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    Nfdbno1 reacted to pavan s in 50% pension cut debba   
    yenti okka month ke.... these are most dangerous people... dont believe their words.. let them enjoy their choices..
    jagan ki power ivvali... kaani CBN matram disaster management cheyyali.. money generate cheyyali... great logic..
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    Nfdbno1 reacted to comradee in 50% pension cut debba   
    emi cheyiakkarledu anukunta
    shatruvu shatruvu manaki mitrudu ane policy ni follow avutaru...(esp:bapanese)
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    Nfdbno1 reacted to Hello26 in Yevadu padithe vadu   
    Government Employees like it yaa...let them deal with that
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    Nfdbno1 got a reaction from mahesh1987 in Power Problem between AP and Telangana   
    I am sure employees in the electricity board know how they can better use this electricity alternatively. At least some have an entire day job at managing this..
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    Nfdbno1 reacted to swarnandhra in Amaravati IT sector   
    andulonu gannavaram airport daggara?????
    but without infrastructure major player like HCL ni attract cheyyalante tappademo. aa land value ye ekkuva vuntundemo valla investment kante.
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    Nfdbno1 reacted to naresh_m in ***Monsoon Updates***   
    Thanks for update Mahesh annai... Summer lo ye rainy season yendo...
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    Nfdbno1 got a reaction from minion in తిరుమల పై ఏపీ సర్కారు పెత్తనం ఏమిటి?: స్వామి   
    rajakeeya nirudyogula chethiulo undakudadu anta - swarupananda swamy
    swamulu, nirudyogulu kada? enti vallaki unde accountability? ulfa jaffa fellow!