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  1. namontrnbk

    Tarak at Mahanati Audio

    Tarak at his best physique till date..
  2. namontrnbk


    NTR movie ki asalu whole industry attend ayyi aayanni gauravinchukovali.. asalu unity ledhu veellaki.. adhe a tamil , kannad vallu aithe unity adiripodhunu.. edaina balayya maatram get up lo anna garini saakshaatkarimpa chesaaru.. vijayaaniki tolimettu.
  3. namontrnbk

    pavan kalyan vs his fan kalyan dileep

    need of this thread is most of the media supporting pk, they are not willing to go against him. so it's our job to spread his wrong doings. mana meedha panneru vesukunte saripodhu.. pakkavadi meedha buradha kooda veyali.. avve ivalti politics.
  4. namontrnbk

    pavan kalyan vs his fan kalyan dileep

    i think this is the deal of BJP and PK.. couple of months before to the elections pk will start fasting unto death that won't be gone long for more than 4 to 5 days he will tell his cadre to create ruckus in AP. BJP pretends that actually they have no thought of providing special status but PK made them realized their mistake and they will give the special status he will become hero for AP icchinollu and tecchinollu will form the alliance to sweep the elections.. the people will elect him , coz they don't know the deal guest appearance by chiru into the party and he is gonna say kula gauravam nilabettavu ra kalyaan.
  5. namontrnbk

    pavan kalyan vs his fan kalyan dileep

    PRP 2.. pk tanavi kandalu anukuntunnadu.. seggaddalu ani telusukunedhi eppudo.. pandhi balisthe yenugavvadhu ra bloody fool..