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  1. neutrals ante evaru? ap lo neutrals ane vallu evaru leru, that is just a myth
  2. isari ss gurinchi evadu vote veyadu... 22 mps vachina vadu theledu kani... cbn stand cheppaala? deenikante db vodilesi ycp fb group lo join avachu brotheru
  3. ye rakam ga cbn, bjp ki support chesthunnadu?
  4. logical ending ki teeskelli dammu ledu kada.. first leaders, then others.... mana turn kosam wait cheyadame
  5. bharath interview chusthe balayya (unproven) kante bharath ee better anipichadu
  6. amazing... he is the same person who started rayalaseema declaration after failed attempts regarding utilization certificates episode! veedu jai shri ram ani antunnada inka!
  7. its a pity that we cant dissect him and his hidden agendas
  8. idi known affair... appudappu cover drives to appear as neutral to the people, but mostly batting pro jagan and ycp.. always he says something and and means something else. devil is in the details - even when they speak positive
  9. chiralu gurinchi okadu, t shirt gurinchi okadu veellaki mind dobbinda? ap lo battalu yeskodame ekkuvanukunta, veella standards prakaram! back to poverty days after independence
  10. if this is true, hope him and his ego gets lost in the dust!
  11. but govt valladi.. so ttd chairman also same party...
  12. somu veeraju, lanka dinakar tho patu media ki gag order ichadanta