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  1. Kiran

    Kphb confirmed

    Communists anthe ga, valla future gurinchi forecast kante pakkanolla gurinchi ekkuva chestharu, valla states develop chesukoru pakkanolla development gurinchi bhale opinions untai variety batch😁
  2. Alok and Asthana were also appointed by Modi ye ga, cong called them both illegal. The argument from cvc side was alok/asthana were only sent on leave to probe their cases. So SC asked to probe in 2 weeks and show them the results. cvc chesindhi right or wrong sc aa side velladhu emo if the investigation is in favor of Alok.
  3. Govt. played safe via CVC, court only asked to fasten investigation. Opposition hadavidi common. Rafale file investigating ani comedy chesinappude bayata padindhi.
  4. March lo Inc govt. enthuku untundhi?
  5. Result edhi aina inka 3 months ye ga, next evarini set chesthado govt. given the current scenario
  6. Kiran


    Nenu annadhi K Nageshwar ni bro. not you.😁
  7. Kiran


    Ee leftist matalu vini oka stand theesukovala
  8. Rajakeeyam bro. welcome back
  9. naram leni naluka etu padithe atu ga comrade id marchi vasthe first edichedhi nuvve ga why neeku 2 id’s, misusing ani shy less fellow