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  1. ravindras

    Kphb confirmed

    i have same doubt. congress may strikeout cases on jagan if jagan merge his party in congress. it is easy to merge in congress compare to bjp as congress votebank and jagan votebank is same. any party(congress or bjp) looks for its growth.
  2. ravindras

    Suhasini garu live

    add alliance with bjp also in 2014 . they took half of seats even though there are no candidates for them . bjp imported candidates from other parties to contest in many segments. we surrendered half of seats to bjp . now we surrendered before congress for 14 seats. out of 14 seats we may win 9. i don't have any hopes in tg except beating trs. after winning elections congress will buy tdp mlas.
  3. cbn didn't focus on irrigation and agrarian distress in 1995-2004.in 9 years rule he completed only madduvalasa dam. land value in those days are pretty low , land acquisition is easy for canals and reservoir . after cbn lost irrigation started getting priority. after staying out of power for 10 years cbn started giving importance to irrigation. the cricket stadiums, horse race, f1 race , asian games etc will get international accolades. but they don't serve basic necessities of people in state.
  4. appudu odipokapothe ap maro rajasthan desert ayyedhi.
  5. ravindras

    Amaravati Happy Nest bookings

    what is dummy floor ?
  6. in the following video blonde is power.
  7. neck to neck fight vunnappudu, seats adjustment sariggaa lekapothe slight margin tho power pothundi. ippudu bhajana chese vaallantha result vachaaka upset avuthaaru.
  8. ravindras

    Current situation in Telangana

  9. http://www.thehansindia.com/posts/index/Cinema/2017-11-05/Sr-NTR-House-For-25-Crores/337620/ nandamuri family members want to sell ntr chennai house . its market value is 25 cr.
  10. ravindras

    Pk nijayathi in Ramachandrapuram

    pk solo gaa contest chesthaadaa ? ee madhya cbn , lokesh tho paatu jagan ni koodaa tidutunnaaadu?
  11. ravindras


    lalu and his sons won't allow nitish to be part of upa . nitish is not trust worthy.
  12. ravindras

    Vijayawada ki Light Metro!

  13. ravindras

    Current situation in Telangana

    congress koodaa ttdp ni tokkesthundhi . jublee hills tdp ki ichi, khairatabad vishnuvardhan reddy isthe saripoedhi. bc bongu boshanam ani oka sannasi ki khairatabad ichaaru