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  1. Exactly. Antha pessimistic approach avasaram ledu ... especially after elections are done. EVMs kapadukonte chalu. Vasthe vastham lekapothe ledu ... next few weeks lets talk something else ... lets not pay any attention to ycp bragging. oka naanudi undedi ... minga methuku lekapoina reddy kaddar eskoni thuruguthadu ani ... egaranivvandi ... adi valla naijam. This only applies to ycp reddies ... didn't mean to hurt anyone ... you guys know me well ... 5/23 rojuna na vasthe vastham ... lekapothe ledu ... don't put too much importance on it. TDP did its part, CBN did his part ... we did our part. Let the chips fall where they may ... Ika A2 comments on CBN and Lokesh ... vaadu entha chillara vedhavano ... vaadi comments ye cheptai ... no explanation needed. Take it easy and enjoy the show the next few weeks.
  2. Thanks MKC, Abhi, Munna for putting these messages together
  3. Special poll observer huh ... how convenient ... its not going to fly ... try something else ...
  4. maa anna Jagan Amarica president kavalsinodu ... cheap gaa AP CM post ki paakulattam ... maa kharma le ...
  5. idee bjp valla manasika paristhithi ...
  6. Chechu Ramayya ... alanti manishi ki respect istham kaani ... thala thoka leni puran venkateswarrao lanti vallu enduku ... silly people. Oka conviction ledu paadu ledu ... cbn meeda dvesham thappa ...
  7. I was surprised to see greetings from Modi ... but, its good. I take it positive.
  8. you got to know why he's smiling ... child is missing. everything is about context.
  9. ee porcupine gaadu rg meeda britain court ki povatam endo kamedy gaa ...