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  1. MSDTarak

    2 yrs for Saaho Satakarni

    One of the best movies of bala sir, actually never liked his movies after 2004 except mitrudu, but this movie really stole my heart
  2. MSDTarak

    Marathalli Bangalore benefit shows status

    Me too Bhayya
  3. MSDTarak

    10 % Quota for Upper Caste

    Caste certificates teesukovadam kuda pedda panem kadu brother, my room mate was goeds but he used to enjoy education benefit as SC. So india li ilantivi common. Aa reservation benefit tho paatu strong leadership who can control ground level currption unnappude ee ordinance ki aina value. Good decision at the end, but it's a political move for sure.
  4. MSDTarak

    inko sari

    Rendu parties correct ga undunte ivanni sandhya padevi except first one (bcse tdp didn't oppose it first when bjp gave special package), not possible now
  5. MSDTarak

    Think on CBN , Post mortem

    Congress repu power loki vaste AP ki edo ichestarani bramallo undakandi brother, vallu development oriented aithe desham 70 years tarvatha ila undedi kaadu. I see my own constituency shining than any time just base of good development agendas of Both present state and center. Hope people here realise that there is no better co.bo than Babu for CM and Modi for PM Note: modi ni bhootulu dengakandi please
  6. MSDTarak

    Gatham ( PAST )

    Wonderfully said?! All the best guys
  7. So you say rahul is better option than him or any other regional leader? So for sure not, that's the mistake we do. Bayata CBN ni entha booothulu tittina sarigga alochinche AP person will vote to him by seeing his development and crediblity, we have to see who is better option in alla remaining and vote. That yet, anyways I will stop discussion here.
  8. MSDTarak

    inko sari

    Well said brother!! Go hard beg votes with development agenda and don't go appeasing minorities much bcse how ever you fight hard for them xians and quite good % of muslims will vote ysrcp, some will vote for MIM. Even hating CBN much i say he is the better CM candidate than all of the shit around.
  9. So please continue the alliance, so that TDP would atleast win some 12 MP seats in telangana
  10. 2008 lo BJP won MP & chattisgarh but they didn't come to power, Rajasthan have been always choosing different parties in every next election like tamilnadu and last time in 2014 they were routed to 21 seats. This time it was expected same for BJp but they came back very strong
  11. 2019 congress holds would be strong in only chattisgarh with this win. Congress lost its way in tg completely, Mizoram it got routed out. By TG impact i expect people would not be much interested with congress alliance anymore until and unless it helps them. For BJp it's surely a wakeup call since chattisgarh loss came out of syllabus, but MP tight situation and Rajasthan loss is clearly expected. But again it would be completely different when it comes to lok sabha in these states bcse PM face is different from local issues and local leaders in MP and rajasthan. Clearly bjp should be looking seriously at chattisgarh and analyse what really got wrong with thrm.
  12. Oh ala vachara, so aithe CBN killed TG TDP much ahead 2014. It's not modi or who killed TG BJP it's guys like kishan reddy or lakshman who killed it. We still have bandi sanjay from Karim nagar leading. And strong leaders like raghunandan and raja singh to take our goals ahead even if we have one seat. That's what am saying again we can analyse, asses and do all stuff ourself. But it's better you need not be worried about bjp. But from tomorrow i would be eager to see what is position of CBN mahagatbandhan.
  13. MSDTarak

    TDP Greater than BJP in Telangana?

    Meede peddadi annai 💆
  14. Inkentha edustaru bhayya, oodite maha aithe 3 states lo odipoyindi. In Mizoram with 98% xians you can't expect them to win. MP and chattisgarh lo 15 anti incumbency and Rajasthan they are getting more than expected. 2019 is quite different as it is different for tdp in andhra and telangana. Even though I personally hate babu bcse of using jr ntr, i always supported babu for CM and Modi for PM.. kaani ee DB chusina taravatha 🙄....Anyways fine for bjp guys. They have least to loose bcse it's just 3 out of 18 states but just think just think if CBN looses 2019. Please go ahead and asses what has gone wrong for you guys, leave BJp xxx to us we have hands and we can clean ourself...Don't take it personally but it's bitter truth.
  15. MSDTarak


    Jaggad maro self goal, denied ticket to strongest leader of Atp district ysrcp ...Inka hup lo tdp any candidate cake walk