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  1. I can understand why some TDP folks are joining bjp. However, I'd rather die a slow death than be part of that infestation they call bjp.
  2. Looks like he's now 'promoted' to third page. kaiti ramadevi and few other bokus participated in the grand bjp program.
  3. Puran ni antha neechamaina situation lo chustha ani eppudu anukola. I guess she sunk along with her husband.
  4. Exactly. When the PM of India blabbered about STENAH ... he was actually explaining what STENHA meant.
  5. You know what I think? chillara lkodulu ... no conscience whatever ... bathakatakini intha digajarala? maa oorlo kuli chesikunetodu kuda veedi kante dignified gaa bathukuthadu. veelladi oka bathuke ...
  6. seriously though ... where the hell are these maroons now?
  7. this image has such profound impact on me ... I cannot exactly tell you ...
  8. Completely agree. TDP inko 100 years undalani korukone vallalo nenu okanni CBN cheppinattu ... thanu shaswatham kaadu ... as he so eloquently put it ...
  9. CBN ni meetho paatu nenu kuda criticize chesa ide db lo. How am I bhajanlal? I respect CBN, but I don't blindly follow. All I ask is show some regard and some restraint ... he has done a lot. He doesn't deserve the abuse he gets in this db from some tdp followers. ycp vallu chesthunnaru ani manam kuda digajari cbn meeda comments chesthe ... manaki vallaki theda emundi. cbn next 5 years party build chesi election gelichi inkevarno cm cheyyalannadi meere kada? You seem to have some strange idea that I'm trying for some TDP post and doing cbn bhajan for that ... I'll assure you, I have no interest in such things ... like I said before, TDP nunchi eppudu emi asinchala ...
  10. If there is an issue with how TDP or CBN is responding to ycp allegations, then lets talk about that. Why make mockery of him in the db. You keep saying TDP and CBN are laughing stock. How do you know they're taking about CBNs english? By reading MSD/kaushik_k posts? Have you seen @Raaz@NBK video in another thread? Its a 15 min video, but worth watching. In my mind, that's how AP people are seeing CBN and Jagan now. Mimmalni patronize chesthe nakem vasthadi ... don't take below the belt shots antunna. After seeing what CBN has done to AP and TDP ... he deserves our respect. Assembly lo ycp vallu humiliate chesthunnaru ani manam ikkada cheyyalsina avasaram ledu. I never expect decency from ycp trolls here ... but, I was surprised to see your post, I guess.
  11. long before TDP was in power ... thikka kuthalu kusinodini gun theesukoni kalchi para thenkadu ... vaadu chacchi bathikadu ... NBK thanaki chethanaina paridi lo TDP ki help chesade kaani eppudu TDP chances ni hurt cheyyala ... NBK incident valla tdp odipoindi anna mindset nunchi kontha mandi bayatiki ravali ani korukuntunna. No, we didn't lose because of NBK.
  12. niranthara sravanthi ... never enough ... never over ... we'll always be there crying 24/7 ... no matter what.
  13. Sorry, couldn't find the post. Vihari ... this is for you. Endi saami idi ... You are making fun of one of the best administrators/politicians India has ever produced? You do know he was talking to a national audience and trying to convey his message ... to the best of his language abilities, right? I can understand when ycp trolls or some musugus here make fun of his english. What I don't understand is how someone like you who calls himself a TDP abhimani, resorts to this kind of behavior. I can speak english ... that doesn't make me better than CBN ... think about it.
  14. Perfect CBN ni kindaki thosi leadership theesukondi ante okkadi daggara answer ledu. next 5 years party ni build chesi, election gelichi ... evado konkiska ganni cm cheyyalanta ... ye lokam lo untaru saami elections geliche situation unte CBN is the best CM ... how can anyone deny that with a straight face? Again, CBN age is not the problem ... he's in perfect health. He's about the same age as modi.
  15. I have to agree with this. TG vallu maree intha darunamaina caste feeling tho eppudu leru naaku thelisi.
  16. aa list lo @ncbn aa? emi chesthunnaru ani @ncbn ni adagataniki ithaniki manasela vacchindo
  17. uhh ... lets make it 4.5 years ... he'll be back in full force right before next gen elections. che guvera anta ... picchi lannja koduku.
  18. polavaram meeda CBN padina kastham chusi kuda ee result iccharu ante ... enduku saami manaki ee thapathrayam? Evarni uddarinchadaniki? edo sametha laga ... kandaku leni durada manakenduku? Let's get out of this reformer mindset ... let's play the game ... we may never come back to power ... but, atleast we don't have to answer to anyone.
  19. AP prajalu demullu saami ... demullu. One of the striking reasons I hear for TDP loss is ... youth. They permanently damaged (atleast for a generation) their future and their kids future too. Intha murkhanga alochinche youth ni ekkada chudala ... TDP ki poyedi emi ledu ... CBN ki poyedi emi ledu ... grama voluteers gaa 5k kosam chusthu bathakatame inka. Janalu okkasari kuda alochincharemo ... living with dignity anedi lost concept anukunta.
  20. decentralize concept manchide ... kani, I don't think it'll work as intended. just like Janmabhoomi, these 'volunteers' will undermine everything and corrupt it. It already started with the selection.