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  1. Jagga modi ki gattiga pettavu ga raa

    idedo pulihora mixing laga vundi. Modi/Manmohan ni enduku/ela sue chestaru. They sued Indian government for financial damages. all concerned departments gets notice to file counter/explaination/action.
  2. gujju vari telivi thetalu ela vuntayi ante, hyderabad ki daggara lo vunna machilipatnam (~300km) ni odilesi ~700km dooram lo vunna mumbai nunchi connection istandanta.
  3. Nagarjuna Sagar

    that is what most of the krishna delta follow. one wet crop and one dry crop (mostly black gram). dry crops you mentioned also increases nitrogen in the soil. coming back to wet+dry crops all over the state point, I don't think it is economical to supply water to wet crops that are 400meters high and 500km away from source. in addition to wet and dry there are perennial/horticulture types. Those types should be encouraged in such places. it hurts to see a farmer transporting water in tankers to save Cheeni/orange/lemon plants. they should get priority over somebody wants water for rice crop next to them.
  4. Nagarjuna Sagar

    ohh that is because rice is more tolerant to soil fertility than sugarcane or corn. just one example, I was just browsing another article by a chinese researcher. summary was rice roots can grow much better than orther crops in oxygen depleted soils (no tilling). I think we are stuck in nuances of cause and effect.
  5. Nagarjuna Sagar

    ledu bro. 2 rice crops a year depletes soil fertility more than any other crop. maa polala lo 25-30 bastala kante yeppudu datavu. that too with lot of feritilizers. maa relatives moved to TunagaBhadra basin (new farmlands) couple of decades ago. they get 40 bags with lesser fertilizer usage. stagnate water (stopped at Dam) irrigated soils don't get replinshed naturally (Krishna Delta) like flooded river based irrigated soils (Godavari Delta).
  6. yes, these districts will get their due. I have no doubt about it. that is not the point. issue is public mindset (resentment towards a capital Amaravati). pick randomly 10 college students each from the above 3 districts and chittoor and ask their opinion about development in Amaravati. you will see the difference.
  7. google translate: Makkal Neethi Maiam - People are the center of justice
  8. Medical Equipment park in Vizag

    jagga tho comparison ye waste. mana state lo ne kadu, ye state CM ki kuda ilanti vaati meeda intha idea vundadu. these are not just 100, 200 jobs. eco system they create bring many many times more. as far as technology is concerned he is like 3 year old kid (explore and want to know everything)
  9. Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram and Prakasam districts lo okka paisa kuda invest cheyyaledu ippativaraku. ayina kaani chittoor lo vunnantha negativity ledu. chittoor lo ekkuva seats ivvatam atunchi migatha vallani kuda padu chestunnaru twisted thinking tho.
  10. Mr.Feku

    just a tongue slip. edo oka Bhutto ne kada. raise chesindi Valid pointe. adi sare, Vajpayee kabatti ala chesadu. aayana follow ayina traditions yenni follow avutunnadu ee feku. chettu peru cheppi raali padina pindelu amme rakam.
  11. మహాన్యూస్ మూర్తి

    chinna pillallo kuda Amaravati meeda ee range lo negativity vundante seema 4 districts lo Chittor ke ekkuva industries vacchayi. ayina kaani migata anni chotla kante kuda ilanti vallu ikkade ekkuva. god forbid coastal nunchi evaraina CM ayithe inka anthe. not just this discussion, every public point (ABN) Tirupathi lo ide tune.
  12. sorry, not your post. yours is fine. I meant @rk09 pics. not just this thread. other threads also same problem.