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  1. minion

    cbn in srikakulam dst

    Athanni ignore cheyyandi ... no point in discussing with him ... he's beyond redemption.
  2. minion


    adhikaram vachhaka kcr sagam champadu TDP ni. There is no guarantee congi will let us survive if they get the power. Don't forget congi's past. Fair game kakapothe not worth any naa abhiprayam. Manam independent gaa enough seats gelisthe ... hung vasthe who knows ... manaki adv ravachemo. at this point congi wants to take adv of us. valla power kosam manam vallani moyyalsina pani ledu. Mutual benefit undali. Lekapothe light. TG public realize ayyevaraku em cheyyalem.
  3. minion


    padante bayataki occheyyatam better. Poyedem ledu. TG ki intha chesina party ni ila marginalize chesthunte baadesthadi.
  4. Akkade petrol posi thagalabedithe poyedi ... mosukellatam enduku ee chettani.
  5. Exactly ... Chiru was creatively callled gobama for a reason ... (it was coined by none other than our ... GOM ) Abbooo ... 2008/9 prajarayam gurinchi chepithe thelisedi kaadule ... sontha kallatho sudalsinde aa dourbagyam ...
  6. minion

    A case of Blasey Ford

    There are few good men who follow their conscience ... Some in the battle field see it differently ... I may sound ambivalent here ... but, I'm not ... a case of a soldier ... battle field is different (not pretending to be in one ... I had a chance, but bailed) ... you can't put them through this type of process ... but, what we're seeing is different though ... political types pretending to care ... A good scene from Few Good Men ...
  7. minion

    Ramu ... Love this guy!

    ramu ... meeru pette bottulo chala andam undi ... I'm so happy ... mee nanna garila meeru adi follow avthunanduku ... Don't let anyone tell otherwise.
  8. Integrity ... affiliation ... conviction ... call whatever you like ... this guy has it ... I'm just happy that he's one of us ... remarkable guy ...
  9. 'Ready' movie was one of the best movies I watched ... remarkable movie ...
  10. aa pilakay matram bhale unnadu saami ... emathram bhayam lekunda ...
  11. KA results tharuvatha mind dobbi kottha raagam etthukunnaru ... PK is AP kumaraswamy ani Veelu stock market analysts type annattu ... rojuki 10 conflicting posts estharu ... peda theeskoni godaki visirithe eppudo okasari stick avthadi ... then, they're going to come back with full force and tell us how they were right ivi mamul characters kadule ...
  12. minion


    abbai neelo chala siddantham undi (I know you're a thoughtful man and so is Chandas) ... mee iddari sarasam db lo highlight annattu You guys (among others) are the reason I come to this DB everyday Love this forum ...