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  1. The biggest factor of this defeat is perception building. It all starts with a good team of spokespersons, background team, strong leaders projected by the party. Manaki chesinavi chala unna, sarigga communicate chese vallu okkallu leru. News follow ayye neutrals aite prathi debate lo ycp valla point e correct anukuntaru. Ika social media cheppakkarledhu. Entha visha pracharam janalloki vellindante ground level lo it was palpable. Another big factor was the disconnect with youth. Youth were able to relate to Jagan and Pawan. Lokesh was supposed to bridge that gap but unfortunately he was found wanting. Youth lo aite entha negativity create ayindho TDP meedha. To me this is even more daunting. We have to win this section back. I was very disappointed the likes of payyavula, Dhulipalla who I consider as best orators in TDP didn't step up to help the party. May be the party chose others but 2014-19 panel of spokespersons gurinchi entha takkuva chepthe antha manchidhi