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  1. Did you at least read what I put down there? 6.5 billion paid to Iran as debts. Appu teercharu. Mee fav old PM cheppina stategy ayana follow kaaka poina, this govt followed and achived success even not fearing baseless allegations from citizens like you.
  2. Oori nayana aa link soodayya hero, daantlo kanabadtleda tagginattu? Oorike disco laku egeskoni ravadam kaadu, you should be able to accept truth Jan2014 it was 1241 per cylinder today it is 605, neeku free ga ivvalana endi? Basic maths ochina you realise there is about 50% of reduction.
  3. Ebbe meeru entha cheppina vallaku artham kaadu vadileyyandi bro
  4. Was thinking of same yesterday, he would become a raghunandan rao of andhra, if this becomes true.
  5. Let us compare those points too anna, if there is seriously a prob let us agree, what's wrong?
  6. 3. I partly agree with you in this bcse BJP social media and leaders have made antagonist statements over this But still I believe India has made sure it has not lost anything more than it's Neibouring (in terms of development) countries. You can compare currencies of BRICS with USA from 2014 and you will still observe India is in as fair position as China in that matter. And if you compare increase of dollor value to inr from 2009-14 there was a profound increase from 45 to 65, whre other BRICS nations had no growth in their rates when compared to use in same years.
  7. Ila anukunna vallu ramayana kalam nunchi unnaru brother. Jabali maharshi ani okayana untaru ramuditho 'jagat satyam bramha mitya' ani bala kanda lo samvadam chestaru, even today u remember rama but not jabali. I don't know about gods in quran Or bible, but naa dharmam ramunni marchipovacchu kaani ramudi loni devudi tatvanni marchipoyela cheyyadu. Okka saari anni chadavandi(geetha, quran, and Bible) , taruvatha maatladukundam.
  8. 1. Petrol prices with crude oil comparison These are the articles about irans debt clearence https://www.thehindu.com/news/na... https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/economy/finance/india-seeks-to-pay-6-5-billion-to-iran-for-oil-imports/articleshow/52285579.cms https://www.reuters.com/article/us-india-iran-oil-payments/india-pays-part-of-iran-oil-dues-ahead-of-modi-visit-idUSKCN0YC09O Take a look at ur fav mms expressing concern on increasing debts https://www.dnaindia.com/business/report-full-speech-manmohan-singh-on-indian-economic-crisis-and-the-fall-of-rupee-1881852 Here is news of great mms speaking about reducing subsidies on oil to give stable economy in future https://www.google.co.in/amp/s/www.thehindubusinessline.com/news/pm-hints-at-hike-in-fuel-power-prices/article20545493.ece1/amp/ I think I gave enough answers for the need of Stratagical increase(tamed) in oil prices irrespective of crude oil prices.
  9. 2.gas price https://www.iocl.com/Product_PreviousPrice/Indane14KgNonSubsidPreviousPrice.aspx Please compare the prices, please throw some light if I go wrong somewhere. I clearly remember I had to wait for atleast 7-15 days in cong govt after ordering LPG, today I get it in bare minimum of 2days.
  10. Nenu South Indian ee, and rama is my god and I want mandir, before being South Indian am Indian I need kashmir to be integral part of my country.
  11. add few of these things too pakka party nunchi rajeenama cheyinchakunda mla lanu mp lanu mana party lo cherpinchukovali raajakeyamga edaganichinna sontha vallanu padagottali rajakeeyamga edagagaligina, stamina unna mana vallne tokkeyyali avasram unaappudu kallu, avasaram lenappudu gonthu pattukovali rupayi lekapoina mottam tax payers and pf money ni janalaku iccheyali media management lo baagamga parati channel ki nelaku intha cheppuna tax payers money ivvali pakka rastallo manaku prabalyam lekapoina prabhutvanni padagottadaniki pani gattukoni povali edaina tappu chestu dorikipothe meesalu tippi todalu kotti pedda mogodi la buildups kottali Prapanchamlo edi kanibettina, edi kattina, evaru success ayina aa credit motham naade ani press statements ivvali
  12. asalu influence ante mee prakaram enti brother?
  13. if most able CM was most able people wouldnt have throwed him out, please dont say its EVM magic. in that case why dont your party and its allies fight it leagally?
  14. he is very happy for his works in ram mandir case and sethu samudram case and many other cases to atleast protect rights of majority hindus living as minority citizens.