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  1. sontha party ni, cadre ni mallee mallee cm avadam kosam, naa kodukuni cm cheskodam kosam bali cheyyali equations antu sollu kaburlu cheppi repeated ga bokadia leaders ni thayaru cheskovali! oka padi mandi bhajana gallani veskuni, adenti ani adigevallani boothulu dobbali boothulu dobbi party maare vallani choosi yedavali! janalu chi kottina, “nuvvela vodipoyavu” anipinchukuni muchata padali
  2. payyavula kesav better anukunta!
  3. Replying to @Tejasvi_Surya and @VSReddy_MP Dear @AmitShah @narendramodi Surya wants to be financial criminal, pls watch out
  4. andarini prosecute cheyyalanye entha staff kavalo cbi and ED ki.. sollu! ledu jail lo pette scene unda?
  5. converted batch 95% ycp anukunta ga... akada votes raaledi emanna unda?
  6. lokesh and acham kalisi pressmeet pettachu ga.. ekada highlight avala ee matter
  7. tdp leadership thinking or the leader himself need to change... you said you have experience managing large teams... so why dont you say what needs to be done.. step by step? at least tell the old man if you can! instead of handling the criticism head on, you would isolate the individual and label them so others can have some fun bashing them.. may be a good way to have a homogeneous group that way.. right?
  8. looks like you need to go back and read my old posts to find answer for this! 🍭
  9. leaf raalithe.. next season lo kothadi vachidhi