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  1. kulam lo vaariki, relatives, friends, ki help cheyyadam lo thappu ledhu. ee system kotha kaadhu. hyderabad lo hostels koodaa vunnaayi. sc,st,bc ki government help chesthundhi. upper caste evariki vaaru help chesukovaali.
  2. Nenu eppudu cbn ap raavaali analedhu. CBN and his family safety important.
  3. Corona time lo vellaalaa? Video call chesthe saripodhaa?
  4. Under cbn rule teachers got more salary , doctors got less salary. Contract doctors salary was around 30k per month. They have to see 100 outpatients per day apart from helping senior doctors in surgeries . Patients couldn't get proper attention due to overload on doctors. Salary should be based on importance and complexity of job . Jagan hiked salaries of doctors, nurses. He said he will hire more doctors . I am not sure whether he hired more staff in hospitals. Wrong priorities, appeasement of wrong sections, micro management, I know everything attitude dragged down cbn.
  5. Polavaram project complete avuthundhi. R&R avvadhu.
  6. Convert ayyinavaallu chese overaction bharinchadam kashtam. Vaallu migilina Hindus ni convert cheyyadaaniki try chesthaaru. Same caste ayinaa Hindus ni Pelli chesukoru. Intercaste ayinaa Christians ni Pelli chesukuntaaru. Pelli chesukunte vaalla matham loki maaraalantaaru.
  7. Ee appu ap prajalu elaa theerusthaaru. Petroleum, liquor, real estate, vehicle registration are in state control
  8. TDP on right track. Watch yesterday cbn speech. He targeted jagan and ignored bjp.Now TDP cadre and social media needs to educate masses about bjp and ycp hidden agenda
  9. 1994 elections rough gaa 6 months mundhu ntr edho statement ichaadu. Aa news Doordarshan lo vachindhi. Maa village lo ladies saaraa batteelu vethiki thagalabettevaaru, nenu koodaa vellaanu. Maa thatha Rajahmundry ntr meeting ki vellaadu. Akkada full gaa janam vunnaarannaadu. Daggaralo sugar cane panta vunte motham janaalu thinesaaru annaadu. Rajahmundry lo ntr, lakshmi Parvathi kalisi vunna photos konnaadu. Mahaathalli ntr aarogyaanni kaapaadindhi annaadu. Aa time lo Nenu 5th class chadhuvutnnaanu. School lo palaka meedha ntr ni bhaaree majority tho gelipinchamani edho raasaanu. Teacher neekendhukuraa raajakeeyaalu ani thittindhi. Aa time lo TDP kaaryaalayaaniki velli ntr badge theesukuni shirt jebu mundhu pettukuni tirige vaallam. Election counting night dooradarshan lo padmanabham "sri sri sri maryada Ramanna" movie vesi madhyalo results cheppaaru. Naaku nidhra madhyalo melakuva vachi choose vaadini. Maa naanna, thatha raathri mottham melakuva gaa vunnaaru.
  10. TDP can continue current policy. It just have to fight issues as they come. It can protests on demolition of idols, temples etc without uttering word against other religions. It should stress religion harmony for peace and development of state. It should expose hidden agenda of bjp, ycp through all possible means. At the end people who hate conversions will vote to TDP instead of bjp . In ap people choose TDP or ycp as they know bjp, pk can't get deposits. Even pk fans won't vote to pk. 2019 election results bust myth of pk. TDP particularly CBN should ignore pk, bjp. TDP needs to remind people that it is only alternative for better governance . If people want to overthrow ycp they will ignore pk, bjp and vote to TDP. Winning perception battle matters. Lokesh can learn from jagan in handling government employees and other agitating sections. In politics appeasement(savaradheetha) of disloyal people doesn't work.
  11. Keep that thumbnail. Tdpians, ycpians watch video. Some pk fans watch out of curiosity. Change channel name from amaravathi to andhra to get more views
  12. They will increase time for another 25 years. It will happen after 2051 once population stabilizes.
  13. Watch political news or press conference or debates , only if you want cheap entertainment. Don't discuss politics in front of your children.
  14. Vaadu voter slips panchaledhu . He expected 8 c from party, another 8 c from mp. He want to save 8 out of 16 for himself. Ganta made a deal with ycp mp candidate. MLA vote to TDP and mp vote to ycp