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    Kumbk got a reaction from baggie in DAGGU family   
    There are no permanent friends or enemies in politics. We need a bigger tent and if true should welcome this. Creating an alternative power center to CBN at this time is not feasible, so no need to worry on that aspect.
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    Kumbk got a reaction from uppalapati123 in Encounter   
    My opinion may seem counter to the popular opinion, but this is not the way to go. Better strengthen the system rather than taking these short cuts. In a year or two, this whole incident will fade out from peoples' memory and another may take place somewhere.
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    Kumbk reacted to Vinod NKR in A man with golden heart   
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    Kumbk reacted to APDevFreak in dengue   
    Anyways your wish.  stay alert and don't take even cold for granted.
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    Kumbk reacted to Prasadr in dengue   
    Make sure to cover hands and legs and wear socks. Apply mosquito repellent cream to face and don't go outside after 4 PM and before 8 am. 
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    Kumbk reacted to sskmaestro in dengue   
    Use Odomos creams brother..... cheap and effective 
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    Kumbk reacted to sskmaestro in Ap people   
    Kasepu loss for AP and TDP pakkana pedadaamu.....
    do do you really think the present youth will realize that they made a mistake by voting Jagan ? Ego addu vastundi.... 
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    Kumbk reacted to Raaz@NBK in Ap people   
    Totally agree with TS but Konni CBN mistakes kuda vunnai.. Capital lands vishayam lo emaina problem vasthe CBN ni approach ayithe years tarabadi nanchadam.. 
    Okayanaki 5 acres land problem vundhi.. He approached CBN and explained everything.. CBN said don't worry I will clear ur issue ani.. Ala around 2 years tirigi tirigi pani avakapoyesariki elections ki 6 months mundhu YCP loki velipoyadu.. 
    Ma sontha Babai valavi 4 small plots South facing vachai.. South facing ki vuriki oka 20-30 plots vachai.. CBN ni kalisaaru.. Maruddhamu ani maata icharu.. Concern department valaki directions icharu.. But still maraledhu.. But ma babai valu still TDP ke vote vesaru.. But others ala kadhu kadha.. Vallaku mandi YCP ki vesaru votes.. 
    Govt officers link documents leni farmers lands medha paddaru.. Kontha mandhivi 1960 taruvata registration ayi vundi link documents levu.. Ante 1960 ki mundhu evari peru medha vunnayo teliyadhu.. Ee Govt employees evarno okarni pilipinchadam ee lands me parents/grand parents ve ani cheppadam vala chetha court lo case veyinchadam etc etc penta panulu chesaru.. CBN dagaraki vellaru ayina pani avvaledhu.. 
    CBN made One of the promise Ekkadi bhuumulu akkade isthamu.. That means zaribu lands teesukune vala dagara Zareebu lone plot isthaanu.. Metta valaki metta lone plot isthanu ani promise chesadu.. Theera Zareebu lo land ichina farmers ki Metta lo lands icharu including my family plots.. Eppudo years (maybe decades) back Kuntallo, cheruvullo vunna lands krishna nadhi pravahaniki matti kottukupoyina valaki (Majority of then were SC/ST)  Zareebu land lo plots icharu.. Most of the farmers felt that the were cheated by CBN. Ala ani aa SC/ST batch CBN ki vote vesara ante adhi ledhu poyi YSRCP ki vesaru.. 
    Ivi kakunda Grama kantala issue ni solve cheyyakunda years ga nanchaaru.. Easy ga decisions teesukovalsina issues kuda years ga nanchadam valla farmers fedup with Govt.. 
    Prati village lo CRDA office lo Govt employees farmers tho rude ga behave cheyyadam.. Small farmers ni Purugulla and adukunevallu laga chudadam.. Idhe DB lo chala sarlu cheppa.. Govt employees ee CBN kompa munchutaaru ani.. 
    Inko 3-4 negative points vunnai.. Exact ga gurthu ravadam ledhu ippudu.. Ivanni Negatives ee.. 
    Still ee Negatives anni dhaatukuni only Thulluru mandal lo TDP 6500 votes majority vachindhi.. Only  20 capital villages are only in thulluru mandal remaining villages under Mangalagiri and Tadikonda mandal.. 
    Ma village lo 1500 votes majority ravalasindhi out of 5000 only 238 votes majority vachindhi.. (polling % around 80% anukunta).. Village lo EVM manipulation emo ani anukuntunnaru.. 
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    Kumbk reacted to ravindras in రాజధానిపై మీ వైఖరేంటి?ఏర్పాటు చేయకపోతే మీచేత మేమే చేయించి చూపిస్తాం   
    Best thing people can do is to stop constructing houses. Stop purchasing luxury items like cars. We need to Purchase only necessiry items. Stop drinking liquor. Control smoking habit. Use public transport wherever possible Instead of private vehicles to save fuel. Stop investing in realestate. Once you do these things gst and excise revenue of state will decrease. It will affect freebies. Some people in state thinking that it is their birth right to get freebies.
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    Kumbk reacted to sskmaestro in ఆర్టీసీ వాళ్లకు బుద్ధి, జ్ఞానం ఉందా? KCR   
    Simple example..... when something is in litigation, you cannot change its status drastically. RTC ni Jagan gadu govt lo vileenam chesaadu..... he didn’t even make a whisper on the asset sharing. Now KCR diverged this whole tactic into RTC strike and moving towards RTC closure and finally privatization at 100%
    benefits for KCR
    1. No one will be bothered about the asset sharing. 
    2. All these assets will be wholesaled by TS
    3. RTC privatization means commissions every month from private travels. (Golden egg laying goose for TS politicians) 
    4. Media lo he is iron man with platinum balls ani publicity 
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    Kumbk reacted to KING007 in New proverbs on jaffa....   
    ఏపీకి మా అన్నియ కి సరిగ్గా సూటయ్యే తాజా సామెతలు
    మింగలేక మంగళవారం, రాలేక శుక్రవారం
    ప్రజావేదిక కూల్చినమ్మ..పోలవరం కడతానన్నట్టు..
    రూపాయి ముఖ్యమంత్రికి కోటి రూపాయల సలహాదారులు
    మోదీకి లేక రిజర్వ్ బ్యాంకుని అడుక్కుంటుంటే.. జగనొచ్చి లచ్చ కోట్లు కావాలన్నాడట
    రూపాయి రేషన్ బియ్యం లాభం పది రూపాయల సంచికి గూబం
    అన్నక్యాంటీన్లలో మింగ మెతుకులేదుకానీ.. అన్నింటికీ మూడురంగులట
    తోచీ తోచని ఆంధ్ర సీఎం.. తెలంగాణ సీఎం ఇంటికెళ్లాడట.
    ఇంట్లో కరెంటు కోత ..వీధిలో రంగుల పూత
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    Kumbk reacted to sonykongara in Amaravati