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  1. Ado rakam edupu huli annai, gulla tippokukunda edustaru aayana ...Never before ever after
  2. Kachitamga i accept ur statements annai, you said tdp never opposed CAA, my answer was for that. You have every right to protest peacefully against any law. Btw prime minister , home minister and minority minister and almost every gully leader of bjp are trying to say that they will resign if one shows if there is anything against muslims in bill, what else can you expect them to do? , As karyakartas we are also trying our level best to reach out to apartments in our areas to educate people about bill, inkem cheyyamantaru, last 1 month lo 5 meetings pettam maa area lone(both RSS and bjp)
  3. Kesineni nani goes and sits in every caa protest that happens in vijayawada, he went to shaheen Bagh, where as other mps galla and ramamohan voted pro caa but leader says jagan is against muslims supporting CAA, but we will back you in this issue of CAA. So what do you say about this brother, idi selective secularism kaada?
  4. Poni meeru cheppinattu gaane bjp hindutva party anukundam, leave about bjp aside for few moments, asalu ilanti issues vacchinappudu more than hindutva parties like us secularism ni nettina mostunna mee parties ekkuva spandinchali considering the sensitivity with issue. Because parties like us will try to make use of such situations according to you, but what u guys are doing? Ide minorities ki gundu pin kuchukonna guddalitho narikesinattu buildup istaru gaa mee pseudo secular parties. (Ex. CAA only )
  5. Hinduism ni dattata teeskunnatu ee naadu party peddalu maatladaledu after advanis era if u r still thinking bjp as kattaru hindu party adi mee brama annai, i can show 100 examples where they were against hindutva for votes , nenu ikkada evarini tappu pattatam ledu, ikkada unnavallu valla paridilo dharma seva chestunte antakanna baagyama? , am just asking what is ur contribution before alleging someone ani anthe.
  6. Condemn chesi laabham endi? Can he come to any of debates with any of activists like karunakar sugguna or radha manohar? It's completely waste of giving katti a celebrity status by alleging him, coming to payrolls ee party cheyytledu ee stuff? 24 hrs oo party paina edavatam tappa meerem chestaru brother? First before asking about someone's response on something meeru em chestunnaru ee issue lo cheppandi?....Ram ntr ani peru pettukunnaru, kanisam ramunni tittinappudo leka ilanti debates vacchinappudo kanisam valmiki ramayanam tiragesi mee circles lo educate cheyyadaniki try cheyyandi aa peruku oo sartakata vastundi.
  7. Who is this guy first of all ? How is he related to Sangh ? Kashayam vesina prtiokkadu swamiji aipotada? Aipoinodu prati okkadu Sangh ki relate avutada? Idela undi ante pachha chokka vesukunnanu antha maa party vade annattu undi. Btw i can surely say if Sangh was handled over india after 1947 india would have been surely better than what it is now.
  8. EVM ah? nenu inka kalayan anna EMV gurinchi matladdaniki vacharemo anukunna
  9. MP lo 103 results taruvatha, panchelu lagettukoni bhopal ki urikendi evaro
  10. support chesam ga 2014-2018, am not diffrentiating any pachas with pushpams
  11. aayana delhi lo tampering cheyyaledu antunnadu, daani gurinchi adiga.
  12. Paina aa annai emo evm lu kuda save cheyyaleka poyayi antunnaru, meeremo selective tampering antunnaru ...Clarity please
  13. Aa states ki okay brother, but ide trends follow avutaru parties(even bjp too) mottam for winning in every election. It will be surely costly for middle class man in country.
  14. Evm lu undaga gelustarantara? 🤣😂