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  1. Galla Jayadev

  2. Karnataka Opinion polls

    One thing is sure BJP is picking up. Congress over confidence
  3. Ayina intha durada yendhuku? Who asked to give it to sc st. There is no reservations right? Yendhuku Yedo peekudhamani goti lo paddatam
  4. But ye quota Ayithe yemiti he is sc.
  5. Already Sandra vunnadu gab
  6. Stupid decision why do they want to give opportunity for the opponents. INKAA YEVARU dorakaleda
  7. Ra 45,000 crores has been withdrawn from the banking system in the past one month in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. This has been done in a systematic and co-ordinated manner to suck cash out of the system. Demand for hard cash is usually around 20,000 cr every month and there is something fishy going on, possibly political say RBI officials. A reason being suggested is that many account holders are scared that the linking of Bank accounts with Aadhaar will happen in the near future as the hearing in SC is ending soon. RBI is investigating big withdrawals and tracking the flow of cash with income tax department. There seems to be a method in the madness and the objective is to cause panic in the banking system. Rs. 2000 notes are not coming back as deposits and government also decided not to print any more notes of that denomination as they are easy to hoard. Obviously, a group of people are hoarding these notes. Bankers say that the cash shortage started the moment Chandrababu Naidu pulled out of the NDA and KCR went hunting for partners for his third front. There is more cash in the system today than there was at the time of demonetization yet there is an artificial shortage.
  8. Irrigation department (SubSurface Dams)

    apart from Seats should be proud of what we are doing
  9. currency notes cunch

  10. Kommineni lakshmayya nadu in TDP now?
  11. Athmakur istharu kada. Why he is jumping?
  12. #GoBackModi