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  1. The reason his speech has kick is....Denchetappude baaga ointment raasi dichutaadu...Like “nenu baaga istapade...”,,”nenu baaga abhimaniche..” ane modalipette mari gaddi pedataadu....entayena maa godavari MP...In-build aa vetakaram vuntundi 😁
  2. Get him to TDP...Rajula votebank consolidate avutadhi...I thk his only choice will be TDP in 2022 or 2024...
  3. Looks like very improbable....But can’t someone file PIL on these freebies....we can’t blame labour to expect,ee rulers Valle alavatu paddaru...Lest discuss this beyond parties...Below post from this gentleman is very valid!!!
  4. Ade obvious brother...But ila flase allegation of Supreme Court judge ke consequences Edmundochu??
  5. Nijanga NV Ramana emanna illegal ga land scam lo vunte,ee patike Jaffa gaadu cases dwara proceed ayevaadu.....Idhe chaala serious allegation on Chief Justice Candidate...Wat are consequences if Jaffa can’t provide substantive evidence??...Idhe inko case avali jaffa meeda!!!
  6. Are farmers visit bro....This is meeting people directly when in issues...
  7. I think this is first time he is visiting people this close...as a opposition leader it will boost his image...
  8. Naaku telesi common people lo perigundadu...ee businessmen/politician batch valla periguntundhi....
  9. Ade peragaleedu antunna....ee Nageswar rao gaadu emi pathitha kaadu....source of information eedhi??
  10. Idhe pedda sollu...people are used to digital payments like phone pe,Google Pay....Carona time lo inka use perigindhe....Even customers in small towns are using phone pe and google pay
  11. Eka nundi he should be with people dealing issues....He improved his speech and his weight loss is boosting his image....Malli HYd ke vellipoyi inko 3 months taruvatha kanapadutha ante....👏👏
  12. Vellani choosthe jaali vestunde....Their minds are infected like zombies....akariki judges meeda kooda veela frustation ante.....Surgery chesi amputate cheyali for infection you stop.....
  13. 2024 lo Modi led BJP ke 220 seats vachina,NDA will form govt for 3 rd time....Unless central congress seriously revived and provide a narrative in coming years....whc is very unlikely