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  1. https://m.republicworld.com/amp/india-news/politics/national-approval-ratings-ysrcp-to-be-the-biggest-winner-tdp-to-lose-out-congress-and-bjp-to-draw-blank-in-andhra-pradesh.html?v=5.8.12 Asalu siggu kuda ledhu ga villaki tdp ki 4 MP Lu anta . BJP improved their vote % anta konchem ayina siggu undali
  2. Almost confirmed la undhi ga revanth arrest nyt 10:30 varaku raids anta so Dani taruvatha nyt arrest chestharu.
  3. CBN ippude speech lo cheppadu . Ee sari andariki seats rakapovachu . Ikkada situations batti steps tisukuntam ani annadu may be confirmed anukunta tomorrow or after few days official ga announcement chestharemo
  4. ramkiCBN

    TS early elections

    Almost confirm laga undhi ga kcr early elections ki vellatam . News channels lo chepthunnaru.. ento Dora sketch ??