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  1. Enclose link. Good initiative👍
  2. All houses powered up in Bihar No More Ghosts, Says Nitish Kumar As 1.39-Crore Bihar Households Power Up Nitish Kumar had declared all the 39,073 villages of Bihar electrified in December 2017. PATNA: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today announced that his government has extended electricity to all the 1.39 crore households in the state much ahead of the December 31 deadline, an achievement that will go a long way in empowering its residents. "Parents in rural areas will no longer have to dissuade their children from stepping out at night by saying that there are ghosts lurking in the dark. Now that all the villages in Bihar are electrified, people can step out whenever they please," said Mr Kumar, clearly ecstatic about the development. But the electricity department's work in the state is far from over. The Bihar Chief Minister identified two important tasks that were yet to be completed -- the installation of separate power feeders for agriculture and the replacement of old wires -- and instructed officials to address them at the earliest. "Things have become much better now. Our children are able to study regularly, and the women in the household are able to do their chores without much difficulty," said Arvind Kumar, a resident of Patna. Although the coming of electricity has made many happy, it is greeted with suspicion in some parts of rural Bihar. One such sceptic, Pramod Kumar from Phulwarisharif area, continues dines with his family under a hurricane lamp. "They did come here to electrify my house, but I don't know if I should use it. What if it gets too expensive for me?" he asked. Mr Kumar had declared all the 39,073 villages of Bihar electrified in December 2017, and promised to ensure that every household received power connections by the same month the following year. He said that the state government's efforts in this regard were a part of his saat nischay (seven resolves) of good governance. "Back in 2005, when we first came to power, small towns and villages in Bihar had all but given up hope of getting electricity. The situation was very bad even in Patna," he said. Mr Kumar has frequently termed electrification of rural areas as his government's main priority. His model was later adopted by the central government as the "Saubhagya Yojna", a project aimed at electrifying every household in India by December. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/no-more-ghosts-says-bihar-chief-minister-nitish-kumar-as-1-39-crore-households-power-up-1941545?pfrom=home-topstories
  3. Kiran

    AP fibre Grid project

    Some information is here
  4. Kiran

    AP fibre Grid project

    Packaging manadhe ga so votes mana 1st eye ke ravali 👍
  5. Kiran

    AP fibre Grid project

    Modi punyama ani work fast ga progress avuthunnattu undhi
  6. Kiran


    The length of national highways has increased by almost 3,000 km in Andhra Pradesh since the BJP government came to power in the Centre, said Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari on Saturday. The length of national highways in the state before May 2014 was 4,193 km which has now increased to 7,118 km. “Since 2014, 15 projects having a length of 902 kms amounting to Rs 5,309 crore have been completed. Further, 37 projects are ongoing with a total length of 1,643 kms with a total project cost of Rs 15,700 crore. Another 97 works of the total project cost of Rs 27,436 crore have been awarded,” he said. https://www.financialexpress.com/infrastructure/roadways/highway-length-rose-by-3000-kms-in-andhra-pradesh-since-2014-nitin-gadkari/1245029/lite/
  7. Sardukotam rasi petti unte sardhukuntadu le, etu odipotharu ani development work aapeyi leru ga
  8. Idhi reasonable expectation
  9. Meeru worry avvali cong 5 yrs support chesthundhi ani nammuthunnanthuku
  10. Cong or BJP govt form cheyanantha varaku ye coalition vachina ekkuva years kashtam. Ee Maya Jdidi tho ayye pani kadhu.
  11. Political ego wars eppudu end avuthai it should be either due to compulsion or realization till then it will be nuisance only. 2019 either thing can happen. Before 2014 only Modi and CBN were favouring alliance. Majority of AP BJP and some national batch were against it. So adding KCR and governor into the mix it made things worse.
  12. Yes pozzibul with mahagatbandhan
  13. Demo aipoyindhi, economy bounced back, record money getting generated via GST, they are invested in projects and projects are delivered at record pace like this one.
  14. AP public loss momentary ye le, things will delay related to reorg commitments like Amaravati. But overall AP development going at good pace. Yes BJP as of now doomed in AP, they will realize after loosing deposits + TDP comes back. Edhi jaragakapoina they will think they managed well.