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  1. Nenu ade nammandi ani cheppatle, if u feel logical go with it antunna. 370 lepi padadobbadam matter ee Kadu, but reorg bill pass kavadam Vajpayee govt lo problem bcse they didn't had enough power with em. Adokkate Kaka eppudu prabhuthvanni blackmail cheddamane gunta nakkalatho samsaram chesina rojulu avi.
  2. Read about gandhi in book called mana mahatmudu by MVR sastry garu, andhra bhoomi former editor and very close ally of your raja guru ramoji rao garu. And then comment about who has filled poison and who was poison for india.
  3. Vallu istammannaru maata maar charu okay, meer gaddi peekutunnara? Antha undunte SP ki oppukokunda undalsindi.
  4. వాళ్ళు ముందు నుంచి తెలంగాణ ఆవిర్భావం కోసం పోరాడారు. They always made their stand clear not like some chameleon who changed colors everyday.
  5. అనాయసేన మరణం అనేది ఒక వరం, దీంట్లో కర్మేముంది. అసలు ఖర్మ అంటే ఇప్పుడు అసీంబ్లీ లో బండ బూతులు దొబ్బుతుంటే మనసులో కుళ్ళి కుళ్ళి చస్తున్నాడే అది ఖర్మ అంటే
  6. Om shanti.....Ame swachamaina hindu, let's not use word RIP. Thanks
  7. Nijam 5: The residents of J&K enjoy dual citizenship, but they could loose the J&K citizenship if they marry residents of other States.The Article also gives Pakistan's citizens entitlement to Indian citizenship, if he marries a Kashmiri girl. But Pakistani will not get citizen ship, but even then above law is unlawful to.indian citizens or Kashmiri citizens who wants to marry indian or indian who wants to marry kashmiris.
  8. Nijam 3: Part 4 of the Indian Constitution (Directive Principal of State Policy) and Part 4A (Fundamental Duties) are not applicable in this State. It means the citizens of Kashmir are not bound to save the cow, maintain the dignity of the women and respect the National Flag of India.
  9. Nijam 2: Article 370 of the Indian Constitution was a ‘temporary provision’ which granted special status to J&K and it has been revoked now. This means that the highly-debated Article 35A, which was a part of Article 370, was also done away with. , Article 35A gave the J&K Legislature the power to decide whether an individual was a permanent resident of the state or not. This, in turn, conferred special rights to the said individuals with regard to purchasing immovable property in the state. Simply put, people who were defined as non-permanent residents by the J&K Legislature were not eligible to buy land there. However, with the scrapping of 35A, one of the biggest questions that come forth is whether an individual can buy property in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir? This is a particularly significant query for thousands of Kashmiri Pandits who had to flee their homeland during the Kashmir insurgency in 1989 and have been displaced ever since.
  10. Nijam 1:Article 5 states that the executive and legislative power of the State extend to all matters except those with respect to which Parliament has power to make laws for the State under the provisions of the Constitution of India. The constitution was adopted on 17 November 1956 and came into force on 26 January 1957. It was introduced by gezet notification to president without approval of parliament , anduke ivvala without passing bill they could amend that, if wrong please correct me.
  11. they should whole heartedly show their support there is nothing to oppose, in it. TDP already lost its major resources of vote bank with minority appeasement. they should stand by this move and prove their crediblity to major vote bank of them to improve. if they oppose it it would be a another self goal. Hope CBN sir would stand by central govt on this historic decision.
  12. hope so they does that. even am eagerly waiting for that.
  13. So what's ur point now brother ? Will you oppose this move now? The issues that you are talking about is completely different issue and par above than this. I can understand your pain, but let's stand behind them in this historic decision and support them.
  14. yes, major and major decision. people voted for them addressing two issues apart from development agenda, that is ram mandir and article 370. lets see how they handle it. blaming them would be very easy but whole nation apart from hate on BJP need to stand by them to defeat anti national forces.
  15. this is purely with personal egoes of both leaders, i even dont support bjp in this issue. but solving J &K issue is need of hour. hope they will respect AP issues too. but you can continue with your hate