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  1. Ntrforever

    West Godavari Politics

    Bolisett bc kada
  2. Ntrforever

    74.23 -Ache Din mitro

    74rs =74$ in Modi rule
  3. Ntrforever

    IL&FS in 91000 cr debt

    @NVkrishna Bro Please educate us on this matter.
  4. Ntrforever

    beware of aklil aka venu fraud

    What ever the money you have given is invested on your name or the the shares are completing under his control?
  5. Mandava daggara money ledu ga
  6. Ntrforever

    Sugunamma or Chadalavada

    thuda chairman some yadav yevaro vunnaro vallaki ishte better
  7. Ntrforever

    Vizag Urban 2009,2014

    Vizag EAST - vRK easy ga gelusthadu Visakhapatnam South- Fight tough ga vundachu Visakhapatnam West- YSRCP Malla ki isthe figt neck to neck untadhi
  8. Ntrforever

    Sugunamma or Chadalavada

    chadalavada ki inka budhi raleda oka sari PRP loki veli VP ayyadu. worst fellow ki TTD kuda icharu
  9. Ntrforever

    Not veasy for siddappa

    For me too
  10. Ntrforever

    Nellore Politics

    Through out this Somireddy and encourage Adala. Somireddy nakinchadu tdp ni sannasi. Kommi, adala lanti good leaders we list before due to him. If we are loosing nellore mp better to give it to somi
  11. Ntrforever

    Lagadapati in active politics

    Eluru isthe best. Maganti Babu cannot afford
  12. Ntrforever

    Nellore Politics

    Somireddy pedda waste fellow. Mlc ye yekkuva is a anukunte minister kuda icharu. Veedki kanna adala 100 times better. Adala ni encourage cheskuntunaru vere la vundedhi