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  1. Chese prathi panilo pranamuntundi ... Eee Ramayananiki Valmiki evaro ippudu thelisindi ... just super
  2. No, you did not. It was just ecstatic ... glad you posted this in PS
  3. nee comedy thagaleyya ... bhale dorikav gaa maaku
  4. Exactly. Social media will not be a deciding factor in any Indian elections. Its a different beast. Number of people reading up on online trash is insignificant ... let alone the number that get influenced ... I wouldn't get too carried away with this online nonsense ... See if you can reach out to those reasonable people in your neighborhood ... that's going to have lot more impact.
  5. minion

    mahanadu today

    You rock dude
  6. minion

    mahanadu today

    ran out of likes for today oka saari bjp tho cut anukunnaka CBN execute chesina speed ... dimma thirigindi andariki ... especially bjp. Glad to see TDP cadre approves some of the recent changes ... its important.
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    నా 23,45,671 వ పుస్తకం చదువుతూ
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    MODI Report Card

    veedi 'strenah' explanation ... nbnb le ... not to mention the whole thing is so ridiculous ...