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  1. same with @ask678. Has been out for a while
  2. that is through "intelligence" gathering from moles/agents or tapping. Not through surveys. If they want they can steal data from survey agencies it self. anthoti daaniki vallu survey cheyyala. ayina CIA survey cheyyatam daani BBC publish cheyyatam, manollu TV9 lo sollu kottatam, sari poyindi.
  3. this post dilutes everything you posted so far. this is 100% fake.
  4. until state go bankrupt. even now, there is no central support for those schemes. antha appu chesi pappu kudu ye. So, there won't be any difference.
  5. not "did" something. investors think he "will" get benefited from Modi's next government. Thats all.
  6. yup Trinamul went overboard for political gain against national interest. These BJP fekus will keep this issue alive for next 100 years to instigate and create hate.
  7. Do you realize your arguments are going tangential ? Are you saying election victory is vindication of development?
  8. Kumbhmela organization good. But how is it related to/help development ?
  9. Just like they developed UP? By the way don't give credit for Guajrat economical prowess to feku. Gujarat was #1 state by 1995 (before first BJP government formed)
  10. eavaridi Varma teesinda ? avasaledu le. aa incident appudu nenu bratike vunna.