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  1. All these tv channels and 'news' papers (not just sakshi) are obviously operating with blatant agenda to undermine everything TDP does (except may be AJ). I'm sure CBN/TDP knows this. Lower level leaders (constituency level, mla) need to take active part in taking these programs further. CBN anni chusukoledu.
  2. narasimhan vishayam lo CBN enduku calm gaa unnado theleedu ... despite obviously having the influence to replace him as AP gov ... I wish CBN asks central govt to replace this moron of a governor. I hope ycp/trs maroons don't bring the cash scandal into the discussion.
  3. Nellore city baguntundi brother ... visited couple of times ... feels lively. Distinct culture/flavor undi ... I loved it
  4. naturally fragile ... protect them ... balisina kollu kaadu ... who know how to abuse the system with domestic violence cases
  5. Its not about starting insp or efax types ... it takes more to be creative.
  6. I wish to see this someday. Just looking at him ... brings serenity.
  7. direct flights to gulf esthunnara or through other destinations?
  8. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your posts/contributions, brother ... thank you
  9. Can't believe you just disappeared bro ... you can't do that to us
  10. Connecting flights tho us/eu/au etc pandaga ... hope it works out.
  11. inkokari meeda those manastatvam CBN ki ledule ... you should know that ... despite your recent bjp angle.
  12. I hope they make it affordable so middle class can participate and enjoy. That's how a vibrant, inclusive society and economy is built.
  13. Atleast to me ... it's not always about electoral gains. But, I agree ... CBN and TDP need to watch how deep these policies are reaching.
  14. any specifics on this scheme? what's covered or not etc. Would love to go to some in my village with some information ... not to mention enroll myself (well, I probably don't qualify) or my Mother.
  15. This one sentence perfectly describes some folks mindset (not all). mana daaniki ekaraki vanda kotlu raavaali ... pakkanodu s naaki povali ...
  16. 40k crores proposal pedithe one crore istharu ... adi pushpaks commitment.
  17. state level lo CBN em chestadu? If BJP wants to be cong2 in playing cbi... what can anyone do? At some point you expect some integrity in the system.
  18. CBI/court జగన్ అన్నది ఒక hair పీకిన తరువాత చూద్దాం. Until then
  19. Don't have much knowledge on these projects to contribute to the discussion ... I'm just happy to read others thoughts ... and learn
  20. Its incredible to see how this guy is a viable cm candidate for so many ... remember, he got 60+ seats last time ... and threatened to pull TDP govt down (chitikesthe govt kulipothundi talk from jagan ... we all know what happened after that). Even if he is convicted, these jaffas still going to vote for him. I was talking to a neutral (somewhat jaffa) friend the other day ... he still throws 'who'se not corrupt' line. That's how deep ysr corruption mindset permeated throughout the society during his time. There is absolutely no evidence against CBN and most TDP leaders (don't bother quoting tv9 kind of talk shows) ... yet they throw 'whose not corrupt' ... sad CBN is not going to be around forever ... how can people be so complacent ... luckily, majority (hopefully) are not. Infact, that is jagan's hope ... that CBN won't be around for too long. I honestly hope CBN lives beyond 100 ... I'll gladly give him my health, if I can. In any other advanced democracy ... he'd serving without parole. That's how bad this guy is.