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  1. i love the way eenadu present the content with facts. it won't add any masala .
  2. kasaayi vaadu jaali choopisthaadu anukovadam gorre porapaatu
  3. Vinevaadu vp ayithe pandhi puraanam cheppindhanta. Ee paid artists videos ni choodatam maneyyandi chaalu. Adhi possible kaakapothe veellaku counter gaa Manam koodaa paid artists ni vadhalaali
  4. i am going to do it . its just suggestion. if we count the no of direct tax payers they are less than 1% . they don't have control over election results. i am against freebees, higher salaries to government employees, unviable vanity projects at the whims of politicians. previously i worried a lot about these issues. finally i gave up. why should we loose our peace of mind by worrying about things beyond our control ?
  5. @Raaz@NBK bro, if possible cbn tho @Godavari ni meet ayyelaa cheyyandi. Eeyana ideas, caste calculations TDP ki use avuthaayi.
  6. ika ap ni marchipovachu. vote koodaa veyyanu.
  7. Tughlaq ki vote vesina vaari inkaa keka
  8. Harmonal issues vundavachu. Maa sarpanch brother's daughter 14 years ki 6 feet ki perigindhi. Doctors emi cheyyalemannaaru. Vaalla family lo evaru antha height leru. Konni menarikam valla genetic problems vuntaayi
  9. CBN ki edho saapam vundhi. CBN daggara benefit pondhinavaaru cbn ke hand isthaaru
  10. It is like anna hazare movement against corruption