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  1. swarnandhra

    Brain drain 2.0

    Infrastructure, I agree. More should be done. My concern is promoting bitcoin type of things
  2. swarnandhra


    gula ekkuva vunte 1 cr icchukomanu no problem. Father property lo 50% ivvamani demand enti. Is n't that a legal matter ?
  3. swarnandhra

    Brain drain 2.0

    Hacking is institutionalized in Russia, N Korea and to some extent in China. So, should India do the same?
  4. swarnandhra

    NTR Amaravati International Airport

    movie folks traffic is nothing compared to students/NRI/parents/tourists in international travel.
  5. swarnandhra

    ap lo adugu pettanu

    ayina division chesina papam antha congress de annatlu cheptunnaru. BJP emaina cotton seed aa? They were equal partners in crime. Asalu inka cheppalante BJP is the first culprit for bringing up that idea 20 years before congress.
  6. swarnandhra

    ap lo adugu pettanu

    Congress gaining in AP is a good thing for TDP prospects as congress takes share exclusively from YCP.
  7. swarnandhra

    Amaravati IT sector

    G+7 would be taller than the tower 1, so it can't be. my guess is both parts of the tower 2 are G+6 of which 2 floors are under ground. above ground it would be same as old tower.
  8. swarnandhra

    Amaravati IT sector

    second "tower" is actually two parts/buildings adjacent to each other. one of them G+4 complete, second part, basement work is going on.
  9. swarnandhra

    Subramanian swamy

    not just south, even in north it is the state govt. Vaishno Devi temple is controlled by state Board just like TTD. One difference is board is nominated by Governor not Chief Minister. That was because board was created when there was no CM (under Governor/Presidents rule).
  10. swarnandhra

    Kshatriya Corporation Sadhana Samithi

    hammayya inka nayam, BC reservation kuda ivvali analedu.
  11. swarnandhra

    IAF plans to make Andhra Pradesh strategic base.

    IAF lu Army laki land ivvadam dandaga. vellu move ayyarante especially IAF, 30km radius lo development nill.
  12. inka nayam vigraham tho ne aapindi. veella ghanakaryanni ( I mean love story ni) 9th class pillala syllabus lo oka chapter ga pettamanaledu.
  13. swarnandhra

    IAF plans to make Andhra Pradesh strategic base.

    actually, mana dourbhagyam. twaralone eenni devunni chesina aascharyam ledu.
  14. swarnandhra

    IAF plans to make Andhra Pradesh strategic base.

    eedevadu mari forehead meeda helical antennas pettukunnadu