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  1. godavari meedha kattina kaleshwaram tho loss ledhu . palamuru-rangareddy lift irrigation and dindi augmentation complete ayithe manaku music start avuthaadhi . srisailam nunchi daily 2 tmc/day lift chesthaaru. karntakata alamatti height penchithe srisailam reservoir ki luck vunte october lo water vasthaayi. lekapothe asalu water raavu. everything depends on varuna reddy alias rain-god.
  2. we can follow china model. no elections better than rigged elections.
  3. i support this idea. leaders can focus on development instead of freebees. eligible age to become pm/cm between 30 and 45 years
  4. 8 am to 5 pm agriculture ki ichi , houses ki theesesthe inkaa manchidhi. janaalu alavaatu padipothaaru. industries + commerical ki 24/7 ivvaali . discoms financial gaa strengthen avuthaayi.
  5. super star krishna brother adiseshagiri rao thana own land lo house+party office kattinchi jagan ki free gaa ichaadu.
  6. adhe continue cheyyi bro. please don''t use pk/modi/jaffa gif . we can't bear their overaction
  7. one facility he will get in the jail is male male . male rapes are highest in those jails
  8. cbn party ni handover chesukunnappudu, butchaiah NTR & LP vargam lo vunnaadu. yanamala tho eeyanaku differences vunnaayi. 2014 lo butchaiah ki ticket ivvakundaa cheyyadaaniki try chesaaru. fire vunnavaallandharu gelichaaru . except dhulipala narendra
  9. don't come to conclusion within a month. if rains are good in these 5 years he will retain cm seat otherwise tdp will win . drought definitely affects voting.
  10. we need to gather his mistakes for some time . let his mistakes accumulate for first 3 years . we have to show their mistakes to people in last 2 years aggressively. people memory is short , we have to remind them in last 2 years.
  11. mrugaalaki kavalsindhi food, water, shelter, orgasm . orgasm vunte migilinavannee marchipothaayi. manushulaku janthuvulaku vunna thedaa vichakshana jnaanam(edhi mancho edhi chedo chebuthundhi). adhi lenappudu manishi maro mrugam maathrame.
  12. we may not like some things which are happening in this world . if we worry about them we loose our peace of mind. ignorance is bliss
  13. india has 1/3 of world cattle population . india is no 1 in beef exports. its individual choice what to eat what not to eat. human body absorbs protein from animals meat and eggs better than vegetarian food. people who do physical work needs to eat non veg as they require lot of stamina to complete the given work. people who don't do physical labor have choice . they can eat veg or non veg. some people converted to veg as they want to reduce their weight. veg food digest easily compare to non-veg food. veg food has more fiber content which helps in cleaning our bowel system. https://thomsonsafaris.com/blog/traditional-maasai-diet-blood-milk/ in african country people take blood from vein/nerve of cow and mix with cow milk . they boil and drink it as blood-milk shake. its upto us what to care and what to ignore. ignorance is bliss .