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  1. Revanth is a gentleman. He completely believed in every act he did.
  2. PK kooda baga ichadu le Jagan gadiki. PK has doctorate in marriages and Jagan has doctorate in criminal cases.
  3. What do do these guys achieve by releasing a press note without revealing any details? Just blackmail them?
  4. Good that he is with people, hope he slowly develops that image of a leader.
  5. No political leader campaigned better than CBN for venkanna. He always presents swami vari portrait and shaluwa even to foreign delicates. Others just followed CBN.
  6. Time will answer all the questions. These guys were paid artists and I want see when they are the victims.
  7. I don’t think this is a correct statement bro. Why can’t drivers, conductors can’t be govt employees when they have experience and skill set? Moreover they have their own grades in govt sector kada. Then about KCR who is the ‘god of hatred’?