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  1. ledu bro entry kevel gazetted officer group b like me is getting inhand salary of 54000 pm and gross is 62000pm...state govt salaries tho compare chesthe maavi relatively low.central govt lo responsibility, work culture, performance appraisal report chala baguntundi...even your salary is low, you will have benefits like kendriya vidyalay priority admissions, flight travel in short notice official duty, preferential postings after working in hard area, perks like visa and passport priority issue and hotel accommodation upto 3 star ...and many more benefits....
  2. i raised it in the db with necessary proofs..but failed to evoke thinking among the people in that angle
  3. biometric inka teeseyyaledanta jagga
  4. not only bsnl, hal, dredging corporation , more than 20 corporations salary ivvaleni paristhithi..AP govt kooda next 6 months lo salary ivvatam anedi pedda joke....as a govt employee ga chepthunna...employeess okkate kadu...govt policy kooda private sector ki favour chese la vuntunnayi from past 15 years.
  5. actually jaggu di kooda almost cbn type vundi 50 50 ..so i expected him near to 85 with 10 advantage as his lagnam is moving towards good phase but should cross saturn during election time.but what happened is saturn suddenly turned beneficiary to him during poll phase of march 31 st to april 14th.i mis calculated this.but around 100 vacchi vundalsindi..even in this positive phase..but 150 enduku vacchayo cheppataniki na knowledge saripovatledu.jagan next 2022 tarvata defame avvataniki maximum chance vundi...but jagan power lo vundatam anedi...saturn tho equal ga jupiter contribute cheyyali..like it happened in 2012 bye elections...but jupiter phase 2023 august tho aypothundi...inka central govt behaviour meeda depend avvali jagan govt.as of now AP formation date lo rahu mahardasa guru phase ending lo vundi..next 6 yrs cyclones, drought and crime chala ekkuva vuntundi and ilanti phase AP ki 1970 s lo vacchindi..malli ippudu rabothondi...you can understand what i am saying.dont ask me about tdp coming to power as per astrology as i dont have tdp party start up date and time and probables of next tdp CM candidates birth details to corroborate.but good news for tdp is 2024 lo ycp either narrow lo power pothundi or party split avutundi after elections.
  6. bro e vishayam nenu kooda oppukunta..but cbn dob meeda vunna doubt valla exact prediction raledu.media lo telidina dob tho astrology chusthe...2019 success of election 50-50 vacchindi..ade birth chart lo march 2021 varaku bad phase vundi...dont poke me if i am wrong but we are legacy priests and astrologers thats why..
  7. so jaggu govt kooda malli elections ki vellalemo? one nation one election ante...so sheem only for 3 or up to 2022 only i think
  8. amit dhah home ante edo pedda plan vesaru ani anipistundi...