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  1. TDP Should Ignore day to day activities of govt for atleast 2 years unless there are big blunders. People gave unanimous mandate to YCP and we need to respect that and leave them to do their work. In these 2 years complete party work choosukunte chaalu 2nd Month nunche adi fail, idi fail ante janalaki kooda chiraku puttiddi. We should not play with Ego of people who voted for YCP this time. They them self has to realize whether they voted for right party or not.
  2. Chandu Sambasiva Rao TDP lo continue avuthunnaraa??? or he already left???
  3. aa letter lo central govt employees ani undi ga
  4. Ivanni YCP vaallaki ichhukunevi. official ga vaalla cader ki dabbulu panchukovatam
  5. Mundu nuvvu join avvu. u can show ur talent in BJP kiki
  6. YCP ni BJP lo Merging aaa. Asalu meeku ilanti thought process ela vasthundhi. Reality ki intha dooram ga ela untaru
  7. Dhawan out ainappudu we brought Pant who is also in list of Stand by. Shankar out ainappudu Mayank ki teesukovataaniki kaaranam Rahul Form. Appudu kooda Middle order batsmen avasaram ledu. Rayudu tough luck he could not perform in Aus series and IPL
  8. First post lo Pic choosi. Aa get up esukoni velthunte police pattukunnaru ani scene oohinchukoni navvukoning
  9. inkedo ne tintunnadu. doubt enduku
  10. aa paina unna video lo aa lady officer ni kottatam choosaka aame meeda ayyo papam ane sympathy raakunda, kottina MLA Magadadu, adi rajakeeyam ante, moosukoni inka nunchi unte better ani thodalu kotte vaallani choosthe some where some thing is wrong with them anipisthadi.
  11. Yes. Let him rule for 2 years and we can judge. Generally things go wrong in 3rd and 4th Year