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  1. Yes in democratic process it might happen not a big deal, manam kuda 10 yrs kurchunnam kadha
  2. One would only need to establish one's identity to avail benefits under the scheme and it could be through Aadhaar card or election ID card or ration card. Having an Aadhaar card is not mandatory. In case of hospitalisation, members of the beneficiary families do not need to pay anything under the scheme, provided one goes to a government or an empanelled private hospital. "
  3. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched his government's ambitious healthcare scheme Ayushman Bharat on Sunday, five states remained unconvinced. Telangana, Odisha, Delhi, Kerala and Punjab have said they will not implement the programme till their concerns are addressed since they have better health assurance schemes.
  4. Rolling out the ambitious Ayushman Bharat scheme on Sunday from Ranchi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the total number of beneficiaries in this scheme would exceed the combined population of US, Canada and Mexico. Speaking at the launch, PM Modi said Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana-Ayushman Bharat was a "game-changer initiative to serve the poor". The scheme comes into effect from Sunday. "PMJAY-Ayushman Bharat is the biggest government-sponsored healthcare scheme in the world. The number of beneficiaries is almost equal to the population of Canada, Mexico and the US taken together," Modi said. In an apparent reference to the Congress, PM Modi said without empowering the poor, previous governments had indulged in "vote bank politics". "It is the BJP government that is focused on empowering them (poor people)," he said. The magnitude of the scheme could be gauged from the fact that more than 1,300 ailments are covered under it, including heart diseases, kidney and liver disorders and diabetes, the PM said. "People are calling the scheme Modicare and by other names, but for me it is an opportunity to serve the poor. Even the ones living in the lowest strata of the society will benefit from the scheme," he said. Congratulating the team that was instrumental in the programme's implementation, he said the officials would receive the blessings of 50 crore beneficiaries. "I hope and pray that the poor don't have to visit hospitals, but, if they do, the Ayushman cover will be at their service. The poor of my country must get all facilities that the rich enjoy," he said. Reiterating the slogan "Sabka saath, sabka vikas" (together for all, development for all), Modi said the Ayushman scheme is not based on any communal or caste lines. "The programme will not differentiate between people, based on religion, caste, location. Every eligible person will be able to avail of the benefits," he asserted. The health scheme will set an example for countries across the world, Modi said. "No one needs to register for the initiative. A health card would be provided to the beneficiaries for availing of the benefits. A toll-free number will be made available to the people for finding out more about the scheme," he said. Modi also said that 2,500 modern hospitals would come up in tier-II and tier-III cities and would generate employment opportunities. "A total of 13,000 hospitals have become a part of the Ayushman Bharat scheme. Our government has taken a holistic approach to lay stress on affordable and preventive healthcare," he added. Earlier in the day, the PM doled out token health cards to some of the beneficiaries after his arrival at Prabhat Tara Maidan here. He also laid foundations stones of two medical colleges at Chaibasa and Koderma in the state. https://www.news18.com/news/india/ayushman-bharat-live-pm-rolls-out-modicare-in-ranchi-says-will-have-more-beneficiaries-than-eus-population-1886063.html
  5. Perigina ok, Rahul G and Sonia G convict aithe salu, single man Swamy ki oka salute kodatham
  6. It’s all about if it can be technically proven in court or not 5k koka involved, this is one angle. bangaru dude jeevitham 1 lakh ke buggipalu ayyindhi
  7. 2G case internal beaurocracy sabotage debba padindhi modi image ki, he realized and restarted but too late, but you are right he should have been more aggressive. idhi Swamy one man army, govt beaurocracy not involved, only thing that could derail is new SC chief going to be Cong guy.
  8. With BJP leader Subramanian Swamyending his submission of evidence in the National Herald case on Monday, the trial court has posted the case for starting of cross-examination on October 27. All the accused Congress leaders are expected to bring senior lawyers to cross-examine Swamy, which is the most interesting part in the politically sensitive National Herald case, where Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are also caught by the Income Tax Dept. (IT) for hushing up Rs.414 crores taxable income, facing a Rs.250 crores penalty. Today (September 17) was the third day of the submission of evidence by Swamy. As soon as Swamy ended the submission, the Congress lawyers demanded to start the cross-examination by asking one question. This was a clever move by Congress lawyers to prevent Swamy from providing further evidence in between the next posting of the case. Sensing the Congress move, Swamy said that he is not prepared for the cross-examination and the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Samar Vishal posted the case to start crossing on October 27. In his one hour long submission of evidence today, Swamy concentrated on the production of documents related to Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi in the formation of new firm Young Indian and the acquisition of National Herald newspaper publishing firm Associated Journal Limited (AJL). Most of the documents and evidence submitted by Swamy were objected to by Congress leaders, accusing him of going “beyond the complaint.” “Thereafter, accused No: 3 Mr. Motilal Vora as representative of Young Indian and also as Treasurer of the Congress party at that time approached the Chairman of Managing Director of AJL, who was also Motilal Vora and made the proposals that since AJL was not in a position to discharge or liquidate the debt, Young Indian as owner of the debt will accept insisted of nine crores or thereabouts issue fresh shares at the 1937 price of Rs.10,” said Swamy submitting the documents. Congress lawyers objected to Swamy’s statements that Vora did all illegalities knowingly. Congress lawyers also objected to the production of journalist J Gopikrishnan’s emails to Rahul Gandhi where the latter clearly says that he has no intention to re-launch National Herald newspaper. Congress lawyers argued that these emails are not at all the part of the case. Completing the submission of evidence, Swamy said that all the accused including Sonia Gandhi and Rahul of engaging in criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust, criminal misappropriation of properties and cheating. Meanwhile, on October 6, the arguments by Congress leaders and Swamy will take place on the Congress leaders’ objections on the “highly objectionable” tweeting by Swamy.
  9. Janasena theesukuntaru emo
  10. overall india lo ee year monsoon ela undhi?
  11. Mundhu deliver chesinavi appreciate cheddam like the one in this thread
  12. Enti information act full credit mounmohan kaa and lifetime lo okati alantidhi cheyalaaaa Anyone who follows the ruling party’s speeches and campaign, what stands out is that Right to Information (RTI), Food Security Bill and Right to Education Bill are among the three major accomplishments they are going to people with. But, as more and more people are now pointing out, all these bills are nothing but what the NDA government had already done and what the UPA has done is to merely give it a new nomenclature. Let us look at the RTI Act, which, in more ways than one has been a game changer. The act was enacted and assented in June 2005, when UPA had been in power for a year. But what was RTI really? It was nothing but the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2002 that was enacted by the NDA government. In fact, the aim of the act was the same as the RTI and, as this letter dated January 30, 2003, from the then secretary, Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) shows, the government had started moving towards promoting it. Other than calling it the “beginning of a new era in approach of government functioning where openness shall now be the rule and secrecy an exception”, the letter went on to ask all secretaries to “provide before hand the requisite infrastructure in the form of rules etc.” In fact, so serious was the NDA government about this act’s implementation that the letter from the DoPT said: “the provisions contained therein give the Act an over-riding effect in character. In keeping with this, we would suggest that an immediate review may be undertaken for all such Acts and Instruments administered by the Ministry and amendments made thereto, wherever necessary, so that the scheme is not subverted through the operation of conflicting provisions in these Acts/Instruments.” The letter then went on to say “suitable action may be taken on priority basis so that there is no cause for delay in brining the act into force”, before concluding: “As the entire infrastructure for bringing the Act into force has to be set up within the shortest possible time, I shall be grateful if the above aspects receive your personal attention.” This was January 2003. RTI came in 2005. If one were to analyse, bluntly put, it is nothing but a case of the UPA coming to power and sitting on it for a couple of years, give it a new name and then take credit for it. In fact, Aruna Roy and Arvind Kejriwal have, perhaps, worked harder to popularise and take it to the masses than any of the large political parties. And it is not just this. Even the Right to Education Bill, which is once again seen as a game changer, was actually conceived in 2003 as something called “Free & Compulsory Education for Children.” If you dig the net and the social media, there are plenty of other instances available where something that was thought through and started during NDA was appropriated by the UPA after a slight break by merely giving it a new name. https://blogs.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/randomaccess/is-rti-really-a-congress-creation/
  13. kakkinchi prajalaki panchuthunnaru ga election time lo On a serious note this thread is regarding NPA/bank solvency issue. The cases u mentioned are still under investigation and ED attached some assets. X chesaru ante dammunte Y cheyandi ane logic ki
  14. First big bankruptcy success hands Rs 35,200 crore to banks The biggest asset sale under India’s new bankruptcy law offers a breather to the nation’s banks, a number of which posted record losses for last quarter. Tata Steel Ltd. on Friday bought insolvent Bhushan Steel Ltd. + and is paying Rs 35,200 crore ($5.2 billion) to Bhushan’s creditors. This is about 63 per cent of the Rs 56,000 crore claimed by a consortium including State Bank of India and Punjab National Bank, the biggest government-controlled lenders in the country and Bhushan Steel’s largest creditors. Their shares rose on Monday. Banks had provisioned for a discount on the outstanding debt of more than 50 per cent, said Ravikant Bhat, an analyst at Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd. in Mumbai. “The successful resolution of Bhushan is a positive structural development for the banking sector.” https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/first-big-bankruptcy-success-hands-rs-35200-crore-to-banks/articleshow/64261157.cms
  15. GM?? mee congi mess antha memu clean seyalsi vasthundhi
  16. Enthused by successful conclusion of Bhushan Steel case, the finance ministry expects banks to write back more than Rs 1 lakh crore after the resolution of all 12 NPA cases referred to insolvency proceedings by the RBI it its first list. Last week, Tata Group acquired controlling stake of 72.65 per cent in the debt-ridden Bhushan Steel Ltd for around Rs 36,000 crore will help in cleansing the banking system as well as boost lenders profitability.The remaining 11 NPA cases which are in the pipeline will easily bring to the table over Rs 1 lakh crore and the amount coming from resolution under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) will directly add to the bottomline and help in reduction of NPAs of the public sector banks, a senior finance ministry official told PTI.Last year in June, RBI's internal advisory committee (IAC) identified 12 accounts, each having more than Rs 5,000 crore of outstanding loans and accounting for 25 per cent of total NPAs of banks.Following the RBI's advisory, banks referred Bhushan Steel Ltd, Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd, Essar Steel Ltd, Jaypee Infratech Ltd, Lanco Infratech Ltd, Monnet Ispat & Energy Ltd, Jyoti Structures Ltd, Electrosteel Steels Ltd, Amtek Auto Ltd, Era Infra Engineering Ltd, Alok Industries Ltd and ABG Shipyard Ltd to NCLT. These accounts together have total outstanding loan of Rs 1.75 lakh crore.The Kolkata Bench of the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) has already approved Vedanta Resources's resolution plan for acquisition of Electrosteel Steels last month.Besides, the NCLT last month also asked the lenders of Bhushan Power & Steel to consider the bid submitted by UK-based Liberty House for the debt-ridden company.Bhushan Power and Steel owes close to Rs 48,000 crore to banks and was referred to the NCLT by Punjab National Bank in June last year.Last week, Bamnipal Steel Ltd (BNPL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Steel, has acquired 72.65 per cent stake in Bhushan Steel by paying around Rs 36,400 crore, of which Rs 35,200 crore will be paid to financial creditors.The buy-out is expected to bring relief in the form of capital boost to PNB that was one of the leading lenders to the debt-ridden company, the bank said in a statement.PNB in a statement said the bank had the second highest exposure to Bhushan Steel and will benefit greatly from this acquisition.PNB sources say that the ledger outstanding to Bhushan Steel was Rs 3,857.49 crore while Rs 1,542.99 crore were earmarked for provisioning.With this resolution, PNB's NPA will fall by Rs 3,857.49 crore. While the bank will recover Rs 3,050 crore of the outstanding amount it will also be able to write off Rs 807.49 crore from the provision it had held for this NPA.The resolution will also have a direct impact on the bank's bottom-line this quarter. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/finance-ministry-expects-banks-to-get-back-over-rs-1-lakh-crore-with-resolution-of-12-major-npas/articleshow/64245359.cms
  17. Ippudu central scheme and idhi merge chesthara benefits?
  18. Intha complicated equation badhulu, Modi influenced ante dharmic happiness untundhi ga sodarulu andhariki.