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  1. lovemystate

    Kia in Anantapur !

    Even in 2003 we had we had biharis do flooring in our house. Excellent workers. Problem with andhra : a) low children b. Freebies such as subsidized rice, ration stuff, free housing from govt ..this means poor people dont have incentive to work a little bit more c. A culture which does not value these types of skills ...andhra people either want office jobs ..or lazy jobs like chowkidhar, mesthri, driver. But these skills are important - plumbing, electrician, mechanic, basic machinery operations. Solutions ; a)Pool all these staffing companies which live on govt contracts and ask them to set up education institutions for these skills with stipend. b. Make it conditional for freebies that they have degrees in these skills which they can get for free
  2. lovemystate

    EBC Corporation

    This is totally meaningless and destroys society if taken too much. If a father remains poor because he doesnt workhard for his family despite suffering no social discrimination - is it right for govt using hardworking fathers tax amount to support his daughter or son ? ila chesthe pillalu kosam, dabbulu kosam kasthapadi udyogalu icche manishi ki encoragement yedhi ?
  3. lovemystate


    Agriculture ki ika chesindhi chaalu ..we need amaravati. Good agriculture can give comfort to farmers but real greatness to a people comes from cities, factories, mechanized production, high quality medical and educational services. I am hoping for a time when we have bold leaders and undestanding population to make ti possible.
  4. lovemystate

    Nagarjuna Sagar

    Anni saarlu vari esthe soil health vuntadha - chanka nakiddha. 2 times vari is very rare anywhere in world.
  5. lovemystate


    Either it is the most cutting edge design with such a small pillar or a disaster waiting to happen. Anywhere else the same design was used ?
  6. lovemystate

    AP govt Brahmin welfare schemes

    Apart from political compulsions, is there any moral justification for this ? 200 crores is not a small amount and is much much more costly for government than say paying 5% of new kapu reservation of employees. But reservations create lot of anger but this waste does not. Lots of similiar waste everywhere for political votes - subsidy, pensions, this welfare that welfare. Election based democracy is the single biggest enemy of devlopment and people simply vote themsevles benefits from government. in addition there is something seriously wrong in supporting brahmins who enjoy 100% reservations in priesthood, still a very prestigious profession. In addition telugu brahmins are most committed anti-tdp group in ap (though it is much less among younger brahmins).
  7. lovemystate

    Mukyamanthri Yuva Nestham (Nirudyoga Bruthi)

    This is the result of election based goverance. People simply vote themsevles freebies and politicans cant resist emptying treasury to get the votes. It was started by ysr in 2004 but I think it would have happened anyway at some point. Only god can save India. We have all the problems of developed countries - subsidies, social spending, fiscal deficits, high taxations and none of their benefits - excellent infrastructure etc.