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  1. He is not even coming to AP fearing attack. Pressmeets petti sattires vesthunnadu.
  2. DA edo istham annaru 3 installments, vachhindaa
  3. em, family raa saami daridram laa pattukunnaru. eppudu vadiliddo ee sani. Jaggad ey venaka undi antha nadipisthunnadu, AJ gaadu uchha aapukoleka free publicity isthunnadu.
  4. We can't Fault TDP Effort in this Bi election. I did not expect TDP to campaign like this. What ever result might be they put their 100% in campaign. Electioneering ela chesukuntaru anedi key
  5. One thing for sure, we should not give any chance to BJP-JS. Even if we lose tirupathi, we need to make sure TDP only can defeat YCP in future
  6. Yes, Appudu ee thread lepi comments modalu pedatharu. Let the results come out. I am not that confident that we will give close fight. But any improve over 2019 will be moral victory
  7. Mundu Tirupathi results choosi ilanti elevations ivvandi saami. Malla bad result vasthe Lokesh ne kummutharu
  8. CBN T politics lo lenappudu we cannot expect them to stick. Vaallaki individual ga lead chese scene ledu. Oka leader venake unde batch
  9. When he left he was working president
  10. Targetting Govt employees wont bring any good for us. Janalantha katta kattukoni vaadiki vote vesinappudu vaallu maatram veyyakoodadu anukovatam enduku Veellaithe vaallani mana vaipu tippukotaaniki try cheddam, ledaa be silent and enjoy the show. Kaavalani vaallani target cheyyatam mana meeda anty peragataaniki tappa deniki use avvadu
  11. Vaadi plan antha 2024 daaka appulu chesi, janalaki dabbulu panchi, Elago ala elections gelichi inka political opponents andarini political ga kill chesi janalaku kooda option lekundaa cheyyatame. Inka appudu vaadi ishtam aipothundhi