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  1. ఈయన పొరపాటున బీజేపీకి ఓటు వేసాను అని వేలు కోసుకున్నారు పాపం... వీరి ధర్మ పత్ని కూడా బీజేపి కి ఓటు వేశారని సమాచారం.... ఇప్పుడు ఏది కోసుకుంటాడో పాపం.
  2. Anna clear GA telustundi Adi 'wire' valla video, every bacha knows which is force behind them. It's highly sponsored by Congress. Ee chinna visayam aina bjp paina toyyadam manandi please
  3. Fix aipoindi brother between 5k to 7k, election roju kuda aata andincharu polling booth lo kuda
  4. Brother see I never ever supported the person u are talking about I was always mis understood bcse I mock CBN. I don't believe in caste system too, manadi Class (varna) system. Puttukatho evadu bapanodo lekapothe sudrudo aipodu ani has feeling. Ade manu smrithi kuda chebutundi. I may mock CBN for 100s of issues but my vote was for balayya for constituency development of hindupur, but I was deeply hurted when Andhra assembly passed resulution to accept converted xians as SC's, this gives ample licence to conversions over time, so I don't see much difference between jagan and CBN in this issue.obviously jagan is converted Xi'an and he supports his religion, he is dangerous than CBN. I never vote for him.
  5. Emo kantham annai as far as now still tight gorantla madhav factor kuda untadi mp seat varaku. Aa bommala kistappa gelavadam tappa okkasaari kuda constituency lo chudaledu
  6. Maadi hindupur annai, balayya sure shot win and cake walk...Naa db track record chuskondi pedda hero and CBN ki hater list este 1st rank naake, nene chebutunna balayya easy win with almost 30k majority. Raptadu maatram edge undi ycp ki. Too much negativity on Paritala family
  7. Annay, nenu mee gurinchi matladaledu le annai...Nenu unna truth cheppanu. Am speaking about guys who relate hindutva, bjp and RSS on same lines. Sanathana dharmam veru hindi van veru. Meeru cheppina daantlo aksharala sathyam undi. Nenu aa word etymology gurinchi cheppanu. Chanipoyina tarvatha ventane vere body kuda teesukodu mana soul. Go rupam, vasu roopam, maatru roopam ani moodu shakalu daati vellina taruvatha yataha roopam(ante manishi gaano leda Aa pai loakalaku) velutundani mana sastram chebutundi. Ala velle daarilo aakali tappulu teerchadanike pindam pedataru. Rest in Peace ane word kevalam Abrahamu religions ki vaada garu that makes sense for them too, because they believe that they don't have rebirth and their souls
  8. The phrase "Rest in peace", RIP, from LatinRequiescat in pace (Classical Latin: [re.kʷiˈeːs.kat ɪn ˈpaːke], Ecclesiastical Latin: [re.kwiˈɛs.kat in ˈpa.tʃe]) is sometimes used in traditional Christian services and prayers, such as in the Anglican, Lutheran,[1]Methodist,[2] and Roman Catholic[3] denominations, sometimes to wish the soul of a decedent eternal rest and peace in Christ. It became ubiquitous on headstones in the 18th century, and is widely used today when mentioning someone's death. This is what wiki says ...Who ever barks at me saying truth is my duty to educate .
  9. Shanti twaraga cherukovalante Rest in peace anakunadu annai, 'Peace to his soul very fast' anali. Deenilo kuda BJP propaganda vetiki untunnaru choodu ??. I explained what is reason exactly. Rest is ur wish. May lord be praised
  10. Please don't say RIP when someone who follows sanathana dharma passes away, because we don't believe in resting in peace until the second arrival of jesus to take us a way. We believe in re-incarnation and karma theory. People may think it's just word but actually saying we can't use that. Om shanthi
  11. ఈ పీకే గాడి బొంద బ్రిటిష్ వాళ్లు రాకముందే ఎంతో మంది రెడ్డి రాజులు మనల్ని పాలించారు...అంతెందుకు వేమన శతకం రాసిన వేమన గారు కూడా రెడ్డే