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  1. 2026 lo mp seats population basis tho periguthaayi . appudu north india lo win ayithe chaalu pm avuthaaru. South India influence will become zero at national level.
  2. country level lo Public works ki cement thakkuva rate ki isthunnaaru. South India cement price for public works 230 rupees per 50 kg bag https://www.thehindu.com/business/Industry/cement-firms-reject-cartel-charge-urge-realty-price-cut/article33561434.ece
  3. Government works kosam thakkuva price ki cement isthunnaaru. Private market ki ishtam vachinatlu penchuthunnaaru.
  4. minimum donation 1 rupee. bhim upi app vachaaka digital transactions easy ayyaayi.
  5. https://www.telugu360.com/te/jagans-plan-of-action-after-hc-verdict-on-insider-trading/
  6. More than 50,000 ayithe aduguthaaru. Neeku tax benefit vuntundhi
  7. Vaadi target labour votes. Middle class people houses kattadam/konadam manesthe chaalu. Annee set avuthaayi. Labour ki work dorakakapothe vaalle jagga ki against avuthaaru. Cement, sand prices thagguthaayi.
  8. own logics tho convincing answer ichaadu. anchors irritating questions vesinaa correct answer cheppaali. idream nagaraju ki bharath ichina answer koodaa super gaa vuntaayi. People with commonsense can understand intention of anchor
  9. speech : self -> crony capitalists -> party -> nation action : change direction of arrows
  10. Idli thini elakitthalaa podukone vaadiki state president ichaaru