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  1. Nenu ade chebutundi, meeru quote chesi mari oppukunnaru mee hypocarcy ni, happy.
  2. So u accept u are no better than people whom u blame. Period. 🤣😂
  3. Lol...Asalu ee matter ni ee matter ki link chestunnaru, ah ad lo unna content of bayata native daniki ide teda ani chebutunna, 🤣😂. Mee last statement asalu evening uddesinchi matladutunnaro mari, btw ad gurinchi atha viruchukupadina meeru, ilanti victim kosam to thread kuda veyyaledu have Dianne hipocarcy antunnanu.
  4. Let's leave BJP they are wrst party in the world, okay. I wanted answers from ad supporters. Memu kanisam realise ayyamu saying this kind of things exist, but u guys have become selective blind on ongoing issues hating just one party.
  5. Calling all DB pundits to comment on Nikita tomars murder in day light. Mainly all tanishq ad promoters 😂🤣 Stock dialouge: central govt failed to create awareness, state govt failed in preventing this. 😂🤣
  6. Asalu okka shot , oke okka shot. Ippativarku movie meeda unka mottam negative ni antha tokkesindi, Mass pure Mass 😍😍😍😍.....Mass god is arraiving Anthe 💥💥💥💥...repu ee time ki pooonakale
  7. Vallu nammaru, vadiley bro. Selective ignorance anthe.
  8. Anna please don't generalise , things here we are talking about inter faith marriages, dabbu kosam jarige mosalu veru, but deeni kosam jarige mosam veru. Demographic changes kosam jarige mosalu ivi, if you don't accept it occurs and genralise, things i can't explain you more...Period ...Thanks for discussion.
  9. Okay govt failure 😂🤣 accept, అసలు ఆ వాదన చూసారా? మీరు?. They are clearly saying what I have quoted is right, and a hindu women would not be entitled to get husband's property if she doesn't convert. Ilanti vishyalu jarigitene ee debates anni vastai.....Valla matallone vinandi
  10. Entha mandi ki ee special marriage act undani telusu and how many will do it is the question, see this discussion sir and understand.
  11. Ok good, if he did some gud who denies? But please educate me on this more, thanks in advance.
  12. https://www.proptiger.com/guide/post/property-rights-of-hindu-wife-of-muslim-husband Please go through this example quoted
  13. Thank you, i believe that you can never accept truth, i saw that in gandhi thread itself, mimmalni educate cheyyadaniki maatram raaledu ikkadiki. Meeru mee frustration teerchukondi
  14. Anukunna meeru idi adugutaru anukunna, okka ad paina evado social media lo oppose cheste ne intha ashanam vyaktam chestunnaru, ika vallu ganaka aa rule change cheste raktha kanneru kaarustaremo ee DB lo sickulars. Modi religious fanatic ani, vastadi wait anni times vastai, meeku telidemo UCC lo bhaagyam valla ilanti vanni potai