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  1. Happy birthday Lokesh. Eesari direct elections lo gelavali mari.
  2. baggie

    EBC quota

    sagam paina untaru vallandaru kalipithe
  3. baggie

    CBN vs KCR

    asalu undaa ani doubt naku
  4. baggie

    tv5 live

  5. baggie

    Cbn situation

    kondamangala puram
  6. baggie

    Dl ravindra reddy

    Nooo......vadu vere. Japan gadi menamama ravindranath reddy.
  7. Ap TG and kerala Tableaus rejected antaga so no representation of our telugu pride for this repub day.
  8. baggie

    My Take

  9. baggie

    Show Started

  10. baggie

    Show started

    ok done
  11. baggie

    Show started

  12. baggie

    NTR Kathanayakudu my take

  13. baggie

    Nellore Fans

    adirndi ga