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  1. hahaha...Manchide. YCP lo chaala mandiki MLC's promise chesadu. 2 MLC Ministers kooda unnaru
  2. Neeku akkada rajadhani kanipisthundhi, vallaki akkada 4.5 years power kanipisthundhi
  3. Final ga Vizag admin capital ayyiddi. this might be some delay. Still some masala for media Amaravathi issue inka baaga vellali janalloki specially Krishna, Guntur dst. but i have no hope on them
  4. Vaadini choosi asalu companies vasthayaaa.....siggu leni AP jananiki ivanni akkarledu. Amma vodi, raithu barosa, Jaganna goru mudda chaalu
  5. Jaggad rules anni pattinchukodu. Vaadoka Moorkhudu. Vaadu Vizag meeda prema tho chesthunnadaa enti, CBN meeda hatred tho chesthunnadu.
  6. Bill Move chesthene kada approve/reject chesedi....endi ee posts
  7. Lanka Dinakar gadni first row lo pettareeee.
  8. If you think, the kind of money he has there is no need to do all this for him. Migatha YCP MP's laa happy ga koorchukovachhu. But he is fighting. even when in power, he is very vocal in parliament on various issues including which are not related to AP. I am impressed with this guy