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  1. "neeku nuvve bail ivvarani oka assumption pettesi.... how long remand ani ooohistoooo" idhi vignana gulikala... naaku chepatleda.... "nuvvu" enduku vachindi andulo?
  2. po be... aa motham meeke telsu le ellu
  3. i said i dont trust.. if you trust.. say you trust... dont tell me that i have to listen to you because you believe something... deenne athi anedi
  4. mr subbarao... anni nuvve cheppey inka. yegesukunta naa posts lo annitik nuvve teerpu icheyi... nuvve cbn, nuvce judge... nuvve swapna fan... nuvve ee db admin... .. ellehe naaki anipichindi nenu cheppa... nee review nenu adiaga... prathi dantlo nenu na swapna anukunta vasthannav
  5. dhulipalla ki remand vesaru.. its over 21days now.. nammakam ledu brother ... ee freedoms anni chaduvukotanike.. nijam ga undavu
  6. basically idhi sedition case kabatti, its a non-bailable case.. so unless the judge dismisses it instantly, the defendant RRR will be in remand for who knows how much time! and as a result, bail cancellation petition will also be adjourned until the petitioner (who is not in remand), is unavailable to court emi execute chesaru ra... criminal mind tho scrambling everywhere for whatever relief you can get..
  7. caste feeling thappu kadu selavichadu rgv..
  8. after coming out from this case, i am pretty sure they will book him in another case and so on... they may use cbi also for this...
  9. you should have asaked about any potential cases on cbi director... that is not routine question
  10. wont be surprised if they will simply blame it on covid and preexisting conditions after its all over
  11. Is there any fight (not statement) from party chief on how they are targeting dhulipalla’s life!
  12. this is how apcrda should have taken land from people.. elagu ee batch tdp ki oka vote kuda vesi undaru https://youtu.be/2U3UcWI8GV0
  13. any question were picked regarding potential cases on cbi director or prosecutor?
  14. matter correct ee ga... modi is dependent on pmo officials for everything... he is merely a “yes man” for administration... yet he knows how to use govt bodies like cbi for party benefit
  15. he can grow his beard and say some political stuff on congress and cbn and other opposition leaders in mannkibaat...
  16. janalu marchipoyaru already.. veedu “akkada emi jaruguthaundo andariki telsu” anta, janalu konderri foonk gallu, no doubt!
  17. better to avoid this... let nbk foundation take up and help some needy tdp people... cbn ki waste matter idhi
  18. dabbulu teeskuni donga ycp votes vese batch ki ravali realization.. there are no neutral voters.. if you can rightfully make them stand in line for vaccine, (remedesevir etc) like others, automatic ga valla lo realization vachesthadi..
  19. chandrababu ni "nadi roddu meeda kalchi champandi" annadu, ipudu lechi vochi janalani bathikinchala, vaccine teppinchala?! siggu vodilesina batch kada..
  20. 5-10% aa ... antha ledu.. they are happy that they are dying in jagans rule anta... mind blowing, right!!
  21. bharath biotech ap lo undi unte, ip motham dobbesi, edo tax kattaledu, santhakam pettaledu ani ee patiki motham hetero or reddys or aurobindo ki transfer chesese vallu ee lafoots and langas
  22. meeru digipondi... memu elagola vaccination chestham.. single line... prajala pranala kante meeku adhikaram mukhayama, digipondi ani cheppali..
  23. please tell him not to react to wild ladies and other idiots,.... and keep the focus