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  1. karnataka bjp win

    what about tina(there is no alternative) factor . people may choose modi rather than unknown pm candidate .
  2. survey source ekkadidi?
  3. kapunadu president warns pawan

  4. happy bday devansh

    devansh manchi handsome gaa vunnaadu
  5. https://www.ap7am.com/flash-news-607753-telugu.html
  6. people reactions to pavan listen -> laugh -> ignore
  7. BJP Game plan

    one fan creates rumor his friends circulate rumor
  8. naaku ardham kaaledu, "chalamandi" anedi sollu ani mee meaningaa ?
  9. evaru aa "chalamandi" . kapu caste leaders or pk fans
  10. PK or A2 strategy worked?

    bjp early election velle chance vundaa?
  11. Why NCM?? What is the Use

    do you fight with disabled or old people who can't walk? do you argue with deaf and dumb person? do you show nature beauty to blind person? i don't think so, no sane person will do that
  12. Why NCM?? What is the Use

    kcr deeksha chesthe rosayya hospital ki pampi mistake chesaadu. jagan deeksha chesthe cbn pattinchukoledu. pk deeksha chesina pattinchukokundaa vadileyyadame manchidi. vaadiki vade bathakalani aasha putti deeksha viramisthaadu.