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  1. modi and ee madhya ap lo commies ki kuda samma ga undi le
  2. BJP Game plan

    Cases anni mafi avvakunda jaggad merge chese chance undi.. then he will become another mallya if pk and bjp matchinng demands he is Bjp cm candidate for 2024 ( doesn’t matter if he is with commies)
  3. Agreed with 3/4 points.. But one year is a long time to keep people in their seat, people's memory is very short and some things change very rapidly.. Election assessment ki inka chala time undi, vadu elagu tdp cadres ni activate chesesadu, leader aa anger and enthusiasm ni sustain cheyyali ani praying..
  4. basically 2 things jaruguthunnayi commies are trying to pull down cbn (cpm madhu and cpi ramakrishna ki cbn enemy) tv channels what trp and some what to elevate Pk as he is new leader with untapped casette viewers (evariki vallu future eenadu aipovali anii trying )
  5. Bjp

    Lekapothe ee sollu enti bro.. evadu em criticise chethado ani chusi appudu vachi chidathalu vayinchi naya hero lu anipinchiodaniki thappa enti idi.. i have made some similar comment more than a bunch of times here.. chala mandiki naa intention ento thelsu.. Inko ayina vacation ki velli vachi mallee same song repeating..
  6. Bjp

    Db hero.. i didnt ask you to take me seriously!
  7. Bjp

    You make wild assumptions.. take it easy
  8. Bjp

    That is also the cause (not just the effect)
  9. Bjp

    Brother I wont try to justify my claim... if you dont think I am right, I will be glad to be proved wrong
  10. Bjp

    think why TDP has become a global punching bag in political space over the years!
  11. Bjp

    CBK ki emathram vyuham ledu.. he is stuck in 80's or 90's. Sorry for criticism, but this seems to be true.. think why TDP has become a global punching bag in political space over the years!