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  1. compassion among law makers ... especially those who can make the decisions ... is rare these days ... I'm just happy to see that some are still out there ... thinking about others ...
  2. minion

    Daggupati in NTR

    Puran and DVR gurinchi alochisthe ... enduko kadupulo manta vasthadi ... They never really evolved beyond hating CBN ... its incredible to see how little this couple has become ...
  3. minion

    Anna canteen proddutur live response

    Lot of credit goes to Akshyapatra ... they do spectacular job ... I hope everyone considers directing some of their charity funds to them ... Akshyapatra will use your money wisely ...
  4. heavy duty gas producing device this is hilarious
  5. I agree ... (I didn't know this) It'll be spectacular if they can focus on pre '85
  6. minion

    Open Heart with Ashok Gajapati Raju

    Interesting ... CBN has been making critical decisions ... when needed And no, Raju garu wasn't saying CBN can't make decisions.
  7. I hope the people involved go beyond their basic instincts ... Two of the most I respect are on this project ... Balayya and Kris ... they'll do the right thing ...
  8. minion

    Kesineni Nani

    Nani was a successful business man ... long before Congress or bjp or TDP ... he's trying to do something beyond ... something meaningful ...
  9. minion

    Chintamaneni massss

    Everytime I see Chintamaneni ... he reminds of Ravi ... You rock dude
  10. No, you're not wrong. I would not watch this if Tarak is not there in it in some positive capacity ... he's the one who invigorated the spirit ... NTR is larger than life ... but, I want to see Tarak a small part of that legend's history ...
  11. minion


    I think Rana will represent CBN beautifully ...
  12. minion

    Telangana lo nijalu.

    TG meeda NTR alochana okati ... current situation inkokati ... TG ... If you want to live in perpetual servitude ... that's your choice ... You want to change the status quo? You want a voice? VOTE for TDP! Look back at what it was back in the early days of TDP ... TDP is still here with the same commitment ... you people need to pick up the baton ... TDP CANNOT do it alone ...