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  1. The previous big thing is yet to hit the road. Truck.
  2. Upto march power supply was 7 hrs in daytime and from april it was 9 hrs in daytime. I am confirming this. I have 5 submersible pump connections.
  3. Somebody lost their wallet in the iftar party??🤔
  4. He will keep on doing such things with full propaganda because he can't do much on actual issues.
  5. It works out to 2400 crs annually. Let's see how it will be done.
  6. I still believe CBN is a better leader.
  7. U never tried this kind of politics.
  8. Stopped in cable in ongole.
  9. I am wondering when did CBN rule like a king in the last 5 years.?
  10. Modi is no fool to help him with the cases. He will use it politically for BJPs growth. Without jayalalitha modi is controlling ADMK. He might try to do the same.
  11. They are mild steel pipes not cement pipes?
  12. Concrete pour is on or stopped at 8 AM.?
  13. Velagapudi secretariat lo koddiga jagratha ga undamanandi varshalu vasthunnai. Yedainaa jarigithe chaana negative vasthadi.
  14. If one pond is not sufficient for u then u can find a farmer in u r panchayat limits and apply in his name. And then manage the field officer and get it dug in u r farm. This is possible since GEO TAGGING is not being done now.