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  1. elections ayye varaku ee lagadam gaanni godatlo muchandi ... bevakoof gaadu. surveys cheyyatam lo thappu ledu. Elections mundu ee roju rendistha repu rendistha ... ee jyothilakshmi dance lu endira bevakoof.
  2. vaadu foolish kaadu ... he is one of those who would do ANYTHING to get to that power. Ethics, morals anevi vaadiki vaadi fans ki completely repulsive words annattu ...
  3. Manaki ee politiks paniki raavule Rajni Sir. Its important to fight the political battle in a democracy ... but it takes conviction and commitment ... it takes throwing yourself out there ... I don't think you have it in you ... sorry, you're not a leader ... lets stick to movies.
  4. minion

    sri reddy

    yes, please Maybe we are being unfair. CBN has certain way of handling things. He doesn't let TDP get into ugliness. As much as I want to see responses from TDP folks on every little thing ... its just not dignified, I guess. It just brings us down to their level. So, in a way I'm ok with the way things are currently ... people need to make informed decision. Vote with conscience ... your vote matters and it has consequences.
  5. minion

    NVK brother

    Yes, I miss his critical analysis too ... he was good. We all went wrong on T elections ... I'd put it aside.
  6. minion

    NVK brother

    I hope you consider coming back here. I know there were some bad incidents ... but, like I said before, you were a valuable member of this forum. Please come back.
  7. minion

    Terrorist Attack - Numbers - True ?

    Exactly my thought too ... why?
  8. minion

    Terrorist Attack - Numbers - True ?

    So, we are supposed to dance with whatever you guys spread around?
  9. minion

    Terrorist Attack - Numbers - True ?

    this is the best Modi govt can do? Withdraw security of some maroon noname separatist? Seriously? RSS and Dal must be dancing with ecstasy.
  10. PSP gelichi power loki ravalani Dr Paul CM avvalani ... lakshala kotlu AP ki thesthadani asisthu ... itlu mee dootha minion
  11. minion

    Terrorist Attack - Numbers - True ?

    Vote with conscience ... your vote has consequences.
  12. minion

    Terrorist Attack - Numbers - True ?

    make no mistake ... current bjp is the ugliest you would ever see ... I have seen congres before ... even ysr doesn't come close to these mosha thugs.