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  1. minion


    Ade kada. sketch vesina neeku naaku kuda theleedu ... ee mundamopiki ela thelisindo mari
  2. minion


    ippudu oka bevakoof gaadu vasthadani cheppa gada ... expect that. vaadi drusti lo nuvvu nenu (inkondaru) kalisi offline lo oka scheme thayaru chesamanta ... vaadi mundamopini counter cheyyataniki.
  3. CBN antha chesina ... chivariki gaddi pettaruga prajalu ... emanukovalo theleetamla. ippudu inkoka vasthadu ... nuvvu nenu oka grand plan chesthunnam ani ... against him ... vaadi imagination ki oka dandam saami. BTW, that post was deleted ... vaadi kamedy mamulga undadule.
  4. Innellu athanu padda kastham chusi ... daakkunnadu anataniki ... meeku manasela oppindayya
  5. emanna crowd aa asalu. Trump Inauguration ki kuda intha mandi rala.
  6. aa video meeda oka comment okati ... intha ahasamanam anta .... Jagan is attending a program. Let him do that.
  7. aa video lo emundi asalu? 5 seconds video that shows nothing. Enduku vestharu ilantivi? Perhaps, I need to look at the source and comment there. polisec in this db has become a dumpyard.
  8. recession is not always what financial porn media makes it out to be ... its not the end of the world. Most working people like us don't even see it until its over and next economic expansion begins. Just ignore those idiots on CNBC and affiliates. They're there to sell their nonsense on tv. Watch this instead you'll feel much better and you're bank account will be safe.
  9. bjp ani guddal chinchukone batch ki deeni meeda matlade opika unda? I'm willing to spend time finding facts and have a reasonable discussion. AP bjp kukkala hadavudi kaadu ... real numbers that is.
  10. There are many decent folk here ... they deserve decent responses. If you know me at all ... I'm not a person to put down fellow members ... you know that already. But, some need strong responses. Some need to be put in their places ... If you're one of those decent members ... and if you take offense to my recent posts ... please don't. My comments were targeted at some who come here to spew venom. Not you. Please remember that.