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  1. voter decide ayithe cs nu marchinaa, dgp, ci, sp ni marchinaa emi peekaleru . polling booth daggara alert gaa vunte chaalu
  2. power is not tough to generate in coastal andhra . ap can setup power plants near ports . in nellore there was plant to setup upto 28,000 mw near krishnapatnam port but due to some issues all the approved plants are not commissioned http://www.krishnapatnamport.com/projects_around.html if we setup power plants near ports , it will reduce coal transportation charges . coal from orissa can be transport upto orissa ports through rail . from orissa port we can transport coal to ap through sea. another requirement for thermal power plants is water . power plant can use water near by canals or sea. coastal andhra can be self sufficient in water and power.
  3. @Npower your wish fulfilled . cbn hit sixer in 50th over.
  4. https://www.gulte.com/news/74756/Conspiracy-Bus-tickets-from-Telangana-to-AP-cancelled
  5. janmabhoomi lanti intercity trains enni vunnaayi. vaatilo travel cheyyochu kadhaaa koddhigaa incovenience ayinaa
  6. avasaram ayithe telangana ap border varaku cars book chesukovaali. ap border nunchi buses veyyavachu
  7. vaallu corrupt ayinaa kaakapoyinaa manaku kaavaalsindhi vaaari votelu
  8. idhi whatsapp,fb,twitter lo tippandi
  9. sakshi pays 30 crores to ndtv yearly to write editorials in sakshi
  10. congress agents ki tdp agents ki polikaa.