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  1. True..Kamma's are with TRS, Reddies split between TRS and Congress.. Pani leni chillar youth batch and so called intellectuals are with pushpam
  2. Andhra Gorrella kante ekkuva em kadule ippudu TG lo...ippudu Andhra sentiment pani cheyyadu evaru vachina.. Next elections lo BJP Vs TRS tough fight vuntadi..
  3. BB3 lo cameo role ivvalani NFDB Fans nirasana
  4. Indake Intiki vocharu batch..neenu party fund ivvanu ani cheppi pampinchesa
  5. Appatlo army mida comments evite vunnayo..
  6. Modi mida hatred ok..kaani prati dantlo tappu chudadam ..
  7. Hyderabad lo ninna night beebatsam lbnagar -Hayathnagar area lo
  8. No idea ..... don't know how they are going to maintain them...because each bus costs more than a crore.....
  9. Idi tirupati- tirumala trial run esaru now brought to amaravathi....once the trial run is done they would procure more buses.... BYD delivered 5 buses to TSRTC last week out of 100 buses ordered , next delivery to APSRTC within 3-4 weeks
  10. Have to visit once...rainy season lo ithe bavuntadi anukunta