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  1. Mee ekevations🤣 Cancel chesinapudu judges babu vallu ippatidaka annaru😬
  2. No one cared Suresh prabu letter😑
  3. Right to information Act will only give right data.Will not give us wrong data 🤣🤣
  4. jagan mari CM ayyadu dont forget. pressure will be always there but we should win in people then the rest doesnt matter
  5. janam yeppudu marchipotaru. opposition gurthu cheyyali people ki they should create a feel of dissatisfaction.if we cannot do this we will never be in to power
  6. Dont expct anti voting.in 2014 Demonitization,GST it effected lot of people.still opposition was waste in cashing the things.
  7. What is the slogan of TRS we have to see.... No more Anti Andhra now.