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  1. ILanti pilla bacha videos tho tirupathi lo voting difference vachesthundi anedi pedda joke Video lo unna content lo mathram thappu emundi eeeroju party lo unna highest leaders nunchi low-level cadre varaku andariki telisindee kadaa atchennaidu cheppadu Sontha ooriloo ward member ga gelavaleni person ni future leader of party/ CM candidate ga pedithee replications ilageee untai.
  2. Bhaskar award winner slow ga india ni Pakistan laaa marchesthunnadu.
  3. Pushpam batch hired nagayya just like akshai in Bolllywood. Home Minister character - Looks like Chidambram MP in Nepal character - Looks like Farooq abdulla Conclusion remarks of movie are - '2006-13 Terror attacks' edoo anthakamundu n aa taruvatha jaraganatlu. RSS modus operandi is Mud slinging on opposition's tall leaders and projecting pushpam batch as desh bakth through various channels like Movies, Social media and Front line media. In future Nagayya family, Mega family, and Snow family nunchi ilanti patriotic movies chala vsthai, but Final ga annitlonu okateee conclusion ie pushpam bach are only saviors of the nation Bharat mata ki jai
  4. AP lo unna anni ports ni takeover chesthunnadu looks like there may be a mazor announcemt from govt of india to promote exports and imports from east coast espicially from AP.
  5. Malli kothaga addam pettukovadam endhuku? He already got 5% FRBM limit for three years ie 2020-21, 2021-22 and 2022-23 as he is ready to implement central govt guidelines like one nation one ration, meters for boar wells, increasing taxes in urban areas etc
  6. Gound reality ki samandam lekunda ilageee lokesam babu bajana chesthu undandi. evadaina facts matladitheee vadini karicheyyandi tondaraloo Mana babu kastapadi party shutter close chepisthadu appudu andaram kalisi kotha party vethukundam
  7. NTR CM material kadu leee brother but Mana lokesam babu mathram PM material. Next term jaragaboyeee US presidential elections loo TDP ni power loki testhadu
  8. Nenu cheppedi kuda adee brother Lokesh tho emi avvadu
  9. Here there is no question mark about CBN the only question is who is after CBN? Miru cheppinatlu N family lo evaru lead cheyyaleru anukundam can Lokesh do it? is he really capable to lead party? CBN is 70 years old he needs support of a dynamic n young gun to bring party back into power. who is he? Is it Lokesh? bayata janam navvuthunnaru mastaru
  10. Mastaru post full ga chadivaraaa???
  11. CBN as a party chief go to central politics Jr for state CM candidate This is the only combo that can save the party. In current situation alllaince with any party under leadership of CBN n Lokesh is just nothing but killing of party with slow poison Mana youth leader week ainappudu they will demand more seats which leads to loss in election just like 2009. Incase gelichina kuda pedda use emi undadu party will remains just like JDS in Karnataka Even today TDP cadre Lokesh ni party future leader ga kadu kada at least party lo one of the leader ga kuda evaru recognise cheyyadam ledu CBN eee issue lo entha twaraga realise aithee party ki antha better Mana DB members kondaru CBN thittadamee pani ga pettukunnaru but pls don't forget CBN lekuntee TDP musesi ippatiki at least 20 years ayyi undedi. Here problem is with future leader but not current leader.
  12. Papam evarooo kani chala kasta padi rasaru brother. nijamga BJP tho antha threat unteee jaggadu delhi poyi mosha tho deal set chesukuntadu Jagga will merge party in BJP and in return pushpam batch wive off his cases n announces him as CM candidate khel katham dukan bandh
  13. Vijayawada n Guntur lo JSP + BJP 9% votingaaa good joke