna

    Kia in Anantapur !

    Pune...Sri Permabudur..Gujarat....same TDP ki ellappudu support chesina district..ku.....biggest gift.... Happy moment.
  8. nvkrishna

    Kia in Anantapur !

    Idi maatram....great turning point. Auto industry by nature accumulates in the same place..... One auto plant..suppliers (ancillaries) around that plant......more auto plants...cycle..
  9. nvkrishna

    Amaravati ki High-speed trains

    Good morning Pokuri..ee roju night cheptha...naa Mumbai date.