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  1. ravindras


    tax payers - victims leaders - looters other than tax payers - beggars
  2. ravindras

    Live updates: TV5 - Flash team survey

    they are building thermal power plants in tg. they have to store water in srisailam if they want to use palamuru rangareddy lift irrigation project. in rainy season they can't rely on solar power. either they have to buy from grid or they have to build thermal power plants. only hope is if the demand from grid is less in rainy season tg can buy power at less price.
  3. ravindras

    Live updates: TV5 - Flash team survey

    tg need 12,000 mw power for all lift irrigation projects for both existing and under construction projects. i assumed 0% transmission and distribution losses. ie for each hour they require 1.2 crore units(kwh). assume each unit cost 5 rupees (actual value varies from 5.6 to 6.5 rupees) for each hour they need to spend 6 crore as variable charges. for 24 hours 6*24 = 144 crores ( per day) some projects like kaleshwaram run for 150 to 180 days some projects like palamuru rangareddy run for 100 to 120 days. let us take conservative figure of 120 days they need 120*144 = 17280 crores as variable charges they have to pay fixed charges per each mw . i am not use how much it will be . let us take conservative figure 3000 crore total it comes to around 20,000 crore. in future kcr want to increase kaleshwaram capacity. there are some stupid proposals which require more power to lift godavari water to south telangana.
  4. ravindras

    Live updates: TV5 - Flash team survey

    meeru vese png, jpg .. pictures kanipinchadam ledu. pictures kindha summary type cheyyandi
  5. ravindras

    Kshatriya Corporation Sadhana Samithi

    bc reservation 74 ivvandi. kamma, reddy, kshatriya, kapu ni bc lo cherchandi .
  6. ravindras

    Kshatriya Corporation Sadhana Samithi

    kadapa rajulu velli godavari rajula help teesukondi. they are richest people in ap. aa raajaboghaalu chooste telustaadi veellaku corporation avasaramo kaadho?
  7. ravindras

    Vangaveeti radha

    jsp tarapuna poti chesi vodipothe ee caste daridram vadilipothaadi. pk vodipothaaadu . veedu vodipothaadu . veella kukkala hadavidi 2019 election tho pothundhi. veellu sri krishnadevarayalu varasulu laa feel avutunnaaru. radha ki tdp political life ivvakoodadu.
  8. ravindras

    Thota Trimurthulu

    only kapus from krishna , guntur, prakasam hate tdp as these districts are dominated by kammas. kapus in remaining districts don't hate tdp.
  9. evarainaa adigithe vaallani ongomantaadu. endhi meeru politicians promises serious gaa teesukontaaraa any party is family property. its upto people whom they want
  10. maa father ni cheyyamannaaru. vaallaku ongole or any desi aavu pedu , aavu vucha kaavaalannaaru. jersy aavu suit avvadannaaru. ongole aavu ayithe manam metha ki pette karchu milk ki saripodu ani maa father oppukoledu
  11. yes. there are many articles on this topic . google search it.
  12. hindus repaid to razakars in the same coin . hindus, indian army r..... , m......... , razakars and muslims you can read following link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_annexation_of_Hyderabad#Communal_violence_during_and_after_the_operation
  13. r.... , m...... , chaalaa chotla jarigaayi. they won't happen in isolated manner. both are interlinked hyderabad lo razakar lu r...., m..... chesaaru. hyderabad ni india takeover chesukunnappudu 2 lakhs muslims ni m......... chesaaru, r.... kodaa chesaaru. revolution vachinappudu ilaa clean chestaaru. razakarlu chesina darunaalaki 10 times repay chesaaru. kashmir lo pandits ni m......., r....... chesaaru . tarimesaaru. pakistan lo , bangladesh lo hindu ni m......, r....... chesaaru. vaalla matham loki convert chesaaru. mathaalu, kulaalu kottukunnappudu jarigevi m........., r........ nenu oka gujarati ni bangalore lomeet ayyaanu. modi chesindhi correct ani chepparu . modi raaka mundhu muslims goondaas konthamandhi businessman(marwadis) ni extortion chesevaaru. rath yatra lu jarigetappudu muslims aavu peda, stones, edhi pedithe adi visirevaaru. marwadis eduru tirigithe talwars tho attack chesevaaru. modi vachaaka goonda lani, mafia lani encounter lo lepesaadu. gujarat allarlatho motham hindus payback chesaaru. ippudu gujarat peaceful gaa vundhi. there is limit to patience of good persons . if bad persons keep on irritating good persons, good persons definitely payback to bad persons in unimaginable manner. in hyderabad razakars doing atrocities on hindus. patel send army to takeover hyderabad and curtail atrocities. some times war is means to get last long peace. hindus paidback to muslims after takeover.many muslims in hyderabad ran away . after death of indira gandhi congress people sponsored riots on sikhs . rajiv gandhi in public said that when big tree falls earth under tree will move little bit. many armies will do atrocities in war zone . again m...., r....... . my friend is working in jammu hydro power plant . he said that, he doesn't surprise army people are go after kashmir womens as they looks like apple. another reason is army people stays away from their family. i agree that morally these things are not correct . but these things happen.
  14. ravindras

    IndiaToday Survey

    we trust only lagadapati survey. lagadapati meeting cbn frequently and giving inputs to cbn . we don't have to worry about national survey. in 2014 all national surveys are against tdp . only lagadapati predicted tdp win.