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  1. calling kesineni nani, gorantla buchaiah and others to clarify.. sujana aina ok
  2. kavalante lakkondi antaru... valle na.. (excluding minion)
  3. yes, tdp bathakali, nammina janalu bathakali appude ntr, cbn chesina melu janalaki cheppagalglutham ledante pattinchukune vadu evadu undadu.. this should be paramount.. my one and only point (perhaps there is a little bit of this in me saying, dont get me wrong) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lateral_thinking
  4. god please, party and people who need the party... they should win not personal agendas and individuals
  5. idi kuda alane undi.. cbn maarali ani chepthunte, thosi vere callani pettukondi ani cheppadam em logic... you just want to prove how strong bhajans you can do one over another
  6. veellu asalu padhathi marcharu ga.. pk gademo tana sabhalaki vachi jail ki velle vallu cm aipoyharu ani oka raagam teesthadu.. ee candidates complete reverse tune lo untaru.. malleee neethulu, jaathulu, padhathulu matladatharu
  7. one language, one state (gujarat), one dictator, one corruption ring CM
  8. shutup about corruption drama... chusi chusi chiraku dobbuthundi.. ippati daka matladala... because i am also critisizing cbn in ways.. your corruption drama is complete B.S. personal agendas aapithe better.. (if you havw somebody like kodela or ghanta bring their names out.. tdp corruption ki brand name annattu ee coloring chetha la undi) end of the day, you have many valid points, but lack clarity anipisthundi bro emaina anuko.. asalu what are you expecting from tdp(not cbn)
  9. scam lu chesadu cbn ani vadu eguruthunte, vayincha kunda, just churakalu antinchadu enti... ee topic lo vadiki thadisi poyedi strong ga velli unte
  10. he is a good speaker.. loud voice alone does not mean good speaking... the end result should be that "even opponent audience is interested about your perspective" he can easily do that IMHO KCR tdp lo unnappudu tg lo ee mathram balam undi?
  11. chandu sambasiva rao party change is a loss, you guys don’t understand