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  1. Kanna is the best choice for ap bjp head
  2. I usually talk against to CBN with Antis. They also expressed the same
  3. I know not even 5% will move to India
  4. Yes depends on how people revolt. They told 28 days after 13 days people started protesting so they imposed lock down only for 4 houses and unofficially given relaxation
  5. Positive vasthe aa street in villages lo 28 days lock down antunaru. Farmers ate facing lot of troubles due to this.
  6. In 2019 I like CBN decision for giving siva garu as MP candidate. Personally he has lot of good will
  7. Asalu test results can we believe? A 33years lay came from other state after 20 days they collected swab. Even after 26th day she was healthy and no symptoms. She was tested positive cannot belive altar they don't give option to do a 3rd party testing
  8. Job security lenappudu ee Pandemic lo loans theesukunttunara?
  9. Congratulations Namo👍no need to beg for regional partys
  10. 15days completed from chennai to Andhra. Now they are asking to take tests 🤔
  11. Pakka ycp anchor baboi