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  1. Vadan

    Krishna district

    Tdp will win maximum seats in Krishna Dt Pamarru, Nuzvid and Gudiwada YSRCP ki edge vundhi Gudivada lo Nani ki ground level lo work chese vallu chala plus ....they will perfectly execute the money distribution and everything before polling day and manavallu dabbu karchupetina voters varuku velakunda madhyalone swahaa ayipothayi...if avinash executes perfectly then we can win the seat. I think Pedana will have tough fight I think Penamaluru and Vijayawada East will have highest majority win
  2. Vadan


    MPs Telugudesam - 14 to 18 YSR Congress - 6 to 9
  3. Vadan


    Telugudesam - 95 to 120 YSR Congress - 45 to 60 Janasena - 2 to 5