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  1. nuvvu enduku edusthavo anduke ra ... kikiki
  2. aunu ika naku neeku dimpali... ycp vallaki aipoyindi ga mari... yellelavai
  3. manchide ga... ika nuvvu ade pani cheyyi
  4. mee bhajana brundam lo nenu set kanu le
  5. lol.. you forgot 25 mps... zp chairmen etc etc... meee manager mee job kuda chesthada!
  6. @Kiran @Rajakeeyam admin garu, i dont know why you are selectively removing few of my posts.. ikada cbn marali ani pedithe, buthulu thittadam.. 2 days aagi valle vochi aa mater ki supporting ga threads veyyadam... cbn maarali ani nenu chepthe problem, bootthulu dobbutharu, 2 days aagi cbn step down ani vallu threads vesthe kuda mallee maake dobbulu.. what is this! .. please dont fuel this nonsense by removing my posts that are trying to explain this madness!
  7. hahha! pothanu ani nee chevilo cheppana? direct ga reply cheyyaleva!
  8. party ki head aayane... inkevadu chesthadu!
  9. my support of freehand is about the point i have made... i made no statement about other matters.. rephrasing this... i was talking about preparing for war, you are talking about how to do war itself if you dont prepare well and dont have strong soldiers in the battlefield, no matter how strong you are emotionally, it doesn’t matter... sepparate topic but, now signs are showing that some of our frontline vetaran soldiers are also struggling emotionally over the years
  10. because they dont back them when needed!
  11. manodiki, tdp leaders meeda trust undadu anta.. vallu loyalty chupicnharu anta.. veela meeda mathram manodiki bhale trust and love untadi.. :sheep and
  12. true.. so much of immature gang following him.. for them pk appear like cheguevera , abraham lincoln, bhagath singh, mahatma gandhi, nelson mandela etc... reality is he flipped many donga dosas in the last 3-4 years especially with various parties bjp, trs, mayawathi, communists etc.. none of them hold on to him today.. #2 fake person!
  13. ammo, appudu cm avvaledu ga! party evaranna lakkuntaremo!
  14. anni banana peeling sesi septhe.. appudu idhi kadu adhi kadu antar! if there is ambition to make a change.. then idantha automatic jarigipoddi... ikkada konthamandhi ituvanti change ni afford cheyyaleru anukunta!