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  1. Manam cheyyaleni pani Delhi lo okay chesadu.
  2. Pramana sweekaram Kosam emo. Inko 5 weeks dhaka aapukolekapothunadu .😄
  3. There is a marked decrease in jaffas thigh slapping on betting. Anybody noticed that??
  4. Lagadam uncle emi cheppaledha? Unofficial ga.
  5. Yes. Initially baburao decided to give 5k but then match fixing with YCP candidate happened.
  6. Most villages in district registered higher voting than 2014 due to ladies.
  7. Darsi close fight. My cousin is with baburao for last 10 days. Baburao is confident of winning .
  8. Chirala lo YCp polling agents handsup by afternoon in about 30 booths.