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  1. Kiran

    Triple Talak Executive Order

    Votes padina padakapoyina its a historic law✌️
  2. President signs it. So it is legally a punishable offence now. ✌️
  3. Kiran

    Cbn today in assembly

    Vadiki hindi ravatam he can connect at personal level to north leaders manaki eppudu adhi hole ye even during division
  4. Enti Antony gada lol ee ISRO scandal beneficiary gadu Lol Nothing against HAL but you are overestimating their capability at this time, they are not able to deliver Tejas on time, inka IAF can’t take a risk and depend on it to deliver these in the timeframe they need. Congress was not able to close this deal in 10 yrs you can imagine, they are just trying to make it an issue. Rafale jets 36 delivery will commence from Sep2019 and completed by April 2022, fly-away condition and DRDO is part of the deal with Dassault
  5. Kiran

    Cbn today in assembly

    Sesindu antalla seyatama ani asking yes AP bjp batch and KCR dude matalu vini modi did wrong agreed
  6. Kiran

    Cbn today in assembly

    Thiragapadatam ante pedda debba kottina vaditho friendship cheyatamega
  7. HAL Reliance thing overestimated in your post
  8. Kiran

    ap lo adugu pettanu

  9. Main lead scientists ni side chesthe slow down ye ayyedhi, Narayan unte 2013 varaku ayyedha anni loopholes close cheyataniki ani anochu, but who knows, they were stars of their time and that is his POV that his team could have delivered way earlier and no body in ISRO argued with it.
  10. Ninnu vadilesaru ani chepthunnava 🤗
  11. Kiran

    National Herald case update

    Perigina ok, Rahul G and Sonia G convict aithe salu, single man Swamy ki oka salute kodatham
  12. Hit for money tracking, digital economy, taxes. Failure in areas of execution, and certain bank employees compromise.
  13. Ya cryo program main lead candidates ni under the bus pampisthe inka emayyidhi idhe ayyidhi