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  1. be could have whatever problem and for that reason take whatever side.. but when is targeting individuals and parties unrelated to him, he will get some back...
  2. Gautam R. Desiraju 🇮🇳‏ @GautamDesiraju May 20 More Gautam R. Desiraju 🇮🇳Retweeted Hirakesh Chandra Roy Well believable Gautam R. Desiraju 🇮🇳added, Hirakesh Chandra Roy @RoyHirakesh Replying to @dharmadispatch @narendramodi Chandrababu naidu is in the middle of a 18000 crore scam. He was sure he could bank on @narendramodi ji to bail him out. It is said NaMo flatly refused to help him.… 3 replies0 retweets0 likes Reply 3 Retweet Like
  3. of course.. the casteism that advantaged them over everybody else... until even today where they control certain areas of power in universities, politics, temples etc. they are afraid they might lose this advantage...
  4. the youth that get jobs >8000rs/m to use their friends and campaign for ycp.. sloganeer everytime there is political discourse and participate actively in SM.. that is their job.. easy job that everyone think they can do.. tdp does not provide these perhaps...
  5. i am not saying all bapnese have this mindset, but bapnese with this mindset is not new.... a lot of them have only shifted base from congress to bjp very recently in the last 10 years, that is the irony!
  6. true... but some patterns are clearer than others...
  7. after watching telangana results from 2018, no point counting numbers before results..
  8. there will be mindblowing developments after elections.. nothing that is predicted so far.. kcr trying to neutralize or trivialize cbn and there by advantaging himself... this will help bjp of course but also entice congres to make friends again with kachara... it depends on how effective cbn and others can unite opponents on one common understanding.. given the current scenario, it may not be hard also.. let’s see... i can sense that cbn (of course kachara jackal also) started moving horses on the chess board already
  9. veedu pawan and communists wave undi antadu... baboi brain dobbiddi.. veedi sollu vinte
  10. this is so true.. tdp supporters kuda youtube lo analysts avvali... ilanti suthi candidates ekkuva ayyaru media and SM lo.. counter argument vinipinche vallu leru
  11. if that is the case why is raviprakash saying backdoor entries etc? why spreading rumors that he is absconding when he is in tv9 office? why other outlandish rumors? looks like you are defending kcr batch..
  12. I am seeing some parallels here..
  13. baboi.. CBN would be stupid to even think of KCR at this point...