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  1. avi storm drain ki, dantlo entha pressure vuntundi. they are fine.
  2. 6 months yena? Hammayya, ee tuglak Indigo ni vadilesi Silkair or other codesharing agreements vunna airline ki ivvatam better. Singapore lo connecting flight easy avutundi.
  3. anthaa kadu. I remember that was only about bit of land on TG side near Srisailam dam . actually that small piece of land is important because of left bank hydro power station ?
  4. idemi argument? Egypt lo Nile river catchment area 5% kuda vundadu. but most of the water is utilized by them. catchment area kadu chusedi, whoever was using first gets priority over newly developed lands.
  5. ante West Godavari(534), Krishna (520, 521) and Guntur (522) aa?
  6. yup, probably 6-9 months a year
  7. no, not through out the year (not at full capacity at least). Polavaram hydro electric generator water head is very low. You need many times more water to generate 1MW compared Sileru or other generators. So basically, this will generate full power only few weeks in a year during flood (in other words when the water overflows Dowleswaram barrage). it will be generating far less than its capacity during most of the year. if you run these generators at full capacity it will empty the dam in couple of weeks.
  8. Same with Singapore. This stupid Indigo does n't have code sharing agreements with anybody. it is big headache flying to Gannavaram
  9. tadupari irrigation department. pimmata finance department. atu pimmata cold storage ki. Great news indeed.
  10. endi idi intha gandaragolam ga vundi
  11. is the flight originating in Vizag goes to Dubai or it is just a connecting flight to Hyd-Dubai flight?
  12. It should be vizag-vijayawada-Dubai(for distance purpose). But the propblem is, inernational flight can't land in India after taking off from origination.
  13. if water situation is bad they can re-use most of the water.