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    Anni baney vunnayi kani labahalu vache routes lo ekkuva buses veyyakapoga vunna buses ni teesestunnaru due to pressure from few Pvt travels owned by politicians...Bangalore- Vijayawada route KSRTC, travels vallu making profits APSRTC matram Hyderaabd-Vijayawada tappiste inko route mida no concentration...
  2. NTR28th Shoot Begins from Today

  3. India Map

    70 ఏళ్ల స్వతంత్ర భారత దేశ పరిస్థితి చూసాక ఓ చిత్రకారుడు గీసిన భారత దేశ చిత్రపటం.
  4. #GoBackModi

    #ModiMukthBharat BJP ante vunna respect mottam modi and banda shah gadi valla dobbindi
  5. INS Viraat ship

    In July 2015, it was announced that the ship would be transferred to the Government of Andhra Pradesh for conversion into a museum ship at a cost of ₹20 crore (US$3 million) with Chandrababu Naidu, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh confirming the same on 8 February 2016. By April 2016, however, the plans had apparently fallen through. Attempted preservation The Viraat's eventual fate remains undetermined. A British businessman's proposal to preserve the Viraat failed when its crowdfunding campaign failed to make a tenth of its goal. If the Viraat is not preserved, she will be scrapped
  6. BJP true colors

    ache din kosam ilantivi bharinchali antunna pushpams
  7. Rey Rey Rey endhiraa ee elevations

    cut drawer mukkuku kattukoni nadavalsindi
  8. NTR at #IPLadShoot


  10. APSRTC

    adoka tuppasi app...Tsrtc and APSRTC Vallaki TCS vallu chesaru..most of the times pani cheyyadu
  11. Check your vote

    link chesinattu gurthu..may be I was mistaken..Modi gari valla ememi link chesamo kuda gurthu vundatle