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  1. telangana looking for herd immunity https://www.deccanchronicle.com/science/science/080720/spanish-study-on-herd-immunity-indicates-telangana-is-chasing-a-mirage.html
  2. ysr hayaam lo , venkat rami reddy appsc chairman gaa vunnappudu interview lo reddy ki okalaa , non-reddy ki marolaa marks vesaaru. bc sangam rti dwaraa marks details(written test, interview) telusukuni court lo case vesaaru. intervew lo candidate vyakthithvam choosi marks vesthaam ani appsc chairman reply ichaadu. issue closed.
  3. https://www.deccanchronicle.com/nation/current-affairs/070720/newspaper-booked-for-false-report-on-cm.html
  4. https://www.rediff.com/business/slide-show/slide-show-1-meet-the-man-behind-indias-genome-valley/20110107.htm
  5. let us pray for its success . whole world depend on it.
  6. same problem with pulses , oil seeds, palmolin oil.
  7. i vexed with photo op and selfie mania of b-0di. he is spoiling national interest for political benefit. he doesn't know how to conduct diplomacy. diplomacy should be done in quite manner. chest thumping doesn't work in present scenario. let diplomats do their job. later military will act based on necessity. why to give open statements in the middle of crucial discussions.
  8. @Dr.Koneru govindu spamming politics section. please don't allow @Govindu in politics section.
  9. i agree. it is bjp mistake. during mms time our response is weak towards pakistan also . mms dealt china in silent manner. even bjp provoked mms , mms ignored it. bjp should follow manmohan script in handling china. bjp should ignore rahul gandhi like cry baby. as pakistan keep on provoking india, bjp using that issue for its political gain. when nehru in back channel discussion with china on border, vajpayee mocked nehru. the person in ruling should ignore opposition when he thinks his decision is right. most of the opposition politicians try to mislead ruling members. its choice of ruler how to react. even if all opposition provoke pm , pm should keep quite and get some breathing space to deal with china.
  10. sensitive discussions will be done through back channel. indian government appointed group which includes experts from defence, home, external, financial to discuss matters with china. meanwhile india moving troops to border for emergency. it is better handle matter silently. rahul gandhi acting like childish . he is provoking our government through his useless statements. more rahul gandhi talks more he lose credibility.
  11. contract LP ki ivvaledhani baagaa hurt ayinatlu vunnaaru. thankgod NTR is not alive to see fans like you. no family accept lapaaki as their heir.