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  1. swarnandhra

    NTR Amaravati International Airport

    is the flight originating in Vizag goes to Dubai or it is just a connecting flight to Hyd-Dubai flight?
  2. swarnandhra

    NTR Amaravati International Airport

    It should be vizag-vijayawada-Dubai(for distance purpose). But the propblem is, inernational flight can't land in India after taking off from origination.
  3. swarnandhra


    AP and TG are far worse than India. and AP is going to go further down in to abyss pretty soon with all the new schemes under consideration.
  4. swarnandhra

    Trump at cross roads?

    thats not true. Trump signed a bill recently to pay them back after the shutdown ends. If I remember correctly, they were paid after last shutdown during Obama tenure also.
  5. swarnandhra

    Amit shah ki

  6. swarnandhra

    Trump at cross roads?

    2 years is a long way to go. He has plenty of time to do stupid things. However, I do not believe these rating numbers. What I have observed is, people speak against him in public (for fear of being labeled racist/un compassionate ...etc), but privately lot of white male support him. Any thing that is changed in last 2 years is his support base has grown in that group.
  7. swarnandhra


    TRS-YCP alliance may not give killer edge to TDP. That advantage is already gone when CBN had said he tried for TRS alliance in TG. only hope now is somebody expose damage done by KCR in Polavaram, krishna water, division issues ...etc
  8. swarnandhra

    Ramayapatnam Port

    if water situation is bad they can re-use most of the water.
  9. swarnandhra

    Ramayapatnam Port

    iron ore is mixed with water and send through pipeline. at destination they remove water. It is already used in many places including Chattisgarh to Vizag by Essar Steel.
  10. swarnandhra

    Ibrahimpatnam lo land pooling

    150 meters ayithe, gollapudi houses (illegally occupied) kuda povu. 150 m ante NTPC ki water teesukelle canal varaku (this is true at least for Gollapalli and Suryapalem). but chance vaste vallani asalu vacate cheyinchatam better (from river up to canal).
  11. swarnandhra

    Ibrahimpatnam lo land pooling

    yeah, kani river front varaku buildings kattaniste, that look will be one of the best in the world. akkada acre 100cr daatina surprise vundadu.
  12. swarnandhra

    Ibrahimpatnam lo land pooling

    guntur side, kara katta varaku buildings evi vundakudadu ani law vunnatlundi.
  13. swarnandhra

    SP,BSP seat sharing details

    extra funds leka pothe we won't get much. Infact, we and other south indian states are loosing because of Modi's change of criteria for funds allocation to 2011 census instead of 1970 for fifteenth finance commission. Northern states contribution towards GDP perigina and assuming that is because of Modi (I doubt both) valla population increase valla net benefit is nill for us.