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  1. Gap thaggiyitam lo thappu ledu gani, over-enthusiasm tho vere castes, especially BCs, lo jealousy vache tatlu chesaru. Ee db lone chala mandhiki kaalindhi. I personally feel CBN steps were correct in intention. But aa over-enthusiam tho he got bad rep for some actions (like AMVT) and some his steps looked weak, insecure, and immature (like over the top praising BJP leadership initially and over-the-top criticizing at the later part of his term). This made him look bad among neutrals. I personally saw many of my neutral friends move away over the 5 years. CBN is not and never was a mass leader. His attempts to emotionally engage the voters with over the top actions (or athi) didn't work out. He should have stuck to his strengths and project comfort and confidence. He tried to over-correct from his mistakes of 99-04.
  2. Politics wise, loans and corporations are also not a good idea. In last term, CBN should have stuck to few schemes with big ROI like farmer loan waiver. He was trying to please everyone and ended up diluting everything.
  3. Adhi kadhule. Ikkada mostly dual income couples untaru. With kids free time chala thakkuva vuntundhi. Its not easy unless one has a stable income with lot of free time. Even with single income and one spouse free, motivating the idle spouse (typically a lady) towards politics is not an easy task. Other than few well settled people, most people in US, including me, can only share WA forwards, facebook posts, or YT videos in our limited free times.
  4. The problem is not with the people per se, but with the onerous framework of rules. In USA, one gets a birth certificate and SSN within a month or two after birth, which can be used for everything. For example, getting a USA passport is a simple affair in USA. You go to post-office and apply with the birth certificate. To get the same Indian passport, whether in USA or in India, you have to submit so many forms and the whole process is so complicated. Also to register for 10th class (or Inter, I fogort), I had to get a certificate from MRO. The govt. in India intervenes at every step of your life and make your life more complicated than necessary. If you abide by the rules, your life will come to a stand still. I think the main problem is systems (read documenting people) were never strong in India. At our time, registering births was not common. The correct course of action would be strengthen the back-end processes and leave the people alone. I am guessing successive govts are working towards that, but still a lot is left to do. Also the thinking of Indian govts that all people are crooks by nature is not helping.
  5. +1. However instead of calling them haters, I'd say, its a natural feeling innate in people. Babu should have stuck to traditional channels & modalities in doling out freebies instead of introducing new modalities like loans & committees. Loans such as those for foreign education was also a bad idea politically and morally. Very few got great benefit at a high cost to the govt. These loans, while truly helpful to those who benefited, didn't generate any +ve political mileage. Law of unintended consequences. The thing I learned from this election is most of the society is not ready for a big change that comes with quick growth. And touting of the growth story by govt. and by the benefited people adds fuel to the jealousy. Though it sounds illogical, I think the best course of action is to do development quietly and enable MLAs to connect with people by giving more powers to MLAs. Those who care about the development will notice it whether the govt. publicizes or not.
  6. On this point I agree. I believe people, at least in Krishna and Guntur, are fed up with lack of economic activity. I am guessing the situation is same everywhere in Andhra. It is imperative we have to turn them to our side. Invest in social media and traditional (TV channels) with a long term plan. Not just the short-term over the top marketing content with TDP and CBN logos, which doesn't reach many people. Plan to generate targeted content to cater to each segment (read caste) and try to channelize the day-to-day frustrations of people against YCP. This will generate the required swing silently. Someone, please let CBN know that frequent press meets with solutions to current problems are not helpful. He is not the CM any more, but is getting exposed. He was already over-exposed and that is not good in terms of behavioral marketing. Micro-management is his bane. He needs to learn how to delegate. Ask the secondary leadership to take over the media management (of course those with the required talent).
  7. Idedho AMTZ lo pettisthe poyedhi. AMTZ ki boost vachedhi.