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  1. Voting rights for NRI's

    Why postal ballot doesn't make sense? Its obviously not the cost. Come down to vote? Now I know you're pulling leg Its not about whether absentee ballots support TDP or YCP. Its about what's rightfully yours. There is a reason most major democracies in the world facilitate absentee ballots.
  2. GST 2.0

    Policy makers and govt nunchi in-depth analysis expect chesa before implementation. Ee amendments chusthe govt ye mathram alochinchindo artham avthundi. Within few months of gst, 28% to 5% (not that I'm complaining). Hate to say this, but chidambaram is right. How are they going to enforce this with businesses already increased prices based on 28%. Unlikely to come down.
  3. Voting rights for NRI's

    There are lot of non-citizens live in India who know 'ground realities' ... should they have voting rights because they live and know problems? How do you measure 'willingness to come back to the country'? Voting is a citizen's constitutional right, not a charity by govt. You cannot decide based on some arbitrary measures.
  4. Voting rights for NRI's

    Indian citizens ki (temporarily living outside) postal ballot facility ivvataniki objection enduku. Its their constitutional right.
  5. Ee bjp mundalaki common sense meeda class pettali ... valla policies edi oppose chesina anti-national. Intha intolerance endi saami ... bhale thayarayyarule ee bjp vallu. Ilanti thokkalo policies bjp/congi ne kaadu ... CBN chesina oppose chestham. Its citizens responsibility to keep the govt honest.
  6. last few images kanipinchatam ledu ... 'removed' ani vasthondi.
  7. ee judge emiti, mastaar ki road meeda namaskaram pettatamemiti ... thala thoka leni ee comparisons emiti. Anyway, nee opinion needi, naa opinion naadi ... I didn't comment on you personally, see if you can extend the same courtesy.
  8. take it easy dude ... national anthem ki icche respect meeda kaadu issue ... theater lo play cheyyatam emitani ... ekkada aguthundi ee pichhi ... next what, play in restaurants, bathrooms? Ila chesi danikunna value ni pogoduthunnaru. school lo lechi nunchune vallaki sincerety ledantunnav. Ela chuinchali feeling, battalu chinchukovalna. Come on man, you're a reasonable person. levakapothe levaledu antaru, lesthe feeling ledu ... schools lo pilakayalni savathenkandi feeling chipinchevaraku.
  9. Ck babu joined bjp

    nijame, ameku sigganipinchademo ee batch tho nilabadataniki.
  10. Eodb

    eodb howle gallu evaluation complete kakamunde rendu nelala mundu meaningless temp standings pettatamento ... comedy ni thenka.
  11. Eodb

    eenadu tabloid la avthadani eppudu anukola daatar.