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  1. Om shanthi Inspiration to lot of It people from kadapa
  2. Chance ivachu edana movie lo Aa commitment next level
  3. My friend fired on june 30th 2 months salary given Pune
  4. Nandamuri blood vachina tananu ala chesindi matram vala mother ye
  5. We are just comparing among south states not like korea newzland or Vietnam level
  6. My friend in ongole randomly they tested people in red zone and found corona positive .no symptoms for him
  7. Jagan initially did mistakes on covid Later tests matram baga chestunnadu even numbers ekuva vachina kcr akada mistake chesadu And jagan given statement saha jeevanam ilantivi even troll ayina Hyderabad muslims evari mata vinaru so tappadu ikada
  8. PV range ki avani small things how he developed India
  9. sreentr

    NTR in Lockdown

    Chinnodu dominates in pic