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    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Almatti inflow 141000 cusecs TG 79000 CUSECS.
  2. kraghuveera

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    "CARNAGE" in krishna basin and bhima basin continues .
  3. kraghuveera

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Highest rainfall of the season recorded in krishna catchment also . Hopefully water will be released from almatti this week.
  4. kraghuveera

    Paper industry to come in prakasam district

    Since they have a captive port raw material import is an option for them.Hope they will source raw material locally.
  5. I am seeing bihari s doing farm work in prakasam dist.
  6. kraghuveera

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Yeah but it's in sleep mode in ongole
  7. kraghuveera

    ***Monsoon Updates***

    Last two days heavy rainfall in krishna and bhima catchment in MH.
  8. kraghuveera


    If u follow prakasam barrage inflow and outflow to canals it is hovering around 2000 cusecs. That's why my doubt Anyway thanks guys.
  9. kraghuveera


    Why flow is still around 2000 cusecs? When 8400 cusecs flow will be achieved? Any issues there?
  10. kraghuveera


    Great. Thanks.
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    Today's video?
  12. kraghuveera

    CEO's - Economy

    The overall commercial vehicles segment registered a growth of 57.44 per cent in April-May 2018 as compared to the same period last year. Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles increased by 114.79 per cent and Light Commercial Vehicles grew by 34.27 per cent in April-May 2018 over the same period last year.
  13. kraghuveera

    CEO's - Economy

    When the commercial vehicle industry does well, it spells good times for a country’s economy. And that’s just what’s happening in India with most CV OEMs posting handsome growth month on month, accelerating into growth lane.
  14. kraghuveera

    kanna letter to bjp

    Is this the way to write on a serious issue. Looks like a grocery list.
  15. kraghuveera


    Maybe because LRG himself denied giving any survey report to CBN.
  16. Had to translate and read. Thanks.
  17. Can u please specify in numbers.
  18. The cumulative figure would be NBNB. If anybody can please post the data in cubic metres.
  19. kraghuveera

    ABN - TV5 Sting - Cobrapost

  20. Aa 25 lo 40% state ki vasthai.
  21. kraghuveera

    farmer ki

    Jendalu pettakapothe Janalu idhi maa hakku antaru. 1 in a thousand farmer gets this tractors. Just to make them realise they got it because of TDP.
  22. kraghuveera


    Yes. Looks like.
  23. kraghuveera


    pls translate to english.
  24. kraghuveera

    pulichintala project

    now NS filling up and water release to pulichintala seems difficult. NS might endup at 270~280 tmc for the season.