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  1. Capital isthe vote veyyani janalu, Jaggad capital ni teesi dobbithe pattinchukuntaraaa. Endo mee athyasa
  2. Krishna, Guntur, Part of Prakasam baaga benifit ayyaru due to pattiseema. Paiga Capital kooda akkada ichharu. Aina votes veyyaledu ante migatha vaallani blame cheyyatam dandaga.
  3. Oho, i thought they will take aadhar number when they do testing and every aadhar will be linked to a phone. Stop giving silly reasons
  4. They will never target as long as he licks them. Jagan will never stop licking them
  5. Clear ga it is motivated case
  6. Have u opposed TDP decision to come out of NDA in 2018?
  7. Kulam votes baaga paddayi. JS valla manaki bokka padina MP and MLA seats max EG, WG dsts Vizag MP, Anakapally MP kinde unnai
  8. Independent ga vesthe 1 lakh votes kooda raavu. Gelichedi endi thokka. YCP will win MP seat easily with power politics in case of bi election. Aina RRKR enduku resign chesthadu, he will not.
  9. I don't trust them. dabbulaku Vote vese jananni baaga meputhunnadu ey pani cheyyakundaa.
  10. First Lokesh MLA ga gelavaali. That will be his first test. Rest we will see it later. Personal ga Lokesh is good guy, Respects others and also did good job as Minister