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  1. Very depressing to see this.. ilanti aalochanalu vachinapudu, daniki base unte.. anukunnade thadavu ga cheseyyali... anthe gani media ki cheppi wait cheyyadaniki emundi?
  2. Nfdbno1

    Sadineni yamini reply to pk

    she has a lot of knowledge and expertise on the subject.. and the right mindset for the debate shows, lafoot anchors tho alane undali le!
  3. Nfdbno1

    Sadineni yamini reply to pk

    They will die where they have to. Elephant should walk like one, don't worry!
  4. Nfdbno1

    Blf-kcr pet tammineni

    If I remember correctly veedu, ntr, cbn and caste meeda kuda ridiculous comments chesadu..aa program lo iddardi okaridi inkokallu ...ekkomanandi!
  5. Nfdbno1


    said ane anchor nirantharam ga ok bhajana chestha untau.. actors lo posani, journalists lo veeedu, item pieces!
  6. Nfdbno1


    deenne, latest ga "vonga leka mangalavaram" annaru anta!
  7. Nfdbno1


    One should not be afraid of supporting (or opposing) a party because you will be labelled with your caste.. if that's a problem, better stay away from politics, may be 100 or 1000 miles away!
  8. Nfdbno1

    IYR Book on Amazon

    idoka caste picha batch, but no one will say that to them... that is the irony!
  9. Nfdbno1

    IYR Book on Amazon

    asalu vadi book evadanna review chesinappudu choodachu... waste fellow, unnecessary attention..
  10. i said it long time ago .. some one hinted that they need to become like R's in congress party, so they can wield power in state and center eventually.. asalu, find out how he could construct 2 acre building amaravathi (especially when he said he didnt have any money), I am sure there will be some existing links that lead to BJP for sure!
  11. yes only pichodu and family lo inko 10 mandi mathrame cinema actor avvachu, anna musugu lo..
  12. chala mandi debate watch kuda cheyyaledu, commenters lo
  13. another pulka fan here Jagadish Somisetty11 hours ago Gvl having good knowledge other than Ramesh
  14. Fake kamma surnames and caste identificatons tho chala mandi unnaru akada... example here from the comments in the video Subhan Cherukuri11 hours ago Gvl yes carrect