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  1. @sskmaestro @minion Anything possible. if US intel reports suggest to buy it then they will buy at any cost.... Do you know how china built artificial islands in south china sea? becoz china hired American consultancy called Mckinsey for advising china to find ways to dominate south china sea. Mckinsey told them to build artificial island so that it can counter japan, philipines etc. chinese does not have any engineering ides to build them. it is mckinsey that architected islands... google it...chinese does't have knowledge or strategies to counter. it is US big 4 consultanies like Mckinsey, BCG, Bain etc. are advising them. Even mckinsey is advising many chinese companies and chinese politicians on many things including day to day operations. there is NY times article that will details how mckinsey building CHina. you can google it. currently Mckinsey is helping chinese to get rid of Uigher muslims, hong kong protests etc. McKinsey is a consultancy which is famous for highly intellictual individual who will go to any lengths to find ways and means to help client. May be CBN also needs to hire McKinsey to counter KCR and Jagan. They will defenitely shakes up TDP structure and will definetely gives solid advises to CBN. They will make sure KCR and Jagan etc. will get rip apart to the core.
  2. Ade kada nenu modati nundi septhu undedi. bathikithe kaneesam sakuni la ayina bathakali atleast (as sakuni has purpose in his life which is appropriate per dharma)......kani etochi CBN oka dhrutha rashtrudi la bathukuthunnadu....malli kingdom kavali antadu.
  3. topic divert seyyadam enduku meeru....asalu sarigga artham sesukunnara meeru thread title and posts. Jagan ki anti vochesindi ani nenu annana ekkadaina...
  4. frustration ekkuva ayinattu undi. paina jagan cbn ni ragging sesthunna video vesa chudu. avasaram manaki inka sampangi noone tho meesalu duvvukovadam??
  5. TDP needs to get back to BJP immediately.... also need professional consultancy help to lead public outreaching campaignings.
  6. Modi ni choosi bayapade daanikanna manam public ki touch lo undi ground reality lo undi fight seyyadam better. BJP is planning for Jamili Elections at the end of 2022 and going for Uniform Civil Code i believe. They are going to attack Pak again and will raise sentiment entire nation before jamili election. So we have 3.5 years for election from now. Congress is not going to win anymore. Public does not care Special status, budget deficit etc. TDP should get back to BJP leadership and RSS leadership. We can't win without doing poll mangement with the help of BJP. That is the fact. And we can't win when idiot like PK and nagababu polarising KOPS votes. So better to get back to BJP. Now Lokesh needs to lead the party on jagan election promises failures. Public will start listen to him.
  7. bro. Ground reality lo undadam better than trusting Paytm paid CBN outlets....Public andariki easy ga reach ayye election manifesto failures ayina liquor ban, pension u turn, nava ratnalu lanti vaati meeda Lokesh fight sesthe bavuntadi bro. Public will listen.
  8. i am highlighting our tdp outlets manipulating brain washing videos and photos in social media saying jagan destroyed AP, people are angry for not giving pension from 45 years etc.....People are in no mood to care jagans failures now. Social media lo konni Pay TM paid TDP outlets release sese videos ni interviews ni nammakandi ani septhunna. Lokesh should focus on only issues like liquor ban, raithu sukheebava and attacks on cadre. ila veeti pai poratam sesthe public may listen but not on amaravati or polavaram...forget about amaravati or polavaram. CBN should stay f out of public appearance for atelast 1 year now....
  9. Same VDP associates which predicted YCP will win in April itself.
  10. Janalu does't care amaravati stalled or infra projects stalled or polavaram construction stopped...Manam ee vishaya la meeda focus pettakunda vere topics kuda main ga chusukodam better for local elections.
  11. suppose for suppose.....Ide house lo KCR gaani YSR gaani undi unte (vallu opposition lo unnappudu) asalu valla veedhi turn lo kuda adugu pette valla evaraina ?? spine less ness yokka side effects ivi. i sympathize with TDP cadre. but CBN emi chetha kaanodu ani telise vallu kaavalani teasing sesthunnaru. li8.
  12. ee video chusara meeru. how CBN is behaviing like baba in dharma porata deeksha. ee video ni full thipparu prashant kishore team all whatsapp groups lo.
  13. Pelli chesukuntu kaaboye pellaniki nenu gatham lo oka ammayi (TRS) ni baaga ishtapaddanu. ammayi properties anni baaga nachayi. ammayi ni chesukunte naa appulu ani teeripothayi anukunnanu. kaani ammayi nannu chee kottindi kabbati aa sambandham thappipoyindi... so ippudu ninnu chesukuntunnanu gathi leka (Congress) ani chepthada evadaina. Pelli chesukovadaniki entha gopyam undali past alliances meeda. alantidi inka politics lo entha jagartha ga undali matalu ane mundu press meets lo vaage mundu. inka enni rojulu same frog well lo 4k tv pettukoni bajana.😂
  14. if CBN was mass leader he would't have let vasanth to slip into NGT....
  15. Vatti Vasanth is from ycp party only......😂 https://www.thehindubusinessline.com/news/national/in-ap-its-the-season-for-party-hopping/article26546709.ece