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  1. Follow your instinct ... you only answer to yourself ... Always N and always TDP ...
  2. just trying to throw things off in political section ... don't take it literally.
  3. me too ... take day off and enjoy the festivities ... once in a lifetime chance ... JFK inauguration annattu ... Jai Jagan ... CM CM CM
  4. appude 9 years ainda ... phenomenal movie.
  5. Maa Tiger KCR coming to Lotus Pond for the glorious occasion of Jagan anna swearing in as the BEST ever CM of AP. Jai Jagan ... CM CM CM CM
  6. ki DB tharapuna evarevaru velthunnaru ... anna pramanasweekaram chudalani chala korika ga undi ... evaraina daya kaligina influential people maa lanti vallaki entrance tickets ippinchandi ... Lotus Pond bayata nilabadina chalu ee janmaki Jai Jagan ... CM CM CM CM CM
  7. change of strategy
  8. naaku vacchina info prakaram ... after results, cbn and loki ni meda pattukoni drag chesthu chalchalguda lo vesthar ani talk. YCP/Jagan anna and our best ever political party BJP has all the proofs. papam, cbn ee vayasulo chippa kudu ela thintado ... evaru chesukunna kharma valladi ... I'm happy he's finally going to jail now Jai Jagan ... CM CM CM CM CM
  9. My extremely confident and reliable sources telling me its a very tough fight for cbn in Kuppam ... me thinks cbn is going to lose PRETTY bad. we did very scientific survey involving 10s of people. You can count on our methods ... very scientific and methodical.
  10. Naa estimation aithe BJP solo 400 minimum. 500 datina aashcharyam ledu ... be prepared to be dazzled with 500 MP seats ... BJP rocks, MODI rocks
  11. I vote for Lotus Pond. White House kante minnaga kattarani vinna ... this will be an opportunity for us minions to have a remote glimpse at this palace ... Jagan Anna ... CM CM CM CM CM
  12. Damn, you ARE BOLD in your predictions
  13. yes Chandas ... I should do that.
  14. ee elections lo sagam paiga kammas TDP ki veyyaledu ... I know ... don't ask me how ... ee db lone kanipisthondi ... enduku saami idi ...
  15. sorry, ee discussion naaku artham kala. Why are we questioning the integrity of some? ... its not right.
  16. he's not even worth discussing ... let him slide ... veedoka chillara ias anthe ...
  17. ee jp ni chudatam antha waste of time inkoti undadu. ee JP antha bevakoof gaanni life lo chudala ... I have the mindset of a commie ... but, I know the reality ... this guy belongs nowhere ... no belief ... no conviction ... he's nobody in the AP political spectrum ...
  18. You are stellar, my friend ... You have a kind heart. Thank you I'll be honest ... I'm nowhere near your level of generosity ... may be I should rethink my priorities in my life.
  19. Sad thing is ... even some of my close friends in the past ... can't talk to them anymore ... unfortunate.