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  1. emo doc ... even isis lo kuda oka conviction kanipisthadi naaku ... I see nothing but treachery and outright stealing from chinese ... trust me ... nothing good can possibly come out of chinese ...
  2. as in your tv schedule?
  3. minion

    KA Paul Fires On CBN

    I hope jathi is not holding their breath on this guy ...
  4. minion

    KA Paul Fires On CBN

    ithanu kallu peddavi chesthe clinton matash, trump matash, bush matash cbn matash ... emanukuntunnaru meeru? chitika vesi 100 trillion dollars (1000s of billionaires at his disposal) ni command cheyyagaladu ...
  5. minion

    KA Paul Fires On CBN

    hate to bring jaffar as reference ... but here it goes ... jaffar: meeku picchi ani andaru anukuntunnaru ...
  6. minion

    Khammam and Kukatpally

    Uravakonda bro ... I know you like TDP ... but, enduko mee posts lo negative aspects ye kanispthai naaku ... may be its just me ... bhajana cheyyamani naa uddesam kaadu ... I know you're TDP supporter ... but remember, positive energy goes a long way ...
  7. minion

    KA Paul Fires On CBN

    paul gaaru kannerra chesthe clinton, bush trump lake dikku ledu ... CBN entha.
  8. minion

    Good Morning All

    hey RamaSidduJ, Snap out ... this election result is not the beginning nor the end ... stop posting read only stuff ir leaving msgs ... you won't ... pull yourself together, will you?
  9. minion

    Amaravati Happy Nest bookings

    glad to hear that ... it does something to control the flippers.
  10. hell, I'm ok to see something permanent ... I don't trust chinese ... nothing positive can possibly come from them ... I'd rather trust isis
  11. naa opinion ... mooseyyandi ... there is nothing good that can come from chinese ... nothing ...
  12. minion

    Feeling gajagaja

    praja kootami bagundi ...