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  1. Based on high growth rate, I too thought TDP could come into power. But it is very hard to make people see the connection between stable income and CBN. On the other hand it is very easy to believe lies. Many people grudge the rise in real estate wealth with the out of state money pouring into Andhra during TDP regime. But they didn't realize that real estate money was providing them livelihood indirectly. Anyhow it is the duty of the parties to paint their opposition negatively and project themselves positively whatever the reality is. In that TDP failed last time. We didn't understand the modern behavioral science employed by PK (yes these tactics are taught in marketing classes) and it was too late. For next elections, TDP should change tactics. CBN should delegate and take help instead of trying to be everything for everyone. There is no use blaming people. Thats a self-defeating tactic. Instead we should try better techniques to reach out to people.
  2. In my opinion, its before 2018 itself, probably by mid-2017 or late 2017. My T-friends were getting -ve posts on Amaravati in whatsapp and they used to discuss them as if they were true. They all, even though highly educated, believed YCP propaganda of no work done in Amaravathi. And they believed it because the messages in WA looked like from intellectuals without any connection to YCP. So if Telugu NRIs with no connection to YCP (not the same caste, not the same state, no emotional investment to YCP) could believe YCP propaganda, it is no wonder Andhra people believed it. PK created multiple memes on TDP failure and released them into whatsapp, twitter, and facebook. Then people circulated them according to their preferences. Highly educated circulated lies on Amaravathi graphics. Daily workers circulated manufactured jokes on Lokesh. Each caste circulated different videos, but all showing TDP in -ve light. On top of it, there is an emotional appeal of one chance.
  3. Simple fact is that logo is making the video not reach the people. Majority will discredit the video as propaganda and won't even watch the video. Pani chesaka credit techukovatam veru, credit kosame pani chestunnaru ani janalu feel avvatam veru. YCP social media propaganda lo ekkada vaalla handa unnatte teliyadhu. Andhuke their propaganda reached everyone. In everything we do in life, small details matter.
  4. I feel the best thing is to split once again. Andhra and RS doesn't have much in common. Plus there is no financial binding also. RS guys first move to neighboring state capitals before coming to Andhra. The only draw back is we become smaller and loose more political clout. KG districts were left out of development since the formation of Andhra in 50s. If unshackled, these districts will propel forward with the sheer amount of capital that can flow-in from the diaspora.
  5. Thanks everyone for your wishes. She was a fun kid and it was a joy with her around when she was a kid. But I lost touch with her after I moved to USA. But my wife says she was still the same person after becoming adult. On a related note, few days ago, one of my cousins and incidentally neighbors to the affected family also found +ve separately in Hyd. Situation in India is rapidly deteriorating. Ten days ago, I suddenly brought my 3 year old daughter stuck in India back to USA. Everyone in USA was questioning my sudden decision (mainly due to the long duration flight). But I think it was a right decision. I believe my daughter barely escaped from the worsening situation. All I can say is pathetic leadership (and to an extent public too) in India at all levels.
  6. Yes. My niece... They quarantined the whole street after she was diagnosed +ve. Chiluvuru is my mom's village.
  7. The worse thing is she came to India from Singapore for the delivery. I didn't understand the logic behind this decision except for the traditional way of doing things.
  8. The infant is fine (for the time being). The infant was immediately placed under the care of paternal grandmother. My niece was with her family for the last few months. My mom stuck at our home in VJA is feeling sad because none are able to visit/help the family at this time. We are not even sure how the cremation will go.
  9. My niece (around 25 years of age) from a village near Tenali died yesterday due to Corona. She was pregnant and diagnosed with covid few days before delivery. A nurse (came in contact during pregnancy related visits) passed it to her and she was tested and found positive after the nurse was identified positive. After delivery she had issues with her breath and her body couldn't fight the virus. I used to play with her when she was a kid.
  10. My niece (around 25 years of age) from a village near Tenali died yesterday due to Corona. She was pregnant and diagnosed with covid few days before delivery. After delivery she had issues with her breadth and her body couldn't fight the virus.
  11. Idedho AMTZ lo pettisthe poyedhi. AMTZ ki boost vachedhi.