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  1. brahmins antha BJP ki blind following. anduke saduvukunna brahmin kanna saakalodu nayam anedi...😂
  2. Bokka grow avuthadi india BJP rule lo...Indian army will never get any modern weapons. US vallu india ni regional partner ga China paiki thosthunnaru. aa China vallu anduke Pak ki money and resources ichi India paiki thosthunnaru........China is taking up entire responsibility to bring india kashmir issue in UN security council meetings. it is trying table this agenda in next 3 months. inko pakka China is investing $60 Billion dollars in Pak to counter india in next 3 years. Daaniki thodu China is tightening India's growth by taking control of all major ports in sri lanka, bangladesh, myanmar, Iran, pak. ee BJP govt lo use less leaders thappithe oka smart leader kuda ledu. Already India Bonds are faltering on many international markets. in next budgets india is trying to borrow 200 billion dollars from international markets but response is not going to be great like it used to before.
  3. It is Very clear that this is BJP Agenda. 1. Trap influencial leaders, professors, pandits and make them preach in support of BJP. 2. Regional political parties annitini kalla kinda thokki pettukovadam. 3. Congress tho align avutharu future lo ani anukunna all political parties ni CBI, ED, IT Raids, Police Raids tho toruture seyyadam. Financial ga weak seyadam. political ga ontarini seyyadam.(CBN ni induke thokkesthunnaru). 4. Create disputes by dividing people. based on caste, religion. regional issues (Vizag capital ni induke supporting BJP as they know seema and andhra people will divide on this issue). Full ga social media lo opposition ni thokkipettesthunnaru. They are going to bring rules for internet now under fake news control act soon... ee rules kinda. anyone(i mean congress and its allies only) tries to spread negativity on BJP then they will lock them up with upcoming fake news controlling act.😁😂
  4. CAA gurunchi Hyd lo speech ee roju. Full supporting to BJP ki....😁
  5. Indonesia building new capital from June 2020 with 2.5 lac crores cost. Below is the design that they finalized and officially announced. Design is based on Green and Smart concepts with full integration into Green corridor echoing surrounding forests. Currently they are finalizing contractors for building. 20% funding comes from central govt. other 80% funds comes mainly from PPP model and private equity firms and hedge funds from UAE, bahrain etc. 3 International figures (Tony Blair, Abu dhabi Crown Prince, Soft Bank fund CEO) will chair the committee that over sees construction of new capital. mana telugu vallu unnaru. enduku....thupuk.
  6. Few Ward Results: Ibrahim patnam -> Congress 6, BJP 2, TRS 16 adi bhatla - Congress 8, TRS 6, BJP 1. pedda amberpet - Congress 8, TRS 6, BJP 1 ind 1 Turkayamjahl - Congress 10, TRS 5, BJP 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Current Trend -> Andra vallu ekkuva unde areas lo TRS BJP baaga gelichindi..........TG vallu maathrame ekkuva unde areas lo Congress Gelichindi. new Party called All India Forward Block won two muncipalites.
  7. Yes. Hats off CBN.. ide ee fire kaavali. ila ruthless CBN antene ishtam. ila unte whole hearted ga support sestha.
  8. nope. i am in reality. nuvvu kuda oka few days social media news touch seyakunda last 15 years ga what went wrong with TDP ani motham think seyi...appudu neeku anni gurthuku vosthayi.
  9. enni rojulu kukkalu nakkalu mental patient ani ee CBN chamchas tho anipinchukomantavu.......nuvve cheppu. vallu democracy discipline gouravam gurunchi lectures istharu vine vaadu unte....but evadaina criticise sesthe reverse lo facists factionists laaga minda padi karichestharu kukkalu patient ani......anudke evadu ela post vesthe vaallaki alage untayi replies ika nundi. 😁
  10. CBN paid media handles ala spread sesayi appatlo LP was ruining TDP ani....evadiki telusu. NTR ni kaneesam gouravam ga chusukunna LP ni marriage sesukonevaadu kaadu. evadiki telusu. CBN ee indirect ga Bhuvaneswari gari tho bayataki vellu ani anipinchi undochu gaa...anything possible with CBN. 😁
  11. Enni elections lo vodipoyina Dream machine pi kurchoni chethakani CBN bhajana chese nee lanti ulfa galla kanna memu saala better. Maaku expectations levu only reality lo bathukuthunnam le.😂
  12. just hoping brother. tiny hope in my body that this guy would not play same games with regional parties like amit shah/modi did..... also recently i read in some news that many people in BJP and RSS are not happy with MODI/Shah that BJP completely lost MH, MP, RJ, CH elections. Seems Dessent is growing in BJP too.
  13. ABN RK ki TDP vallu chethulu eththi mokkali...he is still batting heavily for TDP....if not RK no one even knows Jagan secret GOs and decisions.
  14. TDP party Sr. NTR di. ademi CBN build sesina party kaadu. CBN soththu kaadu...anni elections lonu TDP ni naakinchesaru CBN. ippudu aa amaravati issue tho inka aa krishna farmers evaru TDP ni nammaru. in fact state lo inka evaru lands ivvaru Govt. ki......TDP ni bottom lo pettadu CBN. TG lo ayithe contest seyadaniki candidates kuda leru...Next elections ki AP lo kuda candidates kuda dorakaru....Oka vela dorikina vallani money spend seyaneeyakunda Police case lathao torture petti gelavaneeyaru.......Dream machine inka digara meeru? Edi. ade handicapped ayina N Ramakrishna gariki oka position ivvamanu polit buro lo leka district president ga??😁
  15. Andaru amit shah laage goondas untara enti. JP Nadda is starting step for democracy...