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  1. How is separate state Malabar any different than other statehood agitations?
  2. Not Atleast in South India, not have much idea about North. Congress ante hatred create chesaru gani, they definitely did better than BJP in development terms.
  3. How come India develops without the states being developed. BJP’s plan is not to support states until they occupy those respective states. Same is the reason why they did not support CBN.
  4. Good, I already mentioned days before that it is the responsibility of the government once it is converted to COVID facility.
  5. These BJP fellows are just killing the states for the sake of religion. People are more important than religion.
  6. Cancelled ration cards deprived Telangana’s poor of food rations amid lockdown “When none of our fingerprints were recognised by the machine at our local ration shop, we realised that our ration card was not operational,” Ali Bin Hussain, a 34-year-old resident of Hyderabad, told me over the phone on 4 August. Hussain first faced this problem in early 2019, when none of his family’s fingerprints were recognised by an electronic point-of-sale device—called an ePos device—at their local fair-price shop in the Kala Pathar locality of Hyderabad’s old city. The family’s ration card, issued in 2006, was registered in the name of Fatima Begum, Hussain’s mother, and after repeated attempts by the family of six to draw rations in 2019, the dealer announced that the ration card had been cancelled. “All of us tried, but none of our fingerprints worked,” Hussain said. “I’ve been to the civil supplies corporation office repeatedly since then to try to get it activated or get a fresh card.” His family’s struggle to access food was exacerbated during the lockdown. “We were unable to get subsidised food from the fair price shop and survived on food that was distributed in our area,” he said. Hussain was not sure if the distribution was carried out by government agencies or private charities. Hussain’s family’s plight is not an isolated case. The government of Telangana deactivated the ration cards of several lakh people over the last six years. It is unclear whether they were able to access subsidised food during the pandemic. https://caravanmagazine.in/government/cancelled-ration-cards-deprived-telanganas-poor-of-food-rations-amid-lockdown
  7. That is a good thing. Read in recent articles that many shop owners could not do biometric verification because of the connectivity issues. So for now they are maintaining a handwritten book.
  8. Are not those religious people part of India? Are they not counted in census? It seems the meaning of democracy is changed in India. Like it or not, they are the part of the country and a leader has to find an amicable way to establish harmony and build confidence. If BJP were in the opposition, they would had done a similar act of religious gatherings (consisting of extremists). Political parties only do politics.
  9. It seems one nation one ration card program could be facing many hurdles, - ePoS (electronics point of sale) is the key to this scheme and ePoS is not working in the remote areas due to connectivity issues. - Of the 8 lakh metric tonnes (for 8 crore registered migrants), only 2.46 lakh metric tonnes were distributed. Here states might have failed to distribute, and in a desperation migrants marched back home. - Public distribution system did not link aadhar card with ration. With out this migrants may not use this use scheme in other states. - It seems some states want their own scheme as they want to take advantage and do not want to integrate into a central scheme. So a proper planning and execution may be required so that majority of the poor people are benefited. Coming to the census study, instead of considering it as a religious issue, I think it reflects the confidence people have in the ruling party. Just the opposition parties are taking advantage out of it.
  10. INDIA’S CLEANEST CITIES: Cities > 10 Lakh population Indore Surat Navi Mumbai Vijayawada Ahmedabad INDIA’S CLEANEST STATES: More than 100 ULBs Chhattisgarh Maharashtra Madhya Pradesh Gujarat Punjab INDIA’S CLEANEST STATES: Less than 100 ULBs Jharkhand Haryana Uttarakhand Sikkim Assam Indore, Ambikapur, Navi Mumbai, Surat, Rajkot, and Mysuru rated as 5-star cities Tirupati bags 6 rank at national level in Swachh Survekshan
  11. May be it is misleading from the political point of view. Aren’t those 55 million people who hasn’t received the ration the Indian citizens? Why is not the beneficiary list updated under National food security act ( NFSA)? Is it because NSFA came into force during the UPA 2 rule?
  12. Promises are 100% but the implementation is only 30%.
  13. @krantionline29 add some points in your first post to strengthen Rahul’s candidacy. We should be doing a most appropriate discussion. * So far I liked Rahul’s interviews and his way of talking. He seems reasonable to me than Modi. Modi’s talks And deeds are filled with wrong emotions which will not give any fruit. Rahul seems to be realistic to me.