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  1. Happy Birth Day CBN Sir !!! Wish you a long healthy life to fulfill your vision for AP !!!
  2. ee case evaraina scams lo leni Modi veyyali gaani, ee Lalit Modi veyyatam enti, andu lonu Britain lo. eedu inka India British colony anukuntunnada Asalu mundu Britain meeda legal proceedings start cheyyali ilanti scam artists landarini valla country loki allow chestunnanduku.
  3. EC transfer chesina officers andarini fast track promotion route/prominent postings lo pettali government form chesina taruvatha. heck with being nice.
  4. so, US citizenship poyindi seat poindi. ippudu DVR odipothe next Communists kuda ticket ivvaru ee family ki
  5. They should not be allowed to do this kind if racial discrimination even at the on-campus cafeteria.
  6. ayyundocchu. evaro fund chesaro teliyadu kani chivariki voter ki matram 500 ekkuve andindi.
  7. naku telisina 3 constituencies (2 Krishna, 1 Guntur) lo YCP kante ekkuve iccharu
  8. aa bullet trains, inka gujarath ki promise chesinavi anni ayithe inko 10 paisalu peruguddi next term ki.
  9. When did ECI added PM to the exception list? before or after B odi became PM?
  10. "who do you think?" enti, idedo chintal basti evvaram laga vundi
  11. malli baffas other party caste politics gurinchi criticize cheyyatam 😀
  12. @Bommidi srini please remove specific details.
  13. This is dumber than "d o g ate my homework" excuse
  14. This is good point and I am 100% sure EC or ECIL won't dare doing.
  15. TG accent antha clear ga vunte adi AP lo ante evaru nammutaaru?
  16. are you following the news? Mechanics spent several hours at hundreds of booths. If that is not physcial access then what is physical access?
  17. we are only talking about with physical access is n't it? Calculators don't use CPU, data memory, Program memory ...etc separately. There is no separate program to hack. They use ASIC. And I can safely presume these EVMs are not using asics based on the fact that they are using 3,4 AA batteries in each machine. That is huge power requirement. ASICs don't need that much. Yes vendor do upgrade software from time to time. But who is checking/auditing the machines returned from the field that they are not altered?
  18. You mean to say EVM machine may have better security, of course yes but who said there is no security in commercial display boards 😀? Yes, I said in my every sentence, it depends on "time" and "resources". If you are talking about few crores, no. few hundred cores, may be. Few thousand crores, definitely yes. I am not saying EVMs used in AP elections were hacked. not at all. My argument is only about whether is is possible or not. Time: Hackers had plenty of time on their hands. Somebody could have gotten few units of each model from BHEL/ECIL couple of years earlier. could have reverse engineered and made working model of their own by now. question is how the hacked software gets in to the official EVMs in polling booths. Since these machines don't have networking support, you can't hack them in bulk. every machine had to be physically accessed to alter/hack. This is where the mechanic comes in. Fighter Jets: complex thing is not hacking (for a country like china) but the delivery. suppose china hacked Rafael software offline. How can they put hacked software in Indian jet? Are we going to allow chinese engineers to repair our Jets just like EC sent mechanics to repair EMV s in booths? By the way, software that runs Samsung phone is million times more complicated than these basic push button scanners so called Electronic Voting Machines.
  19. Once you have physical access to electronic hardware any thing and everything can be hacked. it all depends on amount of time and resources that goes in to it. Of course this gets easier if one has insider help. Why do you need DLLs ? No junky windows DLL stuff involved in these machines. This is called embedded software. Some refer it as firmware/micro code/machine code. We hacked machine code of Electronic Display board like the one used in train stations and other public places as 3rd year students without any help. I can imagine what a professional can do if lot of money is involved. 100s machines were 'repaired' for hours at a time. That is more than enough time not just replace "chips", they can replace the entire PCBA (printed circuit board assembled, some times called mother board) in 5 minutes. I know what I am talking about. With enough time and the need everything can be hacked, Rafael, Boeing does not matter. They are "safe" as long as they don't get in to the hands of hackers (physical access). On a lighter note, where do you think China copied all their fighter jets 😀
  20. wireless/internet access enduku physical access vunnappudu(in the name of mechanics)?
  21. asalu YSR bratiki vunte Jagga picture lo ki enduku vastadu, Sonia ki aa avasaram emundi?
  22. YSR bratiki vunte, TRS lo mukkodu tappa evadu vunde vadu kadu inko 1 year lo. endi YSR meeda action teesukunedi. aa maha metha, tanu tinatame (a.k.a Jagan) kadu, Delhi ki kuda funding chesadu.
  23. Telugu ame kada ani ally ki against ga poti chestunte ameki support cheyyala? em parledu. win/loose different thing. friend ki support cheyyatam correct. ayina ee sympathy drama ekkuva ayipoindi, kharma.