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  1. Nfdbno1

    Asal Doubt eh ravaddu ...

    alane anipisthundi.. anduke “cbn arachakalu chesthadu.. nannu jail lo pedathadu” ani kotha matalu start chesadu
  2. Nfdbno1

    dont leave data kabja case

    kcr ktr silence silence might have a connection to that case?
  3. Nfdbno1

    ilanti bathuki batike kante

    one more idiot
  4. Nfdbno1

    Asal Doubt eh ravaddu ...

    aasthi pathram rayinchukondi... 15 days back 95 seats confirm ani cheppina candidates.. viveka episode ayyaka phone lo kuda dorakatledu... lol!
  5. Nfdbno1

    Asal Doubt eh ravaddu ...

    singanamala constituency water problem valla mla meeda negative ani vinna.. dont know now after candidate change.. have my doubts... overall atp should be good anukunta
  6. Nfdbno1

    Janasena east

    will pk win his seats? what are chances?
  7. kontha mandi maaku caste feeling ledani chepthu untaru.. kani andulo chala mandi, avasaram vachinappudalla caste ni vadukuntu untaru... sontha labham kosam caste ni vadukune valla kante, sontha caste meeda kontha feeling undatame better... these so called spineless people are mere opportunists
  8. Nfdbno1

    govt emoloyees attitude

    there is no such thing as “govt employees vote”; 2004 is an unusual situation we brought it upon ourselves.. employees also come from rest of us in the state; may be caste wise ratio teeskunte telisipoddi employees swing or not anedi!
  9. Nfdbno1

    dont be blind with pk

    my comment is for post election situation... bjp ni namminanduku somberi gadu, kannalu vesevadu kuda thittaru.. dont end up in that situation.. anthe :pray
  10. and employment sarigga cheppukovatledu ..
  11. trs ni ycp ni kalipi comment chesthunnadu kabatti.. pk manchodu aipoyadu anukuni blind belief pettukomakandi... epudaithe visareddy gadi action plan on datatheft bayataki vachindo, appudu trs might have made course correction trs plan-b pk aiyindachu... possibly working out return gift with pk using reverse strategy
  12. Nfdbno1


    is vvpat paper thermal printer paper thats used for receipts? if so it might fade away after few days.. there are some techniques to fix it, but aa cunning modi gadu 40 days lo em plan chesado anipisthundi