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  1. K kg apple 500 aa..120-130 vundochu...
  2. LOL

  3. Modi speech

    veedu issue ni side track chestunnadu ga....veedu chesina neechapu panulu vadilesi congress mida paddadu
  4. Parliament lo

    aa expression
  5. 100 jobs removed from hyderabad metro

    fares too high short distances ki
  6. Vote for note case

    Ee analysis lu anni TV channels ki food tappiste no impact at all....as long as jaffa's mindset doesn't change TDP can aim for at-least 115 in 2019
  7. BJP failure Analysis

    amit shah gadu modi pakkana vunnantha varaku modi gadu gallone vuntadu...doesn't matter if they loose or win KA
  8. Vote for note case

    Nothing will happen bro..BJP tho kalisi vunna lekapoyina pedda impact emi vundadu...easy win for TDP in 2019...prajalu CBN ni chusi vote vestaru they are not concerned about BJP or some 'X' party ..they know if they vote for jaffa AP would become more or less bihar
  9. Ttd coverted people

  10. Please tweet CBN and Lokesh

    Pagavaniki kuda ee kastam raakodadu
  11. Jc