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  1. In 2019 I like CBN decision for giving siva garu as MP candidate. Personally he has lot of good will
  2. Asalu test results can we believe? A 33years lay came from other state after 20 days they collected swab. Even after 26th day she was healthy and no symptoms. She was tested positive cannot belive altar they don't give option to do a 3rd party testing
  3. Job security lenappudu ee Pandemic lo loans theesukunttunara?
  4. Congratulations Namo👍no need to beg for regional partys
  5. 15days completed from chennai to Andhra. Now they are asking to take tests 🤔
  6. Pakka ycp anchor baboi
  7. Good candidate. Don't expect some one to come back. Gone is gone
  8. CBN should give targets for likes and shares to every constituency incharge
  9. With our energy targeting or first enemy is enough
  10. Why are we posting in necessarily on Modi. Only our target jagan. Don't forget the past experiences
  11. CBN mata kanna ipac mata vinnaru😂😂
  12. Party lo kothaga join ayyina vallaki korikalu yekkuva vunnayi. Santa lo dorikanttu andharini techaru foolish step by party
  13. apart from Seats should be proud of what we are doing
  14. Last year when they released water through tadipudi. There was excess of water flow. They diverted to to the cannals
  15. Ee area lo chala mandi ki motors vunnayi. They r not completely dependent on this lift projects. There might be some few villages who r dependent on it
  16. 133 days pumping possible? For 100tmc target?
  17. I didn't understand the logic behind keeping secretary under our control and paying rent Unnecessarily