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  1. I agree with other points, but IMO, I don't think these were contributing factors given the circumstances
  2. Just like Aadhar, this will be abused. Collecting this kind of information without safeguards is a disaster waiting to happen.
  3. CBN should have known this ... with mega maroons playing their role.
  4. I don't know who convinced CBN of Kapu appeasing ... its a disaster.
  5. ee db lo post chesindi follow aithe ... ika matte. buddunna tdp leader evadu deenni follow avvadu
  6. veedu enduku navvuthado enduku edusthado theleedu. elementary school pillalu better
  7. Good poll G IMO, its not one single thing. Most important one is ... mosha wanted complete surrender... and CBN didn't want to do that ... rightfully so. Any leader who elevated himself to the level of CBN ... isn't going to subject himself to that. NTR never yielded, why would I expect CBN to comply? Culprit? BJP.
  8. cadre antha amayakulu emi kadule ... read chandas posts
  9. evariki thagalali? Paina evaro annattu ... who actually cares? AP people look at him like a ... well ... what he did to manage the crisis ... anybody cares? why should we? I'd let it go.
  10. doesn't matter. This db is just too insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
  11. This db is just too small brother. It'll not reflect anything.
  12. NTR ki CBN ki stark difference undi brother. Ee fight lo chanipoyina oka sodarudi savametthina samskaram NTR di. Hate to say, CBN doesn't have it.