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  1. MSDTarak

    Thanks Nfdb

    Thanks bro.
  2. MSDTarak

    Thanks Nfdb

    Firstly thanks to admin Kiran gaaru for giving oppurtunity to join this forum. I have been part of this forum from 2015, I thought this forum is for Nandamuri fans, intial days it was very gud bcse I was only looking into Jr NTR and SR NTR sections. But I entered chatroom in 2016 August, some posts were good and some were very weired bcse oly fans from either sides used to take their paths when their directors worked with stupid megays or nag babai. I never wanted to be part of this but unfortunately became one. Admins I pleed you to change name of political forum as TDP forum, bcse it doesn't deserve its actual name. You can abuse other party leaders and their mothers but you can't speak a single word on your TDP and leaders, it was never forum of rightful discussion(except few). If any speak against they will provoke you in such a way that you personally abuse them n get banned. Just F off Folkes hard to say but truth. Please change the admin panel, if your forum wants to be rightful to all N (Nandamuri fans), else name it as Narafans.com either this forum doesn't deserve me or vise versa because I lost trust that you can't put your feelings right at face bcse this is a biased TDP forum, am quitting this DB. Thanks to Vasu Anna(Vasu tarak), prasad, Gowtham(entertainer), Yaswanth, Manoj Anna, Raghu anna. whom I know personally, for helping me so much during movies. Sorry if I missed any.
  3. MSDTarak

    YS Jagan will be AP next CM

    Veedi bonda, joker piece.
  4. Pesadam aakariki nuvvu kuda na? Endukayya maa previous home Ashok gaaru baane chuskuntunnaru ga 🤗
  5. MSDTarak

    I trust this gesture is true from Pak

    Ee post Edo saala teda ga unde?
  6. MSDTarak

    Una victims convert to Buddhism

    Actually to those who covert to buddhism, their caste status remains same if they come under SC and ST
  7. Actually Bharatha rathna vaste wife velli teeskovalsi vastadi, today No TDP cader or TDP fans want LP to take award that's why they are not demanding it on high phase. NTR fans karma entante, villa raajakeeyalu personals valla peddayanaki bharatha Ratna raaja povadam.
  8. MSDTarak

    My New blog on 'Manu Dharma Sastra'

    You will find to know gradually bro, it's just a second one. Once you complete the series and if you follow actual manu dharma sastra, you will find out the path of casteless society.
  9. MSDTarak

    My New blog on 'Manu Dharma Sastra'

    Thanks anna, need u guys support to spread it.
  10. MSDTarak

    My New blog on 'Manu Dharma Sastra'

    Every day in day out this is most abused manuscript in indian history, all commies, most conversion agency's , dalit leaders, many many people do hate this transcript. We all need to know what exactly it is.
  11. https://mycountrymydharma.wordpress.com/2018/04/29/17/
  12. MSDTarak

    Garikapati garu

    Very well said sir, both parties ki aa ingitham unte eppudo baagupadevallam
  13. MSDTarak

    Irrigation department (SubSurface Dams)

    Too gud, great news