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  1. Giddi Eeswari

  2. barbaric TS govt

    I think "edit" option goes away after 30 minutes or so
  3. barbaric TS govt

    yeah, sterilization is better. they are already doing some sort of sterilization and claim to have sterilized 1.6 lacs already(????). Ther are 8.4 lac dogs in GHMC and more migrating from adjacent villages every day. it is not an easy task.
  4. barbaric TS govt

    Is this new? I remember seeing street dogs being electrocuted en-masse many times in united AP. This is far more humane than that. How should they be killed?
  5. polavaram

    ivi emi ideas? kharchu antha state budget lo veyyadam kuda idea na?
  6. Undavalli Press Meet Latest

    I don't see where he said he wants to apologize to CBN. Is it right video?
  7. ame Ratna Kumari kada. I thought this is about padma. I was confused... Now, I realize author was referring to Dasari Narayana Rao's wife.
  8. ame father valla inti peru Dasari. husband intiperu Vangaveeti.
  9. Nuisance characters

    What is wrong in calling somebody living in Hyderabad as "non resident andhrite" ? That is far more respectable than "settler" used by TRS and gang.
  10. AP Govt Serious On Nandi Awards Issue

    This is the right thing to do. In fact, we should extend this requirement to tax exemptions also.
  11. Nagarjuna Sagar

    is this under NS? or all of AP?
  12. Nagarjuna Sagar

    you side tracked your argument in one of the above post. your original line of argument is that RMC is not getting water for wet crops because Rayalaseema is given "your" water. This is nothing but stirring up passions and bring political divide. Not good, but I understand the pain. Later you seem to suggest people are right in believing CBN is against farmers. I strongly believe this is not true and in fact you are contradicting your self. you are right in demanding the concerned minister to publish utilization data though. What I meant by LMC got higher priority than RMC is, before division Krishna delta used to get first priority and and the rest of the available water was shared between RMC and LMC. now LMC/TG has it own allocation at first/equal priority. So, yes LMC (TG part) will always be higher priority than all AP regions by virtue of having physical control of the dam and also being the only major source of utilization.
  13. Nagarjuna Sagar

    LMC and RMC are 132 TMC each. AP (krishna district) has 25% share in LMC. since krishna district ayacut is at tail end of LMC ayacut a.k.a TG, I am not sure we got any water this year. However, they have better chanches going forward with multiple projects under construction to lift Godavari water.
  14. Nagarjuna Sagar

    I am aware of LMC location and its ayacut very well bro. 570 feet vunnappudu RMC lo vari pantaki neeru entha iccharu, LMC ki entha iccharo oka sari chudandi. alanti lekkalu ippudu pani cheyyavu. TG has no better place to utilize krishna water than at NS. They take all their share from NS. asalu inthaki AP share entho decide chesinda board? If CBN is playing safe for summer drinking water needs then that is the right thing to do. However, If he is keeping water for early Khariff in krishna delta next season that is wrong.
  15. AP Govt Serious On Nandi Awards Issue

    AP state ki enduku intha xxxx. avasaram idi ? why not giving awards to Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi ...etc?