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  1. Looks like she wields enormous influence on Twitter content. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/10/28/twitter-vijaya-gadde-free-speech-policies-technology-social-media-429221
  2. Title choodagane content correct ga guess chesa
  3. Frankly, the elections were an eye-opener to me. These were the first I tracked seriously and also it was the longest stretch (2014-2019) where I followed Andhra politics mainly due to Andhra bifurcation. There are some similarities to BJP loss in 2004 to TDP loss in 2019. Both govts focused on improving the economic conditions of the general populace though it won't appear like that to comman man. And the marketing of the govts both time was bad. Instead of being humble, both govts. went over the top which actually alienated neutrals. Few things that could serve as indicators regarding 2019 election outcome: 1) Pretty much every party was an opponent to TDP. 2) Even old-timers shifted loyalties before elections. 3) CBN defensive game through out the ruling But I thought with such a GDP growth rate TDP could come into power because there were no major reasons for people to be unhappy. However the opposition manufactured many crises be it religion-wise, caste-wise, or region-wise, and did a ground-breaking SM attack. Sadly it worked.
  4. Why is it fair whether imposed by SEBI or govt?
  5. I am not talking about the votes, but the financial backing and leadership. I am suspecting they are not guaranteed after 5-10 years. Most of the Kammas with the drive and energy are not living within in the state, but out of the state. Most of them are not even feeling affinity towards Andhra.
  6. I don't think this will be a permanent shift if at all it is true. Its very hard to compete with private schools whatever the govt. (be it TDP or YCP) does.
  7. To be honest, most of the Kamma youth are out of the state. The ones left in AP are either old or the few who didn't study well. So banking on Kammas is not going to be viable for TDP in the future. TDP need to be owned by some other sections. TDP could try to apply the social engineering tactics of BJP in AP SC's to dent the YCP lead in SCs. Giving majority of the representation to BCs would help it to meet the aspirations of new gen people left in AP. CBN should stop trying to appease every section of the populace and instead should focus on establishing a core-vote bank by focusing on social-engineering. His development agenda won't make anyone a hardcore fan, but rather a transactional fan.
  8. We had core vote bank when NTR was alive. Vestiges of it is still there, but the emotional connect is mostly gone. You rarely find die-hard fans anymore even in Kammas. I believe TDP should find an emotional thing or a relatable person that will serve as a battle cry to rally the masses behind TDP.
  9. I was still not eligible to vote at that time, but remember the euphoria surrounding BJP mainly due to the +ve factor of Vajpayee. I think BJP genuinely won on its own at that time.
  10. When HD or toyota or GM or Ford entered India, India had great promise. The rising middle class and the increasing wealth of the people naturally creates demand for luxury products. China has become the biggest market for luxury products in the last two decades. On the other hand, the last 6 years saw Indian economy regressing. Demand, not only for luxury vehicles but also for normal motorcycles and cars, was contracting even before covid.
  11. For you https://www.bloombergquint.com/business/toyota-halts-india-expansion-blaming-we-don-t-want-you-taxes#:~:text=Dhiraj Singh%2FBloomberg-,Toyota Halts India Expansion%2C Blaming 'We,Don't Want You' Taxes&text=(Bloomberg) -- Toyota Motor Corp,on by the coronavirus pandemic Modi license raj era tactics tho economy ni nakinchesthunnadu.
  12. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/25/business/harley-davidson-india-exit/index.html
  13. This can happen only if MNCs form cartels. US and EU impose world-wide jurisdiction on the MNCs that operate in their country and they won't allow such tactics. So most of the executives of MNCs don't do it these days to escape punishment from their govts. So they are most of the times better than gujju middlemen.
  14. IMO, this bill is inevitable. In all developed countries agriculture is a part of commodities business. The bill is removing the trade barriers. Though I like the intent behind the bill, I doubt Modi's capability of proper implementation. In the end they will subvert into another money grabbing oppurtunity for gujju's.
  15. Forget about how some people are not impacted by this. TDP should highlight it and spread it to the people who are getting impacted by it. But as nice guy said, I am loosing interest in AP politics again since most don't care about development. I won't even feel sad/bad even if TDP never wins again.