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  1. ravindras

    General Elections 2018

    dear db members remember one thing, election commission has right to conduct elections before/after 6 months of assembly/loksabha tenure. our assembly tenure will be end by june 8 . election commission has right to conduct elections between 8/january/2019 to 8/december/2019 we have no option except to go for simultaneous elections. cbn gave one foolish statement today. he want simultaneous elections for mp, mla, local body . if we conduct like this it may not be good for us there are different kind of voters. 1. loyal to particular party , they vote to that party irrespective of elections. 2. neutral voters with independent thinking. they vote to party based on their calculations. 3. loyal to money. these guys take money from all parties. they want to do justice to all parties who gave money. they vote to mp for one party , mla to another party, local Modies to one party. these guys surprise our calculations, which may or may not good for us . combining local body elections with mp and mla is not good strategy. i hope only mp/mla elections conducted simultaneously. later they can conduct local body(zptc,mptc) and panchayat, corporation elections at one go.
  2. ravindras


    does bhudar applicable to plots(house sites) . will they link house sites with aadhar. i have one peculiar problem. i bought plot in 2014 . my father attended on behalf me in register office . i gave passport as proof. my name was wrongly typed by computer operator(may be he typed telugu name with wrong spelling instead of checking passport proof) in registration office. my father didn't check mistake at that time. later i contacted sub registrar, he said it is not possible to correct name in property document and ec(encumbrance certificate) . i try to send my problem to http://registration.ap.gov.in/feedback.jsp , but it is giving error after clicking submit button. if anybody knows procedure to correct name in documents and ec please reply
  3. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/provide-cultivable-land-to-polavaram-displaced-st-panel-tells-andhra-pradesh-government/articleshow/64675573.cms
  4. i also have same doubt total godavari delta canal capacity (western canal, central canal, eastern canal) is 15000 cusecs . godavari ayacut is around 10 lakh acres. in kharif they release around 12000-15000 cusecs . in rabi they adjust with 8000 cusecs krishna delta is around 13 lakh acres, in best/ideal scenario they release 11000 cusecs. currently they are adjusting with less water. nagarjuna sagar right canal capacity 11000 cusecs total requirement of krishna delta and nagarjunasagar right canal is 22000 cusecs i unable to understand when godavari delta requires 12000-15000 cusecs for 10 lakh acres, how 11500 cusecs sufficient for krishna & nagarjuna sagar right canal 13+18 = 31 lakhs acres
  5. ravindras


    veellu kalisi tinnaa parledu . kottukovatam manesthe manchidi. maree penta chestunnaaru. ayyanna public lo vese dance lu choostunte chiraaku vestundi
  6. ravindras

    GMR Plans Rs 2,500 crore New Port at Kakinada

    adani ki isthe port ki railway connectivity, road connectivity modi fast gaa provide chestaadu
  7. ravindras

    Lagadapati rg flash team survey

    rjy urban tdp ticket ganni krishna ki isthe geliche chance vuntundaa ?
  8. ravindras

    Railway zone not a promise, says Piyush Goyal

    polavaram funding including r&r full gaa isthe chaalu. migilinavi annee aathcare kadapa steel - nonviable due to slump in steel sector and non-availability quality raw material locally . we have to get raw material from bellary. special status - won't agree by neighbor states karnataka,tamilnadu,orissa,telanagana as the existing industries in that states will move out to ap . dugarajapatnam port - not viable as there are too many ports in vicinity(krishnapatnam, ennore, kattupalli, chennai). it is nearest to eco sensitive pulicat lake. security problems SHAR ramayapatnam port, vodarevu port - we don't need center help to build it . we have competitive companies like navayuga(krishnapatnam port promoter) , dvs raju(gangavaram port promoter) railway zone - useful for vizag real estate business people. we need to lay additional railway tracks and dedicated freight corridor. some existing lines capacity needs to be enhanced by laying parallel tracks and new lines which are dream of some region in state. we need more trains to start/halt at vizag. metro - vizag metro is viable after 2041 . vijayawada metro is not at all viable, it is waste of tax payers money . instead of metro cbn can go for suburban rail to connect vijayawada, amaravathi, guntur, tenali.
  9. ravindras

    babu garu endi ee fire ...

    kontha mandhi 2019 taruvaatha realize avuthaaru. vaallani ignore cheyyi
  10. ravindras

    babu garu endi ee fire ...

    check link realise fact
  11. 1947-2047 modi pm ayithe india world lo no1 avutundi
  12. ravindras

    babu garu endi ee fire ...

    temples lo hair cutting , head shaving ban cheyyandi. bhaktulu vaalla village/town lo gundu kottichukoni temple ki rammanandi. okappudu cm ante bhayam, respect vundedi. ippudu prathi naakoduku bedirinchadame.
  13. ravindras

    Lagadapati rg flash team survey

    ap people are not emotional fools unlike telangana counterpart. they won't act like herd of sheep. they will take wise decision. in 1995-2004 cbn has full grip over administration and corruption also less. people expected same kind of rule in 2014. now he is fully lenient towards bureaucrats and mlas/ministers/party men . he gave freehand to them. they are misusing it. in ysr rule, his son got benefited mostly. corruption is at high at top level. in cbn rule except cbn family everybody taking advantage of their position. corruption spreads to low level through janmabhoomi committees, which directly affect the common people. common people don't worry about corruption at top level. if some guy(janmabhoomi committee member) taking money from common people, they definitely reacts to it.
  14. steel industry suffering from excess capacity
  15. ravindras

    Modi fitness video

    panikoche pani cheyyaraa ani pm chesthe , janaalni vp lu cheyyadame panigaa pettukunnaadu