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  1. There is no bank has guarantee of our money in banks. The monitoring should be done properly by RBI. They come in climax
  2. Great work bro👍 But don't show your identity. Why do you want to get in to troubles. When ur intention is getting acheived
  3. Asalu candidate meeda base ayye win avalli.
  4. @sagar_tdpI Sarnath Nagar last time mee relatives contest chesara? Any chances this time of winning?
  5. I don't know how the agriculture income is calculated? Bur from the start of lock down farmers are having worst time no minimum price
  6. Super must watch Nenu 45mins daily matladindi vallu 24hrs vintu naku Pani ledantunnaru😂😂😂
  7. Vey good content compared to idreanm
  8. He want ego to get created. I thought bharath will give strong counter. Disappointed
  9. I dream lo choodalisivasthundi🤣
  10. Super.. Never do projects with govt. Govt is big rowdy👌
  11. Meeru Useful aspects Anni vadilesi. Negative shades alochisthunnaru
  12. Yendhuku meeku ee aratam. Let them close every thing and get a judgement for huge compensation
  13. Once up on a time good leader of in chipurupalli constituency. Still he has some hold. Let him go no issues
  14. CBN matram AP ravali old age lo. Young leaders video call.
  15. @TGRI videos lo yendhuku antha ziff ga vuntaru. Konchem free GA vundandi. Ignore it is of u don't like my comment
  16. Party lo kothaga join ayyina vallaki korikalu yekkuva vunnayi. Santa lo dorikanttu andharini techaru foolish step by party