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  1. https://www.facebook.com/113225357041804/posts/312841967080141
  2. 2014 lo he could have joined TDP had we given ticket. He went to BJP as he expected MP seat but the ticket went to Gokaraju Gangaraju. He resigned to BJP and then joined TDP after 2014.
  3. @Uravakonda Jan month DA etc. and other allowances pending anukunta. Arrears ante pending amount from previous months.
  4. Social media lo posts vastunnayi. Idi nijamayyi correct ga janala loki teskuvelte big blow to jaffas.
  5. Nagarjuna reddy kuda Ycheapy paid artist ah. I didn't know. Social media motham Jaffa chethilo undi ga. Manaki 5 years lo teliyanu kuda teliyatledu social media meeda YCP ki unna pattu. Suman TV and Idream neutral channels lane anipistadi andariki.
  6. Ila chillara chillara ga 50 Cr enti. Edaina peddadi ameskunte sari. Polavaram project, APSRTC, Discoms ilantivi amukunte best.
  7. Sameera Reddy YcP paid xxx ey ga. Alane matladathadu
  8. I'm in favour of privatization but not selling off the assets at low market valuations.
  9. @surapaneni1 It is not about salaries. They should be companies working for profit instead of being under govt control. Privatization is also a good option.
  10. Vallani heroes ani kuda anakudadu asalu. Actors anthe.
  11. RRR is doing great. MP position undi and Delhi lo untunadu ga. Anduke dhairyam emo.
  12. State government and central government work culture ela untado idea ledu. But I think it is better to privatize as many areas as possible. Govt teachers maintain cheyatam waste in my opinion. Discoms kuda NTPC etc lanti PSUs ki ichina improve avutayi.
  13. @naresh1243 Reservation anta pedda issue kadu ee rojullo. I see very bright and hardworking people in reservation batch also. Some are even better than general category. But problem is with the work culture. That is what i observed atleast in PSUs. Private companies give better opportunity to grow in my opinion.
  14. Good decision only le. State government employees ki unna power PSU employees ki ekada untadi. Modi Vachaka PSUs Anni private aipotunnai. Eppudu ammestado teliyatledu evariki.