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  1. nvkrishna

    India Today survey : July, 2018

    Please do not give too much importance to these surveys. They are good in spotting small changes in Trends but very bad in spotting big shifts. Ex. In February, 2004, they gave 300-310 to nda & nda ended up with less than 200 in May, 2004. Except Lagadapati, very few have track record to spot exactly.
  2. nvkrishna

    India Today survey : July, 2018

    safe game aaduthunnaaru....just to know trend not exact seats.
  3. If SP, BSP & TMC joins UPA: If TDP, PDP joins UPA & YSRCP, AIADMK joins nda:
  4. nvkrishna


    Great soul. Did a lot of help to ap during NDA rule. Exceptional orator. RIP to legend.
  5. Already music started. Ee behaviour & tripura meeting lo Advani tho.....Vijaya sai reddy & sharad pawar tho aa anubhandaam.. Only Psychologists can say - what is this peculiar behaviour.
  6. His act may not be criminal offence but ....arrogant tyrant behaviour
  7. nvkrishna

    Joke of the day

    Very few people keep ears to ground when they are in power. sycophants surround these leaders & give this kind of info.
  8. very important..please study. lot of things involved.
  9. nvkrishna

    Joke of the day

    This illustrates the current standards of political journalism - ignorance or sold out. no surprise - they shocked after every election result. The way they announce results on counting day is another joke.
  10. it is the loan taken by tata motors to buy jlr. Am i wrong? i don't think jlr will take high interest loans from indian banks for its business needs. i have not read AR of Tamo. just assuming.
  11. ee thread chusthe elaa react avvaalo kuda artham kaavatam ledu... Motherson sumi got money at less than 2% interest (euro bonds) - how cheap money in these days in foreign countries. appu pudithe chaalu (at any interest rate) ...celebrate chesukune stage ki vatchaam...feeling sad.
  12. what is the duration . what if we want to sell in between? are there any rules if they don't oblige - so far all municipal bonds are small amounts, low interest rate, small duration (hyderabad etc.) i am saying in the context of as an investment. if someone is willing to contribute to state by taking some risk - good. hope..they don't involve retail in this kind of things.