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  1. What's wrong with it? Did he mention any thing in the manifesto that he will make them continue? He will implement his 100%manifesto
  2. I agree with you you difficult to go move. Manam yentha late ga react avithe antha manchidi
  3. Surely Jagan will get special status. Plz wait
  4. Party lo kothaga join ayyina vallaki korikalu yekkuva vunnayi. Santa lo dorikanttu andharini techaru foolish step by party
  5. apart from Seats should be proud of what we are doing
  6. Last year when they released water through tadipudi. There was excess of water flow. They diverted to to the cannals
  7. Ee area lo chala mandi ki motors vunnayi. They r not completely dependent on this lift projects. There might be some few villages who r dependent on it
  8. 133 days pumping possible? For 100tmc target?
  9. I didn't understand the logic behind keeping secretary under our control and paying rent Unnecessarily
  10. Krishna water kuda ADHe kaluvalani kada vadedhi . Only water is Godavari water .people who are dependent on krishna water their requirement is fulfilled . Polavaram ayina kuda mana polam daggara ki Ravu . We have to use small pumps to get it
  11. The content above was like we will get loan . I understood like interest we will be paying and some time later they will give us the money . There is no time frame of giving money to state to clear the loan .but for sure we will get money . Correct me if I am wrong