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  1. If you observe PK methods, PK employs shaming tactics. Shaming and bullying the opposition. He shamed Rahul and ran Pappu campaign. Even after Rahul used PK for UP, it didn't help him. BJP is now using the same tactics against opposition. They are shaming Mamata. Lokesh if he wants to see himself long political career, has to use his brain and brawn to come out of his image now and establish himself. Remember, he himself is highly educated and has a network of people all over the world. He doesn't need to rely on PK if he ups himself. He just needs to induce sense among youth with his relentless efforts as opposition doesn't stop spreading fake and ill intended messages. He has to work till he sweats to induce sense and purpose then only TDP can return to its glory.
  2. I think Jagan and team will continue to spread rumors about Capital for 1st year, confuse farmers and local investors so that land prices will fall.. After his team started buying lands at cheap rates, they will start development works. He is not a fool to leave Amaravati.. He will mint money out of it.
  3. Brother, they have actually changed way before. I've close friends from all over. Bjojpuri, Pahadi, Bengali.. all these people love their mother tongue but doesn't hesitate to own Hindi ( the degree might vary). Similarly, Gujarati, Rajasthani people. Their mother tongues and scripts are different from Hindi. When I talk to my Bhojpuri and Pahadi friends, they will tell me how they miss talking to people in their language but they don't have regret that they speak Hindi. They think it is all for practical reasons. South is very progressive compared to north and we have a lot to offer to leadership for India. If we limit ourselves and don't learn to communicate to our majority fellow Indians we cannot become leaders. I'm not denying our mother tongue. I'm a strong supporter for mother tongue. On one side, English is killing mother tongue. It is a matter of time, our next generation won't even know how to write in Telugu. English will make our language become like Bhojpuri. Why not Hindi then? when it can open a window to understand and feel our country's oneness in culture. When it can give an opportunity to communicate to someone in remote village of UP or Himachal Pradesh just being from Amaravati? Opportunities are endless..
  4. India is a beautiful country with rich diversity and yet we are culturally one. We can realize it only when a person from Andhra Pradesh can communicate to a person in Himachal Pradesh or any other state. We will be surprised to know how similar we are culturally. English doesn't add that touch. It takes us away from our common culture. And we need one common language of communication for all practical purposes. We cannot create political capital without ability to communicate to 90% of the masses. Take the case of influential leaders from Andhra Pradesh.. Pattabhi Sitaramayya, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, N G Ranga, P V Narasimha Rao, Venkayya Naidu.. if we have to learn anything from them, its their ability to communicate and articulate in Hindi that made them leaders pan India. No doubt CBN is a tall leader. Even with communication issues, he could rally political parties and leaders. Imagine, with a hindi tongue what he could have achieved.
  5. anthe kaadu. TDP ki vyatireka vote bank unna chota koodaa okkOsaari candidate batti vote swing chaalaa favor ga jargutundi. Unlike in 2009, This time TDP has strong leaders like Jyotula, Thota etc who try their best to retain their vote bank and send signals across the district. The good thing about people(also kapus) in general from Godavari is they think and decide whom to vote based on who does what. They don't decide based on hatred/emotions alone. Though caste polarization is there, the region has sub-regions where each community is dominant in their own way and they don't try to assert or encroach their power in other regions. If TDP doesn't get 25+ seats in Godavari, I believe it's not kapus but eroding BC vote bank is the reason.
  6. Godavari jillaala kapullo TDP saanukula vote bank undi. TDP vyatireka vote bank undi. TDP vyatireka vote bank YCP and JS ki madhya split ayinanta, TDP sanukula vote TDP ki JS ki split avvadu. prajarajyam effect+kapu corporation+reservation koodaa vaallani JS vaipu ki vellakundaa chestundi. Krishna+Guntur lo TDP saanukula vote bank chaalaa takkuva. vyatireka vote bank ippati daakaa Congress/YCP chetillo undi. ippudu YCP/JS madhya split avutundi. small % Krishna lo schemes+capital+Radha effect valla TDP vaipuki vacchaaru.
  7. I noticed India map shared by someone that shows mobile manufacturing state wise. Can you please share or post it here?
  8. Another thing is intention. CBN didn't start these ports or other infrastructure projects to mint money for himself. On the other hand, YSR did start Polavaram but his intention and the way he executed them was different.
  9. No doubt it is vision and work of CBN in the first place, that is bearing the fruits now. If he didn't do it, it would have taken few more decades. It is actually in resonance with his Vision 2020 to improve AP infrastructure drastically, he went aggressive about roads and ports. It adds to confusion that unlike kakinada and gangavaram ports, krishnapatnam guys didn't mention the history in their website. http://www.gangavaram.com/about-port.htm http://kakinadaseaports.in/?page_id=6 Another source that mentions brief story of KPCL https://www.bseindia.com/downloads/ipo/200933116251KPCL-Disclosure Document -Final.pdf In consonance with the programme of liberalization, State Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) had invited bids from private sector parties for the development of four minor ports in the State, including Krishnapatnam Port, on Build, Operate, Share & Transfer (BOST) basis. GoAP accepted the offer for development of Krishnapatnam Port by the NATCO group-led consortium. GoAP & the NATCO Group of Companies have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in this regard on March 10, 1996. On 15th March 1996, NATCO Group of Companies incorporated Krishnapatnam Port Company Ltd. (KPCL) as a Special Purpose Company (SPC) for the development of the Port. Subsequently the Concession Agreement (CA) was executed between GoAP & KPCL on January 4, 1997. KPCL requested GoAP for certain amendments in agreement in order to make the project bankable and in line with other port concessions given to private developers in the state. GoAP has agreed to certain amendments to the agreement dtd. 04/01/1997. GoAP has approved the DPR on 25/06/1999. The DPR was revised by KPCL and submitted to GoAP on 07/04/2003. Subsequently, the revised CA was executed between KPCL & GoAP on September 17, 2004. Subsequently, the NAVAYUGA Group has joined the consortium as a majority partner. Another source: http://media1.autohaus.de/fm/3576/9909991394updateportsector.pdf Status of Privatized Ports (i) Kakinada Deep Water Port was privatized in March 1999 to M/S ISPL on OMST terms for 20 years. (ii) Krishnapatnam Port was privatized in Jan 1997 on BOOT terms to M/S Krishnapatnam Port Company Ltd.(NATCO) for 30 years. Revised agreement was signed on 17-9-2004. Navayuga Engineering Company has taken 74% equity stake in KPCL and NATCO 26%. (iii) Gangavaram Port was privatized in August, 2003 for development of Deep Water Port on BOOT terms initially for 30 years. The port has started handling cargo.