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  1. nenu cheppindi TDP and BJP, not BJP and YCP. valliddaru kalasi undi unte ee daridram vachhede kadu. you throw mud on us, we throw on you, finally state went to dogs.
  2. yes both parties are in same way, andukane ila last ki state ni nasanam chestunnaru.....its just a political war and state lost it anthe.
  3. ebbe economist anti-indian aithe enti bochu, maaku modi ni evadaina tidite ado rakam sukham anthe....maaku rastram, desham veetikanna personal egoes ee mukhyam.
  4. Inkoka highlight person unnadu, G lo edo guchinnattu andarni bhootulu tidatadu...admins emo gukka petti nidarotarau
  5. inka america sunlight kosam weighting 🧐
  6. Manchi tensed cricket match ni talapistundi, despite of anti-incumbency over power and cm raghuvardas too inisde party itself, bjp still largest party more than jmm-cong maha alliance, any ones game here on.....and calling all evm blamers, slipper shot to them with a new result
  7. Just compare the numbers of minorities in those countries during thier formation and now you will get to know what kind of discrimination they are onto. There are huge conversions in that areas, high level profiles lo kuda, they have clear stance of being islamic republics and won't stand on the other religious freedom.
  8. How can they come as refugees from thier own republic countries?
  9. It's not only for hindus, it's all minority oppressed sections from afg, pak and Bangladesh, it includes Sikhs, parsis, xians and other 3 sections except muslims because they are not oppressed sections there.
  10. Because of vote bank. Bayati nunchi vache valla community ki ivvakapote vote bank strong avvadu ga. And NRC pass emanna ayte akramamga unna vallaki kuda padiddi.
  11. Eagerly waiting annai, Andhra lo balbulu pagalasina dnk lu lakhs lo unnaru
  12. Are ilantivi chepte mimmalni bhakt, leda baffa leda Jaffa ano, lekapote musugu fan ano mudra vese avakasam undi anna, naaku kavalsindi only bajana ante