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  1. Money from anti Hindu forces. She will abuse one caste. People from other castes will keep quiet or be happy as they may not like that caste. She or some other shytebag will repeat this with another caste. Others will keep quiet. This will be repeated until each and every caste hates the other and there is a complete breakdown of relations.
  2. It is very difficult for a student coming from a weak financial background to stay in Hyderabad searching for a job. As you said there are free Govt. hostels for SCs, STs and BCs. OCs from poor families, especially if they are trying for Govt. jobs have to spend at least 2 years in Hyd for coaching. Earlier there used to be a system where a poor student ate at a different house for each day of the week. Charity begins from home and next comes caste and finally the whole society.