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  1. It is not fair to compare , RJD and YSRCP are comparable , may be at different timelines
  2. Who is Dayanand Saraswathi and His time period ?
  3. Forget about gaining momentum now or later TDP cadre lost morale , it is never happened in the past , even candidates who contested also “afraid “ to talk against government
  4. TDP alliance with congress is a blunder and failed strategy from party I agree,but at that it looks better option in TG elections and that is past . Coming to BJP, the way it is projecting State BJP vs central Gov vs BJP , awesome
  5. TDP ni target cheyataniki BJP YCP ki indirect ga support cheste may be Adi strategy TDP ni target cheyataniki BJP YCP Conversions ki support chestunna, Hindu institutions ni cheda koduthunna Inka support cheste Adi Mosam Adi mee chetha nammistunnaru chudandi Adi Droham meeru nammuthunnaru chudandi Adi Athma vanchana P.S: meeru,mee ante personal ga kadu , AP BJP cadere Ani na ardam
  6. Haha I think this should be made viral
  7. I think they want to change demographics of each constituency , Secondly it’s a scam, in many places YCP mlas bought the land Already and gave it to GOV for 3X returns
  8. Tirumala potu lo repairs jariginappudu ala vishapracharam chesaru , appudu TTD chairman putta edo Christian meeting ( politicians ni General gane pilustaru alantivatiki )ki velthe hadavudi chesaru
  9. ktb


    When systems are failing because of people working in it , instead of cleansing the system and rotted employees And leaders , merely creating alternative system with same people , is just a publicity stunt with no conviction
  10. Chala false propaganda chestunnaru , should counter in all possible mode
  11. Proofs adagqli , lekapothe defamation file cheyali , aggressive ga deal cheyAli ,
  12. I don’t don’t think he did anything right , self proclaimed Andhra medhavula. Forum president , fought for nothing in the name of Samaikhyndhra , not even called for demands when Telangana formation in inevitable , except blindly demanding for samaikyandra and giving false hope to people , we don’t know what are his credentials to call as intellectual except being educated , we don’t know who elected him as Intellectual forum president TV shows lo kaniponchali ani atram thappithe matter ledu
  13. Yeah ila calculation chesukunta vunte em peekalem , if our point is right , should make a strong impression that’s it