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  1. Nfdbno1

    India Today: Mood of the Nation

    idi rajdeep sardesai gadi wishlist... just throw it away..
  2. Nfdbno1

    water leak again

    to hell with this logic bro.. ila alochisthe india munduku kadu velledi...kindaki..
  3. Nfdbno1

    water leak again

    In other words, govt should sue this company for poor quality of work and its upto the company on how they will pay for the damages incurred to the public (infrastructure). Govt PIL veyacha?
  4. Nfdbno1

    water leak again

    ee builder ni blacklist cheyyalgalara for govt works?
  5. Nfdbno1

    water leak again

    really depressing...
  6. Nfdbno1

    Direct tax Ap

    tg how can it be so low! of course bihar, up south meeda bathikesthunnayi.. paiga SS kavali anta! also, per capita direct tax may be better index to know who is ripping off south!
  7. Nfdbno1

    kailash kher -aravindha sametha

    trust thaman and select better story (not too aggressive or villanie ones).. songs automatic ga padathayi.. we need better josh songs from tarak..
  8. lets not donate funds from state treasury!
  9. seperate north-andhra kosam poradathadu... PK! bauxite or railway zone or nuclear plant or no support to polavaram (R&R etc)... ivi problem kadu athaniki!
  10. Nfdbno1

    Forest cover up in AP

    Pools of stagnant saltwater in mangrove swamps, particularly in areas where black mangroves grow, are a ripe breeding ground for mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are both pests to humans and potential disease carriers.
  11. Nfdbno1

    Forest cover up in AP

    Trees besides the mangrove that have high tolerance for salinity include, but are not limited to, horse chestnut, ash, honeylocust, sycamore and hedge maples, sweet gum and American holly. https://www.quora.com/What-types-of-trees-and-shrubs-grow-best-in-salt-water
  12. Nfdbno1

    Kutumba rao

    Why is he engaging and answering every rogue comment made by GVL? It looks like he is in defense.. Better stop responding his BS arguments and rather take him to court where you can. Don't need to explain every detail of state finances on TV channels and look like an idiot in-front of crores of people. Why make statements like " I will get arrested" etc. Look silly and rubbish. Also looks clueless!
  13. Nfdbno1


    Why is kutumbarao crying? why cant govt put a case of gvl? Is he(kutumba rao) trying to persuade or negotiate that ap has not done anything wrong with PD accounts? If he is confident why dont they try to expose him in courts, for bringing down govt's reputation?