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  1. Sasikala raid update

    Jagan assets medha cbi lo already case running ga
  2. 1430 koka unexplained assets so far
  3. operation sasikala

    Eesari kuda parrikar oka 6 months before elections vachunte win ayye vallu, also popular vote % higher than cong 32% vs 28%. Eastern states lo asala BJP ekkada undhi, first time from scratch coming, emi vachina bonus ye
  4. operation sasikala

    Punjab akali account ga, so not a big issue for BJP, just supporting role. Goa parrikar dude unte problem undedhi kadhu, small miscalculation corrected. Ika sikk/manipur or any eastern states jenda pathatam is an acheivement
  5. GST 2.0

    No article vesaru ga evaro
  6. GST 2.0

    Agree aa livemint article edupu chusthe thelusthundhi, stone pelting this year down by 75%
  7. operation sasikala

    what about this that questions kiki niceguy uncle ela vachina vachinatte ga with or without support. Demo tharavatha inka election loss avvala ga adhi digindhi anukotaniki, relax yaaa
  8. GST 2.0

    178 Items Removed from 28% Slab, Tax on 33 Other Items Reduced Restaurants in and outside hotels will carry a 5 per cent GST charge, at those in starred hotels with room tariffs above 7,500 a night customers will have to pay 18 per cent GST. The benefit of ITC (Input Tax Credit) to restaurants has been revoked to restaurants because they were not passing on the benefit to customers Among goods that will no longer be taxed 28 per cent GST are daily use items like shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, shaving-cream, aftershave lotion, shoe polish, chocolate, chewing gum and nutritious drinks.

    HP lo "crush everyone" mode
  10. Since he can walk he can come and meet
  11. Okka redtowel okkate thakkuva kadha ra kiki yes we meet everyone we are PM of every Indian