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  1. https://youtu.be/iOVcMJH3dyE The video is more than 0.1 Mb..link uploaded.
  2. http://english.tupaki.com/politicalnews/article/Bandla-Ganesh-First-Reaction-After-Poll-Results/80244 Arre Vanda Antam Sir: Bandla Ganesh's First Reaction Tue Dec 18 2018 13:25:35 GMT+0530 (IST) Prior to the announcement of Election Results, Bandla Ganesh has created enough hungama in the political circles with his unbelievable comments. He had gone to an extent of talking about his decision to slit his throat if Congress doesn't come back to power in Telangana. Bandla Ganesh began behaving like a completely different person post the elections. He wasn't accessible to the media since then though the netizens kept mocking him. Finally, Media got to meet Bandla Ganesh during his recent visit to Tirumala. When a mediaperson asked him to smile a bit, The Producer replied: 'How could we laugh? Are we in such a situation?'. He, however, didn't refrain from uttering few trademark dialogue, 'Oka Votami, Repati Vijayaniki Punadhi'. Bandla Ganesh: 'I haven't been absconding. Just maintained silence for few days out of pain as our party faced defeat. I thought this isn't the right time to speak as people's mandate was in favour of TRS'. When quizzed about his 7'o Clock Blade Challenge, Ganesh responded, 'Arre, Vanda Anta Sir. Chala Mandhi Chala Antaru, Avanni Avuthaya? I would do that, If you (channels) want to see that happen! I just made those comments to boost the morale of our partymen. That confidence has become over-confidence..what can we say about it?'
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    @NBK-Dravid BRO..nenu post chesthunte link vasthundhi....meeru chesinatlu direct file ravalante am cheyali?
  4. ఏపీ కోసం కేసీఆర్ నాయకత్వం వహించాలి_ కేతిరెడ్డి.pdf🙄
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    @chsrk Thank u brother
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    Hi friends My self Koganti.RakendhVadan from Vijayawada working in Hyderabad. I am following the db from the last few years... Just want to share something..... Ivala morning varuku evarina Prajafront ki seats raavu..Trs vasthundhi ante chala kopam vachedhi... I also used to see the channels which are favouring our party TDP and Front....But after seeing the results edho teliyina chala badha But one thing i learned is ikanundi negativity ni kuda accept chesi danini positive ga maluchukovali ani... Anyways..I am very happy to be part in the DB.