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  1. thank you brother, yes doing that and a lot of other activities but it is very difficult to keep entertaining an active, outdoor child who's attention span is less and wants adventure every minute he is awake. 😀😀 Allari baaga chese pillalaki intlo koorchovalante kashtam kadaa. Garden lo konni activities plan chesaam ayinaa vaallaki bayata tiragatam, friends kavaali. Inka ennallo ee lockdown.
  2. prastutaaniki 3 weeks lock down lo unnam kaani virus cases peak ayye chances unnayi next few weeks lo. So this could possibly be extended for a long time. I wish I am wrong because picchekki pothundi intlo koorchoni. My toddler is quite an outdoor kid and he's getting seriously bored.
  3. poyevaallu pothaane untaaru vacchevaallu vastaane untaaru antha time.
  4. correct brother... baga chepparu. Kula picchi alaage ippudu matha picchi kooda ekkistunnaru
  5. It is a very good idea. APSRTC are setting an example for sure.