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  1. sreentr

    ap secretariat water leakage

    Common if we finish work hurrily
  2. sreentr

    Mood of settlers in hyd

    90% with trs
  3. sreentr


    Next marry diversion Aunty as he is diversion star
  4. sreentr

    Breaking news...

    Kaaju jaarina pk
  5. Worst candidates Inka edustunnaru cheap ga
  6. sreentr

    Rahul Gandhi

  7. sreentr

    Rahul Gandhi

    Baffon gadi vala national level lo diverted
  8. sreentr

    Rahul Gandhi

  9. sreentr

    Rahul Gandhi

    Completely diverted issue last lo with hug And he didn't talk anything about ap He didn't promise they will give special status All cartoons and jokes now comparing with priya varrior No one in parliament has given important to ap people Okademo kashmir antadu okademo hindu Muslim okademo punjab chiraku dobbindi and finally modi used this also project himself
  10. sreentr

    JaiLavaKusa Screening at BURGEON INTL FILM FESTIVAL

    Great Korean fans kooda vaste good
  11. sreentr

    Cbn to go to delhi tomorrow

    Deeksha cheyali
  12. sreentr

    Artist Started

    Evm tapped antundemo Congress porapatuna
  13. sreentr

    Artist Started