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  1. tv9 dibate on chowdary cast video

    I cant write detailed posts everytime. But simple fact is vedic religion, rituals are only meant for brahmins. Some aspects of vedic religion are very nice, beasutiful but they are not meant for others. hinduism is nothing but a tamasha religion for non-brahmins - wear tilaks, swing swords, vulgar dances for ganesh immersion, meaningless pujas which cost a lot of money. occasaionally some nice music et.c That is why Indian elites have generally been brahmins, muslims, parsees and christians. Non-brahmins hindus are generaly seen as jokers. And to some extent many non-brahmin hindus indeed behave like jokers. You may be proud of kamma or kaapu but if you read how brahmins or rss types see them - they seem them as clowns and no amount of NTR is going to get any respect from them. Infact they only people who got respect are like Periyar Naicker who rejected hinduism and now has statues in UP. Non-brahmin hindus need to find another religion so they dont come off like clowns fighting stupid caste games.
  2. tv9 dibate on chowdary cast video

    These comments are disgusting basically ..idhanta similiar to soccer hooliganism you see in europe or inter college rivalry in USA..not very pleasant but also not that harmful either. But the real devil is hinduism which makes people fight like this.
  3. tv9 dibate on chowdary cast video

    Vedallo puraanallo non -brahmins gurinchi antha neechanga raasthe adige pani ledhu. I did not see anything that offensive in that music video ...it simply celebrates some real actual achievements of people and a common identity they share called kamma caste. ON the other hand hindu scriptures wrote disgusting things about many castes - and media repains silent.
  4. EBC Corporation

    This is totally meaningless and destroys society if taken too much. If a father remains poor because he doesnt workhard for his family despite suffering no social discrimination - is it right for govt using hardworking fathers tax amount to support his daughter or son ? ila chesthe pillalu kosam, dabbulu kosam kasthapadi udyogalu icche manishi ki encoragement yedhi ?
  5. Agriculture

    Agriculture ki ika chesindhi chaalu ..we need amaravati. Good agriculture can give comfort to farmers but real greatness to a people comes from cities, factories, mechanized production, high quality medical and educational services. I am hoping for a time when we have bold leaders and undestanding population to make ti possible.
  6. good article. Not only nyaya vyavastha ..ani vyavasthalu of central govt ilage edchinai. one million army but mumbai killer dawood enjoys retirement in karachi. INtha penta ikkada pettukuni kontha mandhi gulf desala meedha superioirty choopinchedemokati. Justice works excellently there. They are excellent in enforcing business contracts quickly and fairly which is why almost all of top worlds banks operate from there.
  7. Nagarjuna Sagar

    Anni saarlu vari esthe soil health vuntadha - chanka nakiddha. 2 times vari is very rare anywhere in world.
  8. Markandeya katju

    Even if it is wrong - the fact that a person like katju confidently believes shows the respect he has for hindu sudra castes like reddies and kammas. he obviously sees this communities as jokers who are quiet capable of such silly behavior. Given he belongs to brahmin caste it is no surprise he leans to christian led YSRCP . The reality is most of hindus hold other hindus in contempt. Esp sudra castes - they can do whatever sacrifices they can to strengthen India, Hinduism but they wont get any respect within Hindu fold - whether it is Sivaji whose tilak was given by the foot of bribed varanasi brahmins or the hardworking sudra castes of andhra pradesh. In 1998 we bought Bill gates to India - that is when USA won cold war and the whole world was their playground - but still Gates chose the poverty stricken India - thanks to the sudra CBN. But still CBN is mostly hated by Hindu elite - whether it is Modi, Brahmin editors of The Hindu or Ram Madhav of BJP/RSS, Even Chinna Jeeyar was happy talking to Jagan. They happily got together to split this succesful state. I dont know why people here are so blind to the reality. If we put even a quarter of the effort we put to build better relations with christianity or islam or budhism we gain far more respect and prosperity. Our economic strength is thanks to our relationship with christian american - hindu delhi never gave us anything but only tried to robbed us. WHy would you guys work for reputation of something which treats your birth, your sons birth and your parents birth as fourth rate is beyond my understanding.
  9. Markandeya katju

    Shameful if true. But I see both kammas and reddies as victims of hinduism and this silliness.
  10. Enjoying better status like what ? they have officially fourth status in their religion. Making some money here , becoming a neta there is not enough. Every people need an idelogy or a world view where they have atleast an equal status. Basically nee burraki ivanni alochinchatam oka pani laga vuntundhi. Yedo thintannam, yeruguthunnam ivi anni manaky yendhuku - nannu hindu ani evado annadu nuvvu hindu thidethi naaki kopam vasthandi - this is your mentality. Leave these discussion - you are not fit for these discussion with the atitude you have. Or change the attitude.
  11. I am seeing the issue here. You guys are thinking if you reject the horror and second grade status bestowed by Hinduism then you will lose your identity or your sense of self. Thats a total mistake. Yes you will lose if a brutal foreign invader is forcing you to do so. But a people never lost their identity when , they on their own decided to reform themselves and make themselves better. Infact their identity was strengthened. Several examples : a) When northern europe rejected the nonsense that is coming from Pope and reformed christianity with protestant religion, they lost none of their identity. in fact after the reformation the northern european states of england, germany, netherlands etc massively developed over catholic italy, spain etc. b. When japanese decided to end their shogun caste system and decided to actually shoot shoguns their japanese identity actually strengthened. Recollect shogun system seemed like a huge part of japanese culture then. c) Mao brutally ended several chinese cultural practices like foot binding, sex slavery, ancestor worship. Most chinese religions were effectively banned. Did chinese lost their culture now ? no way with their increased prosperity they are celebrating their cultures even better. So on and so forth. Throwing hinduism out or atleast massively reforming it (not listen to cock and bull marketing stories of garikipati or vivekananda i am talking about serious rigorous theoretical and practical reform) will no way requires throwing up any aspect of identity. You can keep everything - language, names, temple architecture, annamayya kirtans, carnatic music - EVERYTHING. I am only asking that you throw away the much of hinduism not your entire culture. As Rajmatha Shivagamai says in Baahubali "Mahismati ki makili pattindhi - raktham tho kadigeyandira" - hinduism is the makili which is making us weak, easily manipulated. Cleansing it will make us better.
  12. We are not part of their nationalism. I have been saying this in many posts before. They dont hate us openly as muslims because they think we can be pushed around unlike muslims. But if we stand up for ourselves they hate us as much as muslims. The easiest way to instill fear in them is to ditch hinduism and adopt other religions. Nothin will shock them more than adopting islam. Just a few conversions in meenakshipuram bought the whole rss down there. Other options is converting to budhism. If converting is too drastic then we need a social revolution emphasizing telugu identity and that we will not be played with.
  13. PM given appointment to CBN

    I didnt know tDP voted against that meaningless bill. this is good news.
  14. Caste clashes in Maharashtra

    The only areas where India improved - cellphones and internet - is completely due to technologies developed in west, and extremely well designed product chains in china which can implement these tech to products at cheap rates. Without them India would be nowhere in these areas . Infact even in these areas where one actually needs some discipline and organization like laying wired telephone network - India is just as bad as before. Wireless where work is minimal is where india boomed.
  15. Caste clashes in Maharashtra

    Mind dekinda ani antha pogaru ga matlade mundhu koncham knowledge penchuko. Yes infrastructure, from an ordinary person perspective, is worse. Roads used to be adequate in 80s not packed like this. I grew up with much less pollution, lot more play grounds than now. Train tickets were easier to get before, infact ac bogies were much cleaner in 90s than rat infested bogies now. In fact many trains now run slower than before. In late 90s I remeber when going to private banks like ICICI, HDFC used to be a pleasure not a chepala market like now. I dont see this detoriation anywhere else. Banks are just as busy or as empty in USA as many years before despite revenues growing manifold. Infact internet banking now is a pain with mobile checks etc. It used to be better in early 2000s. I never remembered eyes burning whever I stand for 2 minutes in traffic signal in hyd in 90s or even early 2000s. Most infrastructure being built is already hopelessly inadequate. Even in irrigation too with exception of pattiseema water availability for delta decreased actually.