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  1. This is not about BJP or TDP or Modi brothers. It is about becoming part of an opportunity to build a temple for Sri Rama which has come after 500 years. In 1992, Rama bhaktas from Andhra pradesh were among the first to reach and demolish the accursed Babri structure. In fact, Andhra karsevaks were the largest group, even more than those from UP or any other state. When you see the bricks collected for building the temple, you will see that many of the bricks have శ్రీ రామ written in Telugu, second only after Hindi. That is the bhakti of Telugu people towards Rama. If Modi or any other tries to cheat people in Rama's name, he will certainly face the consequences. I also pray for the same. But do not let your dislike for Modi or any party become hate for Sri Rama. Jai Sriram.
  2. Ova in Russian means daughter. Ovich means son of. So Pavanova and Pavanovich mean daughter and son of Pavan.
  3. Any policy research or higher learning institute automatically gets hijacked by Marxists/communists who subvert the institute founder's original intent and turn it into a den of anarchy, corruption and antinationalism.JNU, TISS, HCU are a few examples. I hope the institute's founders find the right balance of professors, advisors and guides, while exercising sufficient control to keep it on the right path. I just read that Nidhi Razdan is on the advisory board.
  4. There is no point going to the fundamental roots of religions. In stead, let us ask and answer, (at least to ourselves) these questions. 1. Which religion carries the heaviest penalty for criticizing it's Gods and prophets?- Is it Hinduism? 2. Which religion has a very organized setup to convert people spending billions of dollars and millions of missionaries every year?- Is it Hinduism? 3. Which religion has the death penalty for converting out of it?- Is it Hinduism? 4. Which religion is completely closed to change and reform and insists that people follow old practices dating back to more than a 1000 years?-Is it Hinduism? 5. Which religion while in minority, agitates for minority rights and while in majority, kills the minorities off?-Is it Hinduism? Criticizing and denigrating Hinduism(in the garb of Hindutva) is safe, easy and can get you many rewards with almost zero risk. That's why it's so popular.