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  1. Mastaru miru whatsapp University nunchi bayataki raaraa? Who will be benefitted by raising religious heat with demolition of temples? Just commonsense apply chesthee chalu. Yes as u said religious conversions AP lo too high. Current CM Christian avvadam vallaki boost ichindi but indhuloki TDP ni endhuku laguthunnaru? Asalu konni castes religion change avuthunnai antee as a hindu Mana failure emi ledaa? Manam andarini equal ga chusthee vallu religion endhuku change avutharu? Others ni point chese mundhu Mana lo unna muriki ni kadukkuni andarini equal ga chusthee 50% conversions aagipothai Mi pushpam batch andaru equal aneee slogan enduku promote cheyyaru?because adi jarigithee miku politics cheyyadaniki scope undadu. Conversions undali dani paina politics cheyyali that is what u people wanted.
  2. Repatiki Judge transfer aipothadu bharath matha ki jai
  3. Good joke brother 1. Bifurcation of Institutions in schedule 9 and 10 2. Total cost of polavaram including power station n R&R 3. KBK package for backward districts 4. Central institutions in AP Capital 5. Petroleum University 6. Steel plant in rayalaseema 7. Educational institutions 8. Infrastructure to capital Ivanni eppudu chesaru pushpalu
  4. Vine vadu vedava aitheee cheppe vadu chelaregipoyinatlu manam verri Mohalu vesukuni vintooo kurchunteeee pushpam batch whatsapp University lo ilanti pulihora kadalu chalaaa chebutharu
  5. If this is true very bad news to AP TDP because Telangana BJP is only party benefited with this move by Jagga Telangana lo YCP sympathisers voting for TRS because of Sharmila entry TRS will loose those votes. In case Sharmila able to attract few more votes other than YCP sympathisers then it will be dent for congress for that extent. Looks like pushpam batch game plan of one shot two birds Pro TDP media mathram KCR game plan ani sollu kaburlu chebuthu time pass chesthunnaru manollu realise ayye time ki jaragalsina damage jarigipoddi After tirupathi election we can see mazor political developments in AP too Chuddam how our super duper youth leader handles the situation
  6. Because he know very well that as long as his son is future leader of the party TDP can't win their own So licking is must
  7. Asalu announce chesina candidate TDP lonee untundaaa first adi chudandi
  8. Hi brother

    eee conversation vinadaniki artificial ga untunnai

    one person matladeee appudu other person ni uuuuuu kottamanandi then it looks like a natural conversation

    1. krantionline29


      Thanks for the feedback bro...will keep in mind next time.

      Flow debbatintundi emo ani uu kottatledu.. Good to know that it's proving negative

  9. hi sai

    we had huge advantage in neutral voting because of 30 lakh houses

    this is the info i got from hardcore supporters of ycp but i cant post it in DB as they follows our DB

    mana negative minded batch kosam post cheyyi

  10. Dont worry brother neutral voting mana vaipu undi 30 lakh houses ceating huge impact


  11. PM to me too bro

  12. Adi kuda kastameee brother IRR second phase start ayyaka ie atleast after 3-4 years ORR paina consentrate chestharu eeeloga kattina waste vaibility undadu so ippatlooo touch cheyyaru