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  1. Don't give irresponsible statements. It is affecting whole country.
  2. Out of 30 , 14 positive, 10 negative, 6 waiting for medical test report
  3. Nizamuddin lo masjid meeting vellina vaariki vachindhi https://www.eenadu.net/mukyamshalu/mainnews/general/27/220057788
  4. I don't think central government cut employees salaries. Central can borrow as per necessity. Currently state can borrow upto 3.5 percent of state GDP in each fiscal year. states need center permission to borrow more.
  5. https://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/mumbai/maharashtra-govt-announces-pay-cut/article31215268.ece
  6. From second term onwards Kcr become tough towards employees. He didn't give IR, DA, PRC. He realised that employees never loyal towards ruler. If he spend same amount for other people he will get more votes . Jagan also following same strategy. Do-g tail can't be straightened. We can't expect loyalty from some sections of people. Politician can ignore non loyal people. Politician should able to identify potential&existing loyal voters and take care their small needs.
  7. PRC implement chesi employees salary double cheyyamante Kcr half chesaadu 🤣
  8. Okkasaari queue lo nunchunte janaalaku dhoola theeripothunthundhi. Veedu per month 3 times rammantunnaadu. Okkasaare 15 kgs per person ivvavachu kadhaa .
  9. Difference between India and Pakistan. 1. Building strategic institutions useful for long-term country goals. Giving required funding and protecting independence of institutions. 2. Non interference of religion in state and other institutions functioning. 3. Naming and motto of institutions resonates purpose of job. Example bsf: border security force motto of bsf: duty until death. Fortunately we got great visionaries like Vikram Sarabhai, homi Jahangir bhabha, JRD Tata, ms swaminathan, mokshagundam visweswaraiah etc. These people laid solid foundations in different fields. Successive prime ministers listen to the advice of these visionaries and gave necessary support for building institutions . They built necessary infra for providing food security. They never seek publicity for their work. They did justice to their job. We are enjoying the fruits of work done by our early generation. Still lot of work needs to be done for providing food security. Indian population projected between 170 and 200 crore. Unfortunately current generation politicians and people believe in personal gain. They believe in show off. Policy makers wasting money on misplaced priorities. People looking for freebies. Unless this trend is changed country will doomed. Whoever become cm or pm it won't make any difference. taxpayers worrying about wastage of money. Atleast from now onwards taxpayers have to start online campaign on priorities to build nation.
  10. Let them do whatever they want. During Kashmir lockdown many drug addicts faced same problem.
  11. Mana karma. Inthaku mundhu videos lo same problem. Video choose vaadiki viralthi vasthundhi. Konni saarlu cbn voice ni bgm dominate chesthundhi. Cbn Emi chebuthunnado ardham kaadhu. Video editor job ni konchem common sense vunna vaadiki ivvaali
  12. Corona impotency meedha sunny leone tho advertisement thiyyaali. Dhaanini anni languages lo dub chesi anni channels lo veyyaali. Manavaallu bhayam tho ayinaa lockdown follow avuthaaru