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  1. BJP Pressurized Me -Nitish Kumar

    Aa till then don’t get on dream chair
  2. BJP Pressurized Me -Nitish Kumar

    Aa seat emundhi le 6 segments lo 4 segments lead by Bjp, 2 segments muslim polarization valla vodipoyaru, not a big deal. But Nitish cheppinattu should have left the seat.
  3. BJP Pressurized Me -Nitish Kumar

    Konchem post sarigga chaduvu nee comrade atram
  4. Arnab- with this 17% Karnataka are not Hindus, 2% reduction in Hindu population in India.
  5. Its against their central policy would have remained in backburner, why would they alienate a major prominent caste and say u are not hindus and a religious minority. Sidhu dude being an atheist playing with fire. Let's see what is the political impact.
  6. Prominent castes aina Patels minority, Ligayats minority desperate ga unnaru congis
  7. Kontha mandi TDP nunchi out anta

    Ee moderator evadu babu funds related important issues ki discussion and answers time lo general questions aduguthadu Prof nageswar committee antunnadu, daniki answer icheloga deviate chesadu, edhi important oo theleeka pothe etta
  8. Shivaji- Today speech

    Chandas chali manta vesukuntunnava typical comrade
  9. March 16 court lo appear avvamannaru ga. NCM hadavidi lo nobody is tracking that
  10. Acquittal Of A Raja, Kanimozhi, Others In 2G Challenged In High Court
  11. Sivaji about Modi - Updated

    Annagaru scripts forward chesinattu unnadu
  12. PK or A2 strategy worked?

    Modi nature batti he will not go ane anukuntunna