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  1. kurnool NTR

    TDP ante edi

    Everything will be paid off
  2. kurnool NTR

    Padipoina TRS Kavitha

    Video trending avuthunte ventane delete chesaru
  3. looks like more than a movie.
  4. kurnool NTR

    Padipoina TRS Kavitha

    mi family and party motham twaralo ilane padipovali ani korukuntu.....
  5. kurnool NTR

    TDP Social Media wing....

    Jaya media
  6. kurnool NTR

    TDP Social Media wing....

    Have more tv
  7. kurnool NTR

    Deal Set

    I don’t know how much influence KTR has in AP politics (zero I guess)but definitely Nagababu does not have. Nagababu ki matladatanike sarigga radu inka deals ekkada set chesthadu.
  8. where is Astrology in this? - He will miss some 'Daiva prakriyalu' and he will not become PM. - He will die of Liver cirrhosis, so no chance for Helicopter. - Currently KTR has better fame than Lokesh and he will retain 15 ministries with him.
  9. kurnool NTR


    Replace the word with Revanth