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  1. ledu bro. land cools down/heats up only at top layer. deep underneath say 100 ft below temperature is pretty much same across all tropical regions.
  2. poll questions were picked to get result favorable to B odi.
  3. swarnandhra

    Saudi MBS announcements

    Good. But after Jamal Khashoggi muder he became pariah in international arena. A leader like Indian Prime minister's (does not matter who it is) public reception would be a welcoming event for him.
  4. swarnandhra

    TDP list

    Bonda Uma ledu ga
  5. swarnandhra

    Farmer confidence level

    Do you mean Social Media (SM)?
  6. endi idi, B odi kante mahan laga vunnadu ga ee Doval saab.
  7. swarnandhra


  8. swarnandhra

    YCP Guntur MP candidate

    inthaki Puran Madam contest chestundi BJP tarupuna or YCP?
  9. GST calculations loki rada?
  10. swarnandhra

    Pujalu chesukoka meekenduku i rocchu

    meeru cheppedi ela vundi ante Tara Chowdary or Sri Reddy ni tidithe adi aa community mottanni tittinatlu ani annatlu vundi.
  11. swarnandhra

    Pujalu chesukoka meekenduku i rocchu

    yup, eedu poorvasramam lo chesina leelalu chala vunnayi.
  12. swarnandhra

    Pujalu chesukoka meekenduku i rocchu

    aa maata annadi ee fake swamiji ni vuddesinchi. Brahmins ni kadu.
  13. swarnandhra


    yup, probably 6-9 months a year
  14. swarnandhra


    no, not through out the year (not at full capacity at least). Polavaram hydro electric generator water head is very low. You need many times more water to generate 1MW compared Sileru or other generators. So basically, this will generate full power only few weeks in a year during flood (in other words when the water overflows Dowleswaram barrage). it will be generating far less than its capacity during most of the year. if you run these generators at full capacity it will empty the dam in couple of weeks.
  15. swarnandhra

    NTR Amaravati International Airport

    Same with Singapore. This stupid Indigo does n't have code sharing agreements with anybody. it is big headache flying to Gannavaram
  16. swarnandhra

    Terrorist Attack - Numbers - True ?

    why indian government providing security to these separatists to begin with
  17. swarnandhra

    Terrorist Attack - Numbers - True ?

    This is outright insult to Army. I don't think anybody on this DB would do that in any flow. coming back to original intent of this thread. I remember you posted a while ago showing these incidents went down in the last 4 years. But numbers here are quite opposite. can you share your info again ?
  18. swarnandhra

    Terrorist Attack - Numbers - True ?

    expressing opinion is spreading rumors aa? these tactics are worse than communist/dictatorships. inka nayam BJP ki vote estene patriot ani analedu. Understood the last point though.
  19. swarnandhra

    Terrorist Attack - Numbers - True ?

    orni, TDP vallakante pushpam galle ekkuva chustunnatlunnaru DB ni. PMO ki kadu. direct ga B odi gadi personal twitter ki tweet chesukomanandi. uff.
  20. Looks like some got benefitted and some others lost. I hope the first category is majority
  21. Avuna, maadi ade. Maa polam 15 lacs nunchi 25 lacs ayyindi. Inthaki meeru cheppedi acre entha?
  22. Area konchem cheppandi bro. Sincere request.