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  1. Yes. chidambaram ... forgot about him. aee party ayina, ee boku nakos manake thagili sastharu. recent gaa TN highcourt case anta ... why you classified Telugu as ancient language ani. emanna buddunda ee mundakodukalki. State high court involve avvalsina issue naa idi.
  2. Excellent post. Eee bjp mundalu worse than TRS goons. Atleast, KCR is criticizing, talking up front. Vallaku kaneesam aa integrity anna undi. Eee bjp mundakodukulu ... like I said, if you see one of these goons, cheppu tho kotti taruvata matladandi. That's the only way they understand.
  3. this subbu swamy (or his family at somepoint) is probably part of this mirasidaar system. No wonder he came on strong to take this now. BJP/Swamy, lets bring it up and see where it ends.
  4. Revolutionary anna padanni redefine chesaru Annagaru. This is just one small example of what he did. Even now, NTR ledu ane thought vasthe immediate ga kallallo neellu tirugutai. I got to go watch NTR movie, now.
  5. This is very accurate assessment brother. They throw these stupid self serving ideas out and wait for the response from the crowd. I can see nasty people like sushma swaraj, shah and the other scrap batch coming up with these kind of ideas. AP prajalu calm gaa naakendukule ani kurchunte avvadu. Pretty soon its going to hit. Time to express our thoughts and voices. BJP has become more dangerous than congress party. I stick to what I said before. If a bjp joker knocks on my door. I'll be ready. This applies to purandareswari too. she better not go around knocking doors with that 'Im bjp now' face.
  6. ilanti vishayallo CBN metthaga unte ee bjp vallu netti meeda kurchuntaru. andite juttu andaka pothe kallu batch idi. trs kante worst. what the hell happened to bjp? it used to be a respectable party. Vajpayee, Advani taruvata next generation lo decent leaders ee lera? I'm almost ashamed to say I was once affiliated with this party through rss.
  7. ee subramanya swamy gaadu oka pedda thupuk gaadu. I was always surprised why many here liked him. vadikoka conviction undadu paadu undadu. na ghar ka naa ghat kaa type eedu. keliki vasana chudatam veedi speciality. veededo deshbhakth type lo impression istharu konthamandi ikaada.