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  1. RGV started

    nijam gane, vallu lawyers enti asalu?
  2. Balyya babu kumming

    ippati varaku pushpam anukunna. konni jaffa shades kuda vunnaye.
  3. Abn defamation case

    this seems too high. let me check.
  4. Abn defamation case

    it is not fee. fees is usually 50rs, 100rs etc. This is like deposit to discourage fake cases.
  5. Lokesh Tweets - Replies to PK

    content vunnodiki dumb xxx ki vunna theda ade.
  6. Abn defamation case

    1% deposit sounds reasonable.
  7. Abn defamation case

    10 cr ki deposit 1 lac anukunta. recently, Katti Mahesh said he is arranging 5 lacs needed to file 50 cr defamation case
  8. TV 9 raviprakash on PK video

    Ravindra Sannareddi does not own it whole. Srini Raju also has some stake.
  9. PK direct attack on CBN and Lokesh

    TV9 kontha share ammatunnaru ani news vacchindi a while ago. aa matter lo Srini Raju-Ravi Prakash madya nadichina matter ni ee tikka vedhava tana gurunche anukuni ekkuva ga voohinchu kuntunnada?
  10. Here is exclusive leaked private conversation between Sri Reddy and Transgender Tamannah Some main points discussed: Conversation between Sri Reddy and transgender leaked in social media and some startling facts revealed during their conversation. Both Sri Reddy and her friend and transgender were heard doing a private discussion about latest shocks they got in their fight and how to take forward this. Gist of their talk: Sri Reddy says RGV spoiled entire cause by giving wrong advice. He asked me to demand 5 crores to Sureh Babu, however I denied. RGV asked me to use M** word against Pawan Kalyan. Because of that one word entire movement spoiled. Sri Reddy says YSRCP did a great sketch in all this (but they didnt clearly reveal what sketch YSRCP did) We will not seek TDP support. TDP should come themselves and support us Mahaa Murthy bothered only about his TRP ratings and didn’t bother abou me.He has nothing against us but he only wanted his TRPs We will fight further in Delhi. Actress Madhavi Latha posting against me (Thamanna). Social media is agog with the rumors on YSRCP supporting us and giving us money but no party gave anything to us. I (Sri Reddy) am very very disheartened seeing our movement dissipating but will soon revive the fight. Don’t be in contact with anyone from YSRCP.(Didn’t reveal any specific name from YSRCP) As this is private discussion between two people, one of them must have leaked this audio. Leaked Private conversation between Sri Reddy and Transgender Tamannah Telugu360 is always open for the best and bright journalists. If you are interested in full-time or freelance, email us at Krishna@telugu360.com Read more at telugu360: Exclusive — Leaked private phone call between Sri Reddy and Tamannah https://www.telugu360.com/?p=174492
  11. happy bday leader

    Happy Birthday to the great visionary !!!
  12. CBN

    ledu sai. there are two parts in it. 1) SC-SC. BC-BC they get some amount. 2) SC-BC they get more. I am criticizing this part only.